Alara's Q-niverse

I possibly have the record for Q obsession, at least on the Internet; to the best of my knowledge I am the only person who was writing Q fanfic in the early 90's who hasn't permanently moved on to other fandoms. Some of what's on this page (mostly the stuff at the very bottom) is utter crap because it was supposed to be humor and I wrote it 25 years ago when I had no sense of humor. :-) But since by the miracle of being born two decades before the Internet hit it big, I was spared the humiliation of having my Mary Sues and other total crap from my teens immortalized on the net forever, I give thanks in humility by allowing the crap I wrote in my 20's to stay up. :-)


Jan 8, 2014: Completely reorganized this thing. I hadn't updated since 2009!

A note on timelines and "canon":

Many of my Q stories were written or started before the Voyager series came out, and thus do not necessarily take place in a timeline where any of the Voyager Q episodes are canon. For example, "Only Human" and its various spinoffs do not consider "The Q and the Grey" canon. However, most of what I've begun after 2003 or so does incorporate "The Q and the Grey" and "Q2" as canon.

The Deja Q Spinoff Tree: Contains links to Only Human and all Only Human-related works (PropinQuity by Mercutio, InseQurity by Mercutio and me, The Night They Drove The Borg Down by me) and to other Deja Q spinoffs (Familiar Strangers by me, The Q Who Fell To Earth by Jeanita Danzik, Lowest Common Denominator by Queriana, etc.).

Stories of Q's Past: This page includes any story that takes place prior to "Encounter at Farpoint" within Q's own timeline.

Q and the Continuum: This page includes stories in which Q interacts with other members of the Q Continuum. Stories of other members of the Continuum that don't actually include Q are in a different section.

Janeway and Q: This includes both Janeway/Q (romantic pairing) and Janeway&Q (friendship pairing) fics. I do like Janeway and Q with each other; I don't typically see a lot of romantic chemistry, but John de Lancie and Kate Mulgrew are good friends in real life, so I do see a lot of friendship chemistry there.

Picard and Q: Okay, I admit it, this one is one of my big OTPs. I'm perfectly happy to pair Q with anyone else, but somewhat dissatisfied with any other Picard pairing that doesn't at least acknowledge this one. I don't always write them in a romantic pairing... but, okay, I usually do. :-)

Other romantic/sexual pairings with Q: I don't see Q as even vaguely monogamous, so I'm happy to pair him with anyone where it makes sense.


X-Men Crossovers With Q: I've written several X-Men crossovers with Q of various types.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Crossovers: In which Discord (the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, played by John de Lancie and deliberately modeled after Q by the writers of the cartoon) is Q.


"Seventeen Things That Might Have Happened To Q" is based on the popular "Five Things That Never Happened To X" meme, where X is any character in any fandom. To do it for Q, I couldn't limit it to just five, so I chose seventeen because that's the numerical position for Q in the alphabet, and I couldn't make it "never happened" because the whole theme is that the character represents endless possibilities. This story was heavily inspired by my friend Atara Stein and her work in the novel "QStruck"; sadly, Atara passed away in March 2008.

Seventeen Things That Might Have Happened To Q: Seventeen separate AUs from Q's point of view. Includes Picard/Q, Janeway/Q, Guinan/Q, Kirk/Q, Amanda Rogers, Will Riker, Trelane's other dad and several variants of character death. No explicit sex, no violence more explicit than someone getting thrown out an airlock or talking about being mentally violated. Link goes to because linking seventeen stories to each other is a pain in the butt.

Q Drabbles:

I wrote these for the Livejournal trek100 community.  A drabble is exactly 100 words, and each is written for a specific challenge. Microsoft Word thinks these are 100 words each, at least. They're all different time periods and some aren't even the JdL Q.

Q Drabbles 1:

"The Djinn and His Master": The challenge was "love slaves." Story has P/Q implications.

"Sons and Mothers": The challenge was "joy after betrayal." Features Q Jr and his mother.

Q Costume Drabbles: I wrote three for the "costume" challenge, since Q is Trek's resident costume slut.

"Facets": A conversation between Picard and Q.

"Not My Colors": A missing scene from Deja Q.

"Femme Fatale": It was originally Peter David who suggested Q might pull a stunt like this, but it was Atara Stein who suggested that Picard wouldn't be as stupid as Q thinks.

Other Qs

Every so often I've gotta write a story about a Q that really doesn't relate all that strongly to the JDL-Q. They go here.

listen:there's a hell of a good universe next door;let's go: Written for the ASC CrossTrek challenge, in which characters from different Trek series should meet up in brief vignettes. I'm the first one to do characters as relentlessly minor as Amanda Rogers and Charlie Evans, though.

Boys' Night Out: Thus far, incomplete, though I expect to finish it one of these days. Q's son invites his friend Icheb out to explore the universe. Minor spoilers for the pro Voyager novel "Homecoming", though I didn't read the sequel so I'm just guessing how that will turn out. This is going to be slash, though so far all it involves is witty banter.

First Born Son: Written for the LGBTFest on Livejournal for the prompt: Star Trek (any era), Q, Identifying as male makes Q transgender in the Q Continuum, since most Q don't identify with a gender at all. I am kind of cheating in that the story is about Q's son, since I don't see the JdL Q as tied to his male appearance at all, but for some reason I've long thought Q Jr was essentially male. But hey, the prompt says Q, and the kid's name is Q also. Besides, it was kind of hard to find a story if it had been the adult Q, given that if you've known someone for five billion years it's really not going to come up anymore that they're unusual in some way that doesn't personally impact you much.

Q-related essays:

Essays I've written having to do with Q.

Through and Through Q: Written for Idol Reflection, a livejournal community dedicated to essays on one's favorite characters.  Q's canonical history, and how I feel it all ties together despite the writers' best efforts.

Captain Control and the God of Ritalin: Written for Ship Manifesto, a livejournal community dedicated to essays on one's favorite "'ships", or fanfic pairings.  In this case, I discuss Picard/Q and the reasons why I think it's a viable way to perceive the series.

That Would Be Gods: The History and Nature of the Q Continuum: My personal theory, designed to include the latest Star Trek canon (which means it contradicts everything in the "Only Human" tree), on the origin of the Q.

The Q livejournals:

I play Q on Livejournal, writing him in numerous prompt communities and a few role-playing games/communities.

Q's LiveJournal

Trek roleplaying

In 2003-2004, there were two ongoing Star Trek sockpuppet communities on Livejournal, where a bunch of us had LJ's that purport to belong to Trek characters. The first community was Trekjournals. I had Q and Amanda Rogers. The time period was DS9 Relaunch, Season 5 Voyager. The second community was Treksoap (described by its founder as "a bitchy soap opera"). Q and Amanda were both spending more of their time in Treksoap (being dimension-spanning entities, they can cross between two incompatible universes). Then the games both kind of died, but they were fun while they lasted.

Amanda the Q's LiveJournal

Q Jr's LiveJournal (from Treksoap)

Q meets Jonathan Archer and Malcolm Reed, faciliated by Picard and Vash (Treksoap)

The story of Melusine (Treksoap) (now fully entered)

Prompt Communities

Theatrical Muse: I am writing Q in the Theatrical Muse community, where there's a weekly question posed to all the fanfic socks present. Q's entries are here.

Realm of the Muse: I'm also writing Q in the Realm of the Muse community, where each week there are multiple prompts posed to all the fanfic socks present. Q's entries are here.

Muse Academy: I am also writing Q in the Muse Academy community, which uses a small number of prompts per week, and also "muse inquiries" where the writers write about their characters. Q's entries are here.

Pan-Fandom Roleplaying

Sages of Chaos: Q frequents the Sages of Chaos community, for asking questions and getting answers. Q's questions are here, and his replies to other people's questions are here.

Hearts and Minds: As of Apr. 2009, I just joined the game Hearts and Minds with Q, who has been shot by someone in the Continuum and has been sent to the village to recuperate, unable to use his powers. This link includes the posts from the previous player of Q as well; mine are the ones from Apr 2009 and later.

A note on the Q parodies:

I don't write funny very often-- it takes a funny character like Q to inspire me. "Super Wesley" was written in response to a thread about who would win in a fight between Wesley, the Traveller, and/or Q. "A Q In The Hand" is a parody of flyers for slash zines, and the excerpts they include to illustrate their stories. "10 Q Ideas" was the result of brainstorming with a young man who would rather remain anomymous. It's all his fault, I swear. :-) "The Q Who Fell..." came about because Mercutio, Jeanita and I were all kind of borrowing ideas from each other in a sort of incestuous way, and we all had the premise of Q losing his powers and getting rescued by some female original character, and we'd all been exposed to the Mary Sue accusations, so we decided to parody ourselves.

10 Q Ideas We Passed Up: We decided not to write these gems of story ideas, for which the world should thank us. :-)

Super Wesley Dates Amanda The Q: Come on, you thought they'd make a great couple, too. :-)

A Q In The Hand: Parody of an ad for a slash story.

The Q Who Fell To A Nearby Location And Became Just A Human Being: Parody of "Only Human", "PropinQuity" and "The Q Who Fell To Earth", written by me, Mercutio, and Jeanita Danzik.

How To Write Moi Without Looking Like More of an Idiot than Your Feeble Species Dooms You To, by Q: Posted to and tailored specifically for that site, this is a rant about bad Q fanfic on disguised as a story. Q chews out bad fanfic writers in usual style.

The Asshole Song, by Q: Parody of "The Asshole Song" by Denis Leary.

A note on the Q reviews:

It's been a while since any of these reviews were updated. I would like to get back to them one of these days, though.

The New Q Reviews: Written by Queria. Reviews of Q's appearances in the comics. To the best of my knowledge, this covers all of Q's appearances but one, and that one is essentially a repeat of the Klingon story except with androids like Data instead of Klingons.

The Biblio-Q: A fairly comprehensive reference to Q fanfic written as of 1997, complete with reviews by Alara and Mercutio. Hasn't been updated in a while.