Next of Kin to Chaos

This series has Q and Discord as literally the same person. It is not compatible with any of my other series or standalones, and does not carry identical headcanons about the world Equestria is on.

Next of Kin to Chaos

Bored and lonely after being told to take a hike from the Continuum, and after being rejected by Picard, Q decides to return to Equestria, mostly because he doesn't remember why it's not a good idea.

I Could Be Again: Q's days of making self-destructive, stupid mistakes come to a middle. (Takes place between the MLP series pilot and "Return of Harmony"; in TNG, happens after "Q Who.")

The Princess and the Dragon: A dragon who is not really a dragon turns up in Celestia's bedroom to give her unsolicited advice regarding Discord. (Takes place right before "Keep Calm and Flutter On.")

Discord's First, Last and Only Friendship Report: Somepony seems to have thought it would help Discord with staying on the straight and narrow if he were required to send Celestia reports on friendship, like Twilight Sparkle does. Somepony was plainly out of their mind. (Takes place directly after "Keep Calm and Flutter On.")

Negotiating Terms: Discord wants to know why Celestia wanted to reform him. Celestia wants to know why it worked.

The Tale of the Terrible Doctor Twilight: Incomplete. Twilight's convinced Discord hasn't really reformed, and has found a weapon to replace the Elements -- a reforming spell Discord missed eating. But a cornered draconequus is a dangerous beast...

Hit Me: Discord wants Twilight to hit him. Twilight does not respond with the expected delight.

The King Who Would Be Man: Incomplete. After reforming, Discord has been living with Fluttershy. He's established genuine friendships with some of the Mane 6 and has been working on re-connecting with Celestia... until the day he's arrested by the Q Continuum. (Takes place directly before TNG "Deja Q".)