Q And Anyone Else

This page includes stories that focus on Q's romantic or sexual relationships with anyone besides Suzy-Q, Picard, or Janeway.

Butterfly Dreaming: Decidedly NC-17. Yet another rewrite of "The Q and the Grey." Kes doesn't think Q is going to convince Janeway to mate with him; she offers an alternative. Although I wouldn't call this a PWP -- it was devised around a plot point, after all -- it does have explicit heterosexual alien sex. Yeah, baby, alien porno! And no, I can't remember what the title has to do with it either.

Q, Interrupted: Written for Theatrical Muse, a prompt fic.Sexual situations, comedy, genderswapped Q going incognito, time-displaced Q Jr as Trelane, and Captain Kirk. Q2 (the Q who got Q thrown out of the Continuum) tells the story of the most humiliating thing that ever happened to Q.

The Night The Day The War Began: Q & Amanda Rogers pairing. He wants her strength, her ability to face killing their own kind without falling apart. She wants not to be a virgin with her own kind if she dies. Takes place during the Q civil war from Voyager.