The Djinn and His Master


The truth is you own me, mon capitaine. I've tried to hide that from you, but I've risked my people's anger to help you, more than once, and you know it. You really should've realized by now-- I'll do anything you ask, except stay away.

But my power most frightens you when it's held by a human. Even you. If you let yourself realize you can command me, you'd hold my power in your hands, and you won't let yourself do that.

And that is why you can control me. Because you're the kind of person who will never try.

Sons and Mothers

He tells himself it doesn't matter that she rejected him. Parents are boring. Bad enough he has one hounding him. It'd be much worse to have two.

He tells himself it doesn't hurt. He's a Q. He can handle it if another Q doesn't like him. It shouldn't matter that she's his mother.

He remembers how she declared him worthless and disowned him, and tells himself, he's omnipotent. He doesn't need a mother.

When she finally accepts him back she doesn't apologize or explain, but it doesn't matter. He's deliriously happy no matter how he tries to keep his cool.