Janeway and Q

This page includes stories that focus on Q's relationship with Kathryn Janeway, either romantic or platonic.


Plan B: Janeway explains why Q asking her to bear his child is offensive. Q comes up with a different plan. (Part of the series War Stories.

"Judgement Day": Included here because Janeway is a major character and she and Q hold primary responsibility for how things got to be this way, even though Q himself is dead in most of this series. This is an AU where Q's side of the war... lost.

Platonic... Maybe? I include anything here where I might get them together romantically at some point.

West: Kathryn Janeway is dead and well in the Q Continuum. Is my PocketBookverse version of what happened to Janeway after "Beyond Honor", and I refuse to accept the actual sequel they provided as part of my headcanon.


Friends With Benefits: A Janeway/Q series set in the alternative future timeline of "Endgame". After Chakotay and Seven become engaged to get married, Q offers Janeway "friendship with benefits".