Picard and Q

This page includes stories that focus on Q's relationship with Jean-Luc Picard, either romantic or platonic.

I finally have enough of these to give them their own heading. Because I like genderswaps and I don't see Q as particularly bound to his usual male form, some of these are het, with Q as a female. I've also included stories under this heading that are gen but primarily deal with interaction between Picard and Q, as friends, antagonists, or their more usual ambiguous relationship of, uh, friendly antagonism? Antagonistic friendship? Whatever you call it.

Friendship, or Friendly Antagonism

Asking Jesus for Shoes: Written for Realm of the Muse, a prompt fic. Not slash, but features Picard and Q interacting. Q takes Picard back to the 20th century, Picard decides to take shelter from the possibility of changing the timeline in a church, and hilarity ensues. Mocks hypocrisy more than religion, but the deeply religiously sensitive may want to avoid it anyway.

Similar Features v. 1.0: I am absolutely sure I will expand this at some point, and when I do it will most likely be a slash fic, though this initial take on the idea is relentlessly gen.  This is an X-Men Movieverse/Star Trek crossover, taking place after X2 but no real spoilers.  Charles Xavier has in his basement an entity who knows Abbott and Costello, thinks he's a 24th-century Frenchman, and is afraid he might accidentally eat the sun.  Life is never boring chez Xavier's.

A Little Bit Slashy: Stories where the "romantic" angle is downplayed or might just be a joke on Q's part.

April Q: My friend Andraste was running a cross-fandom Holiday Fanfiction Project in 2002 and since she put up a last-minute beg for stories that were not about Christmas or the X-Men, I decided to quickly write one. Sadly this story shows how fast it was written; it really does beg for some expansion. But I may or may not get to that, so I've decided to put it up here anyway.


Lovers and Angels: A P/Q slash vignette with no sex. There are about half a million "Picard and Q get involved" slash stories out there, and I wasn't interested in retelling that concept, so I just assumed they had a relationship and wrote a brief tale of loving that which is alien.

Hypothetically Speaking: Another P/Q story with no sex (what is it with those?) Post-Nemesis, Jean-Luc's been comparing notes with Kathy, and won't Q be surprised at his hypotheses? I think this may actually be that strangest of beasts, an original concept for getting Picard and Q together. Stories in which Picard initiates things are damn rare to begin with.

Do It Again: After fighting a war and having a child, Q creates an alternate timeline to set up a relationship with Picard. Genderswap.

Sexy: There is no actual sex in these; there may be dream sequences, make-out sessions, or other titillating scenes, but the characters do not actually have sex with each other.

Prometheus In Chains (incomplete): This story is a "Q loses his powers" that doesn't depend on either "Deja Q" or Q doing something stupid, and in fact it can be interpreted best as a spinoff of "Civil Disobedience". It's also going to be quite NC-17 with m/m and f/f, eventually, but right now it falls under the "dream sequences" clause. It also has X-Men characters pretending to belong to the Star Trek universe, filling out the cast of characters on a colony world.

The Bad Guy: Rated R, an unofficial sequel to Infatuation by Sasha-Anu. Last week, Picard snapped and humiliated Q in front of his bridge crew. Now Q's back, and looking for payback. Dark, elements of non-con. This is not my usual Picard or my usual Q.

Going All The Way: Picard and Q have sex. No, seriously, what else do you need to know?