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What is Aleph Press?

Once upon a time, Aleph Press was intended as a fanzine publishing press. The trouble is that fanzines are expensive and you lose a lot of money on them, and they don't generate the level of comments and feedback that archives and webzines do. So Aleph Press has changed focus to become a webzine publisher.

Aleph Press Webzines

All the currently available information on Aleph Press webzines.

Aleph Press Fanfic Archive

All stories on this archive were written by Alara Rogers or Jane of Shadows, with co-authors where noted.

All stories with ratings of R or NC-17 require going through the Adult Page. This does not necessarily make these stories erotica. I will list erotica as erotica when it is, but most of my stories which require an adult rating are violent, or contain sex which is necessary to the plot. Please, do not dismiss the stories as pornography just because they are on the adult page; follow the disclaimers that are specific to each story.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: My first love in fanfic writing. I have a large assortment of Gatchaman and Battle of the Planets stories. Plus, the page includes a link back to the Gatchaguru site, my collection of Gatchaman facts, links and translations.

Star Trek: I don't have all that many Trek stories, but those that I have tend to be awfully long, and mostly about Q.

Marvel's X-Books: I used to be somewhat ashamed of writing fanfic for Marvel's X-Men, since I think they're a bunch of uncreative suits who have mostly ruined what used to be wonderful characters. But then, isn't that the point to fanfic? To salvage wonderful characters from uncreative suits?

Farscape: I eventually wrote enough of these to give them their own page.

Other Fanfic: Sometimes I feel inspired to do one or two stories about a series, and then nothing else ever gets written. Here's my somewhat random fanfics.

Alara Rogers' professional credits: I have had two fictional stories and one fictional article accepted for publication, and I have some professional Japanese translating credits as well.

Original Works: For the most part I don't believe in posting original works to the Net. It generally makes them impossible to publish professionally. But occasionally for various reasons I decide to net-publish something instead of holding out for money. :-)

The AlaraFic Mailing List: All of my newly released fanfic appears on this list, with the exception of pure erotica and things written under a pseudonym. I also release original fic on this list for people to read and comment on.

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