Alara's Random Fanfic

A collection of random fanfic. I don't have enough of any of these fandoms to warrant their own page.

The Authority (Comics, Wildstorm):

The Cold Equations: The Midnighter considers how statistics break down when the life of someone you love is at stake.

Blake's 7 (TV, BBC):

My Blake's 7 Page: Contains a link to a fanzine to find a story of mine, "Anna".

Cold With The Darkness: A filk, based on Sinead O'Connor's "I Am Stretched On Your Grave." Also found on my Blake's 7 page.

Doom Patrol (Comics, DC/Vertigo):

dOoM pATrOL: My Doom Patrol page, kind of thin at the moment, but contains my story "Wheels Within Wheels". Which may be the only fanfic on the net to feature Rebis and Crazy Jane.

Serial Experiments Lain (Anime, TV Series):

Unidirectional: Lain decides whether or not to give a kitten advice based on her experiences in the Wired.

Pokemon (Anime, TV Series):

Mew's Dreams: Mew makes mental contact with Mewtwo in its dreams.


I also have an unfinished story based on White Wolf's World of Darkness (actually a sequel to my published story "Calley's Story"), if anyone is interested in seeing me complete it. And I've had ideas for fanfics in Buffy and Smallville, and am struggling with a challenge to write a Harry Potter fic, so eventually there may be more stuff on this page.

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