The Alarascape

Because it's gotten to the point where my Farscape fics need their own page.

This is not a place where you'll find sappy J/A romance, Bialar Crais' passionate love for Mary Sue, angsty songfics that intersperse the lyrics with the text, stories where Once Again John Crichton Singlehandedly Saves The Day, or other such fare. My niche is more character studies, especially on relatively rarely written about characters; villain fics; and the occasional outrageous sillyfic. I'm not likely to deal with romance much except when I'm trying to disturb people or make them laugh. I'm also more likely to write Farscape in response to challenges or ficathons or the like than anything else, for some reason, probably because my ideas don't take over my brain and want me to write novels in response.

All stories by me unless stated otherwise.

Portrait of the Warrior as a Young Boy: Talyn's mom doesn't understand him. Crais does.

Identity Crisis: What's it like to be Harvey?

Never Mine: A Crais story written in response to cofax's 155-word challenge. A possible future, not a happy one.

Redeem the Blood: Scorpius is presented with a situation very similar to his own origin, and has an opportunity to make things happen differently this time.

The Melting Man: Crichton's not the only one with brain damage. A Scorpius fic.

Mother of Scorpions: Minor character challenge. A Scarran woman's death is her greatest failure and her greatest triumph.

Compassion: Written for NeuralClone, IceQueene and FarscapeFriday's challenge: fill in the blanks on an episode. "We must know when to be strong, and when to show compassion."

Hybrid Vigor: Written for FarscapeFriday's challenge: crossovers. This one is a crossover with Star Trek. Beginning of a beautiful friendship? Or just a short one-off piece? :-)

For The Cause: Everyone's got a story. Even sucky Servalan ripoffs.

Won't Get Fooled Again, Sans Neurochip: A very brief look at a very different Unrealized Reality.

A Question Of Trust: Written for Astrogirl for the Secret Santa project. A rewrite of the John-Harvey final scene in "Promises", the way I thought things should have gone.

Rain: A present for ||Scorpius|| for New Year's. Scorpius on vacation.

Baby Nights: Written for Flora Stuart for the Sprog-A-Thon. Possibly the only J/A I will ever write. John and Aeryn argue over child rearing practices.

Perfect Imperfections: Written for Selena for the Multiverse 2004 challenge. Voyager/Farscape crossover. Seven of Nine/Scorpius, sexually explicit. Not exactly plotless, but the plot is all about sex.

Resistance: Written for Apathy for the Multiverse 2005 challenge. Star Trek/Farscape crossover. Scorpius versus the Borg Queen, inside his head.

Breaking Point: Written for Selena for the Scorpius Ficathon. Why did Staleek think Scorpius was his loyal spy, after all?

The Faces Change, The Game Remains the Same: Written for Kernezelda for the Multiverse 2006 challenge. Blake's 7/Farscape crossover, Servalan and Grayza.

We Programmed People: Written for Kernezelda for the Villains Farscape Style Ficathon. John Crichton decides to look out for Number One and go to work for the Scarrans. Except he keeps losing his train of thought...

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