Alara Rogers' Star Trek Stories

O frabjous day! One of my stories, "Civil Disobedience", was accepted for publication by Pocket Books' Strange New Worlds anthology contest. It's now out in stores, published June 1998. Predictably, it is about Q. (Couldn't you guess?)

You can go to Alara's Q-niverse to check out my Q stories, including Only Human, my unfinished and extremely long Q hurt/comfort novel, and all of its related spinoffs.


Jane Kirk's Enterprise is a series incorporating two of my oldest favorites-- Classic Trek, and genderswapping. The premise of the series is that Captain Kirk and the half-human child of Ambassador Sarek were both born as women.

Seven Into One is a story of Seven of Nine's assimilation into the Voyager crew.

The Grave: Picard, Guinan and Spock mourn Kirk's death in Generations.

"Judgement Day": This also qualifies as a Q-related story and is also linked on the Qniverse page, but I include it here because unlike most of my Q-related fics, Q is not the main character; assorted characters from all over the Trek timeline are.

 But Is It Love?: DS9. Jadzia Dax wonders why she is marrying Worf.  Sisko tries to help her figure it out.  Written because I proposed a challenge on ASCEML to write a DS9 story without Bashir, and, well, I had to meet my own challenge. Also because I always did wonder why Dax was marrying Worf.

The Logical Thing To Do: ENT. T'Pol's former fiance tracks her down with a proposition. Sharp-eyed TOS fans will note a nod to future continuity. Written for my challenge on ASCEML to write an ENT het story. Since the only main character pairing that would interest me would be T'Pol/Sato, I had to look outside the main characters to find a guy for T'Pol, but fortunately didn't need to look far. This has since been totally contradicted by the fourth season of ENT, but personally I like my version better.

Hybrid Vigor: Farscape crossover. Two boys with certain things in common meet. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Or just a short one-off piece? :-)

Perfect Imperfections: Written for the Multiverse 2004 challenge. Voyager/Farscape crossover. Seven of Nine/Scorpius, sexually explicit. Not exactly plotless, but the plot is all about sex.

Resistance: Written for the Multiverse 2005 challenge. Crossover with Farscape, more about Farscape than about Trek. Scorpius vs. the Borg Queen, inside his head.


A series of essays I've written on why the Star Trek universe is slightly less implausible than it appears at first sight.

Economics of Star Trek: How does a system without money work, anyway?

Crime and Punishment In Star Trek: Is there really no crime in Trek's utopian future?


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