The Pros and Cons of Magneto Fic

So, you wanna know what to read? Here you'll find links to reviews and opinions on Marvel canon and on fanfic.


These are reviews of fan fiction, pro fiction and Marvel works featuring Magneto.

Cannonball Express: Dangerous Crossing: Alara reviews "Dangerous Crossing" by Alice Aldridge.

Mirage's Review: Heart's Desire: Mirage reviews "Heart's Desire" by Alara Rogers.

IMHO: Random Thoughts and Violent Bastardy (May 1st): By Dex. Had gone missing, now needs to be HTML-formatted to be reposted. Dex's first "IMHO" reviews "And After The Battle" by Alara Rogers.

Through The Valley of Shadows: Alara reviews "Through the Valley of Shadows" by Darqstar.

IMHO: Random Thoughts and Violent Bastardy (Oct 15th): By Dex. . Had gone missing, now needs to be HTML-formatted to be reposted. Dex's fifth "IMHO" reviews "SFX: Opening Moves" by Abyss.

Chris D's Review: The Body Snatcher: Chris Delaney reviews "The Body Snatcher" by Alara Rogers.

IMHO: Random Thoughts and Violent Bastardy (Dec 22th): By Dex. Had gone missing, now needs to be HTML-formatted to be reposted. The Christmas "IMHO" reviews "Happy Hanukah" and other holiday stories.

Dannell's Reviews: Pate Wars: Dannell Lites reviews "Pate Wars" by Phil Hartman.

Dannell's Reviews: Powderkeg: Dannell Lites reviews "Powderkeg" by Alara Rogers.

Dannell's Reviews: Tug O' War: Dannell Lites reviews "Tug O'War" by Dandelion.

Dannell's Reviews: A Fallen Angel: Dannell Lites reviews "A Fallen Angel" by Chloe Novak.

Dannell's Reviews: Cellmates: Dannell Lites reviews "Cellmates" by Falstaff.

Dannell's Reviews: Tombstone: Dannell Lites reviews "Tombstone" by Kaylee.

Dannell's Reviews: Fortune's End: Dannell Lites reviews "Fortune's End" by Beverly McIntyre.

So You Wanna Read More About... Magneto: By Dannell Lites. Archived by Kielle.

The latest of CFAN's semi-regular "So You Wanna Read More About..." articles. Here's Dannell's picks for the best Magneto stories. Note that at the time I linked this, it was the latest feature and had the "latest feature URL"; if you get a different SYWRA, just scroll to the bottom for the link to the Magneto one.

IMHO: Random Thoughts and Violent Bastardy (Jan. 14, 2000): By Dex. Now hosted at Shifting Sands. This one reviews "Kid Dynamo" by Connie Hirsch and "Neon Hearts" by Susan Crites.


Please send me reviews! Fan fic, pro fic, or comics featuring Magneto. I'll take 'em all. (Note: I will indeed post negative reviews of my own stuff-- it happens that Mirage liked "Heart's Desire" and Chris liked "Body Snatcher", but if you go to my Mystique page elsewhere on this site, you'll find a more negative review of Mirage's for my story "A Death In New Orleans", which features Mystique and Rogue.)

Recommended Reads:

Previously called "Alara's Picks." Anyone who wishes can submit a recommended read! Both Magneto fanfic and profic are recommended here.

The Hall of Shame:

In addition to mocking bad Marvel stories, the Hall of Shame lists fan stories that are too egregiously bad for this archive, what they do that's so bad, and how to avoid doing it in your own fan fiction. Submissions for reviews of bad Marvel stories featuring Magneto are welcome, but I am sole arbiter of whether a fanfic ends up in the Hall of Shame or not, and thus the Hall of Shame's opinions on fanfic are mine and mine alone.

The 1999 Maggie Awards:

New! Presenting the best of Magneto fanfic as chosen by a panel of four volunteers who were crazy enough to read everything on the archive. Come here to find what stories you should be looking for!

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