Alara's Picks for Best Magneto Stories

Well, that isn't entirely true. I called for votes on the Magneto Mailing List for best Magneto pro stories, and you too can vote by writing to me with your picks for the best Magneto comics (and other stories produced by Marvel) ever. But the picks for best fanfic are my opinions only!

Marvel Does It Right

My favorites would be UXM #150 and UXM #274-275. This is in retrospect-- at the time, I absolutely loved Magneto's time with the X-Men, but re-reading it, he didn't do anything. I mean, he could have been completely not there and it wouldn't have changed the X-Men any, and for that matter there's little different that would have happened with the New Mutants if someone else had become their teacher. UXM #150 is the absolute best Magneto-as-villain story, ever, because he's sympathetic even then, and yet incredibly skilled, powerful and scary. UXM #274-275 are a good counterpoint to that, the flip side, where Magneto is the "hero", or the protagonist anyway, fighting against a threat as terrible as the one he presented back in UXM #150, with just as much chance of losing-- and the circle comes 'round full, where with the death of an innocent child Magneto turns away from the path of blood, and with the death of a psychotic maniac he turns back to it.

Dandelion likes "A Fire In The Night", which appeared in Classic X-Men #12 and Magneto #0. "Just last week I finally bought Magneto #0 - mainly for Fire in the Night. I'd read the Isabelle story before and thought it was all right, but Fire in the Night astounded me. It was so horrible it just cemented the character of Magnus right there. The picture of him sitting in the snow next to Anya's burnt body was *chilling*. I don't think I've ever wanted to comfort a character more than after reading that story." I also like this story a lot-- it's the backstory explaining how Magneto gained, and lost, a wife and child.

Fanfic That Kicks Butt

These are my picks for the best fanfic on the Net featuring Magneto:

Preludes: by Alicia Curtis. Very short, very haunting. Not all that much happens in it, and some might interpret the basic premise as out of character-- but the writing is beautiful, and given the time period it is set in, I can see it happening.

Ashes In The Wind: By Chris Delaney. Has some serious weaknesses. Chris really should step back from his work and check it over for grammar (in particular he has an irritating habit of ending questions with periods), and I hate the ending. Nonetheless, for the bulk of it, this is an absolutely riveting action/adventure story about Magneto, Xavier and the surviving X-Men joining forces in a desperate battle against the Shadow King. The characterization is very intense and largely very dark. Really gripping stuff. Chris claims he's rewriting to fix the ending, and I can't wait.

Kid Dynamo: By Connie Hirsch. There's a reason this one's considered a classic, folks. Some might think of it as a Mary Sue (or a "fangirl story"), as it involves an incredibly powerful new character with ties to Magneto and to Empath joining the New Mutants. However, the characterization of the New Mutants is spot-on and doesn't suffer in the slightest for the introduction of the new girl (the same, sadly, cannot be said for Kitty Pryde, whose brief appearance is marred by uncharacteristic dorkiness.) And the new character may be larger than life, but she's nonetheless very real. An excellent story.

Rogue 1/2: The Scent of a Mutant: By Jaelle and Orla. Absolutely hilarious. I couldn't stop cracking up. It helps if you know Ranma 1/2, but isn't necessary.