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UPDATED 8/6/2001

Firstly, as you can see, the page is black.  I've done this before for the death of Joseph; this time it's the death of Magneto that I'm mourning.  Transformed into nothing but a uni-dimensional (and idiotic) cariacture of himself, stabbed in front of a crowd of his followers, and then blown up in a hospital as he recuperated, and I'm sure he'll be back when they feel like destroying his character some more, but there's nothing left in canon to interest me. My affiliation with X-Men the Comic Book has pretty much thoroughly died again.  I still love the old books, I still love the fanfic, I still watch Evolution religiously and enjoy the movie very much, and I might even get enticed into Ultimate X-Men-- but no more main books for me until I hear that they don't suck.

Secondly, this site is changing direction.  No longer will I archive every single story I find where Magneto is a character.  I've read enough "Eve of Destruction"-based tales and movieverse "Magneto the maniacal villain" tales to feel sick at heart at the thought.  I will now only archive Magneto stories I like. This doesn't mean Magneto can't be a rat bastard eeeevil villain-- one of my favorite stories, DarkMark's "Devil's Diary", uses such a characterization-- but I probably will not read a story where Magneto is evil and has no redeeming qualities and exists as a plot device, along the lines of 90% of the appearances of Mr. Sinister in fanfic. You've got every right to write it if you want, but don't expect me to archive it anymore.

And thirdly, after bringing everyone down with the bad news, I finally have good news for you! 

Asteroid A is finally in development, and you can check it out now (I hope-- I'm not sure if it allows anon access yet, as I write this.)  What is Asteroid A, you may ask?  It's the second generation of this site, the version powered by Microsoft Content Management Server that will allow me to make updates much, much more easily and swiftly. "Alara's Magneto Site" will no longer undergo any full updates.  The new stories I have acquired since the last update will be loaded to the "New Fanfic" area only, because I will be concentrating on moving all the content from "Alara's Magneto Site" to "Asteroid A."  If you can see it, please let me know what you think. (If you can see it and you are a Lynx user or a user of a very early browser such as Netscape 3 or under, please let me know how it appears to you-- I no longer have the tools to check out the site's compliance with all browsers.)

So there's new fanfic for you in the "New Fanfic" area here, but I won't be updating all the indexed subpages, updating the FAQ stuff, putting up my rant about the Maggie Awards or anything else; I'll be implementing Asteroid A.  If it works well, Shifting Sands and all my other sites will use the same technology, and updates will become mindlessly simple.

New Fanfic!

Updates to fanfic are now listed on their own page.

Page Submissions Policy

If you have a Magneto fan story that is not archived anywhere else, or a piece of neat information about Magneto, magnetism, the Holocaust or anything else relevant, send it to me. If I like it, I'll archive it here for you. If you have a story that is archived somewhere else, send me the URL and I'll index it. If you have a page with Magneto artwork, send me the URL; I won't actually archive Magneto art here unless it is very good, and it shows Magneto being attractive rather than wearing his helmet and grimacing. But I'll at least link to other people's art if it doesn't meet my standards for being on my page. Also, I'm looking for reviews of Magneto fanfic, reviews of comics, TV shows, books and games featuring Magneto that were put out by Marvel, and your votes for the best and worst Magneto stories of all time.

The Magneto Mailing List:

The Magneto Mailing List is a forum for anything having to do with Magneto. Includes fanfic and discussions and pretty much anything else. It is now managed by me. It's low traffic, so don't worry that it will clobber your bandwidth.

To join, send email to the MML subscribe bot. The email can be completely blank; you will be subbed at the address you wrote from. Or, you can go to and sign up there! Or, as a last resort, write me and I'll sub you.

Magneto FAQs and Background Info:

For some reason, Magneto seems to generate more articles and other products of real-world research than most other characters. The FAQ page collects all kinds of articles on things having to do with Magneto, from discussions of the Holocaust and the real-world physics of magnetism, through collections of information about the Marvel comics with Magneto in them, to extrapolation pieces that use what we know about Magneto to try to solve the mysteries, danglers and contradictory retcons of the character's past.

Fanfic Links

All the Magneto or Joseph stories I have been able to find on the Web. None of these have been updated for the August 2001 update.

Big Master File: Contains all the stories, all at once. This is the same index I've always had up.

Index of Indexes: This page will allow you to access the stories by author, by story title, or the regular index's "main character/secondary character/not in all parts" breaks, but as five separate pages for faster loading.

Things That Make Me Go Eep!: A "known errata" page. It's a pain in the butt to mark broken links, and if I discover that some got broken after I started the update because the outside provider site went down or something, I'll just classify it as a Thing That Makes Me Go Eep! This should be a rotating list, because I'll fix any issues or mark them more permanently when the next update comes around.

Filks, Songs and Poems:

Nowadays we have so many Magneto-related filks, songs and poems that I put them on their own page.


Completely revamped! Now contains links to "Recommended Reads", the "Hall of Shame", and the "1999 Maggie Awards" for best Magneto fanfic. Also, new reviews have been added.

The 1999 Maggie Awards

The best Magneto stories on the web. Chosen by a panel of four members of the Magneto Mailing List, on the grounds that, uh, they volunteered first. :-)

The 2000 Maggie Awards:

Go here for info about the 2000 Maggie Awards (that is, awards given out this year for stories published in 1999.)

Picture Collections: (UPDATED 8/17/2000!)

Not that much of an update, but I finally put the damn thumbnails on the Female-Centric page and the Fan Art page.

Other People's Magneto Sites:

Susan's Magneto Page: This page is being rebuilt. It's got some Magneto quotes and some icons.

Avalon on the Net: Includes an OHOTMU-style overview of Magneto (probably from OHOTMU, but it's not credited) and links to pictures and history files. The assemblage of scans is pretty impressive.

The Villains of Marvel Comics: Includes a page on Magneto. Is a great resource in general for info on villains; the Magneto page has some .wav files from the animated series and the video game.

Cole's Joseph Page: A page dedicated specifically to Joseph, as separate from Magneto.

Magnetic Attraction: This page seems effectively dead, since the Magneto content all moved to Separate Waters, which the author is supposedly updating.

The Separate Waters: A fanfic archive featuring Rogue, Remy and Magneto/Joseph stories, not necessarily all in the same story or interacting with each other. Still being updated, but not often.

The Scarlet Witch Homepage: A new page dedicated to Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. Since she's Magneto's daughter, I decided that I consider her sufficiently Magneto-relevant to link to the page.

No Good Mutant: Daniela Puma has done some fan art of Magneto that's not bad.

!MAGNETO!: The home to Dannell Lites' fan fic, filks, and scanned art.

Ian McKellan's Home Page: The page for the actor who plays Magneto in the movie. Includes some of Sir Ian's thoughts about the role he will be playing, and questions that he answers.

Magneto's Lair: Dimira Marka's Magneto site, linked to her homepage.


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