Alara's Page o'Villainy

I admit it. I usually like the villains best. Not all the villains-- I prefer the villains who have personalities, who have dark tormented pasts or who may not really be all that villainous after all. (Well, and then there's Servalan and the Borg. Okay, so I just like villains. :-))

I plan to have a veritable plethora of specific villain-dedicated (or antagonist-dedicated, if you prefer the more PC terminology :-)) pages on this site. Right now there's just a handful of villains, from different fandoms.

Gatchaman: This is rather a specialty interest of mine, and deserves a bit more explanation than some. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is an animated Japanese superhero show about teenagers in bird suits saving the world from terrorists. It's one of my favorite shows. It's also known as Battle of the Planets, G-Force or Eagle Riders. The link that heads up this paragraph takes you to my general Gatchaman page. The villains page is below.

Cross Karakoram: Dedicated to the villains of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, in particular Berg Katse, leader of Galactor in the first Gatchaman series. You'll also find Gel Sadra links, but not much on Egobossler because I don't like him.

Star Trek: If you've been living in a cave for thirty years, you may not be familiar with this horrendously popular utopian SF program. There are billions of Star Trek sites, and I'm not going to refer you to any of them. All I'm going to do is link villain pages. I only have some of my favorites at the moment, but I'll take submissions for good pages dedicated to other villains. (A good page has a high degree of content, and a lot of fanfic links, and is frequently updated.)

Q fanfic: JJ Arrow's Q fanfic page. The most complete archive of Q fanfic on the net.

The official site: Formerly maintained by Mercutio, now by Ned Fox. A complete page of Q links.

Alara's Q-niverse: My fanfic page. I've written enough Q fanfic to need to put it on its own page.

The Alternative Alliance: An archive of Klingon and Cardassian culture, as well as other Trek-related things and stuff that interests the archivist.

Coming soon: Borg pages. In the meantime, you can visit my Seven of Nine page. Yes, she was only a villain for one episode, but I'll forgive her for that.

X-Men: Marvel's X-Men have long been a source of consternation for me. No matter how badly the suits screw over my favorite characters, something still draws me back. God only knows why.

Alara's Now Rather Spiffy Magneto Page: A fairly complete collection of fanfic, FAQs and other links to info about Magneto, aka Magnus, Erik Lehnsherr, Joseph or whatever he's calling himself this week.

Alara's Mystique Page: A new page, and nowhere near as complete as my Magneto page.

Blood In the Gutter: Kielle's Marauders page.

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