Magneto Fanfic: Index of Indexes

Because my Magneto fanfic page was getting huge and unwieldy, I've provided this page of different ways to access the stories as well as the big file.

These indexes provide ways to access all the stories that feature Magneto and/or Joseph in any kind of prominent role that I was able to find on the Net. Some of these stories are for adults only, and will say so and require that you jump through an adult disclaimer page. I tend not to index stories in which Joseph plays a minor role in the romance of Rogue and Gambit, just because there are so many of them. However, Joseph playing a major role in such stories will be indexed here, unless they are very very bad, in which case they will be listed on the Hall of Shame.

NEW CATEGORIES: 1/4/06: I have given Ultimate Magneto and 1602 Magneto their own categories on Alternate Magnetos. I have also added Evolution to Media Magnetos.

NOTE 2: Although it was eventually revealed that Joseph and Magneto are not the same person, they are the same person in enough fanfics that I needed to include Joseph in the Spiffy Magneto Page as well. Besides, I still like Joseph. Appearances by Joseph where he is explicitly not Magneto, and Magneto does not also play a role in the story, will be categorized as "Main Character - Joseph" or "Secondary Character - Joseph."

Use the indexes below to browse, or to find a specific story:

Magneto's Role In the Story:

These indexes are essentially my familiar old page, split into the old three parts, plus the brand new "Media Magnetos" page for movie and cartoon versions of Magneto. Within each type of story, the authors are alphabetized.

Main Character Stories: Magneto and/or Joseph is a or the main character in these stories.

Secondary Character Stories: Either the story is an ensemble cast piece where no one is a main character, or Magneto and/or Joseph has a secondary role in the story.

Stories Where Magneto Doesn't Appear In All Parts: The distinction between Secondary Character stories and Not All Parts stories is somewhat ambiguous, and I've probably misclassified some stuff. But anything that seems to me to be an arc composed of several stories, even if it's all under one name, in which Magneto and/or Joseph has a strong role in some parts and doesn't appear at all in others, will probably end up here.

Alternate Magnetos: These stories involve radical rewrites of reality, moreso than just changing a bit of history. Many fanfics are alternate universes, of Marvel's "What If?" variety-- that is, change a single event, or two, and watch things come out differently. The "Alternate Magnetos" applies more to the DC "Elseworlds" concept, where you change the universe around the characters completely (for instance, setting the entire Marvel Universe in a fantasy setting, or changing the sex of every mutant in the Marvel Universe.) Both the Ultimate Universe and the 1602 Universe are on this page.

Media Magnetos: These fanfics feature the Magneto from the movie universe or the cartoon universe. Both Main and Secondary Character stories from both movie and cartoon are listed on this same page, until and unless I get enough to break it out.

Not On The Web: These stories that feature Magneto are only available in fanzines. Includes gen (suitable for all) and slash (adult, featuring m/m relationships). Ordering information is on this page.

Author's Name:

Despite having a first name that starts with "A", I resisted the temptation to alphabetize all names by first letter. Anything that is an obvious screen name gets alphabetized by the first name (example: Acetal goes up at the top), while real names get alphabetized by last (Alara Rogers goes under the R's.)

Authors A to L

Authors M to Z

Story Title:

Alphabetized by title. If a series has a title, it'll tend to go under that title. If there's more than one story, they don't all have Magneto, and they don't have a series title, it'll be classified under the title(s) that the Magneto story(ies) has or have.

Stories A to L

Stories M to Z

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