The Magneto Graphics Collection

Yes! I've finally gotten around to starting the damn thumbnails. The Female-Centric page and the Fan Art page both have thumbnails of the pictures. The Scans Gallery still needs to be created, more or less, and the Female-Centric page needs to be updated with some of the scans I've gotten. But hey, at least I'm working on it again. What'd you expect from a woman who calls her main site the Happy Happy Text-Only Page, and makes a selling point out of her incompetence with graphics? :-)

As usual, you can browse my pages even if you cannot see the graphics; there are text links for the pictures as well that describe them.

Alara's Shamelessly Female-Centric Magneto Graphics Page: Three years or so ago, I went looking for Magneto pics on the web, but all I found were pictures of Magneto in his helmet or in combat. These pictures ranged from impressive but overexposed (some of the Jim Lee shots are still lovely, but everyone's seen them) to downright ugly (a lot of Magneto shots are of him grimacing, summoning power and looking like he's constipated.) So I scanned a number of pics in that I thought were attractive, or funny.

By the way, just because I call the page Female Centric doesn't mean I'm prejudiced against guys who lust after Magneto. :-) But calling it the Page For People Who Lust After Magneto just doesn't ring right somehow. :-)

Fan Art Gallery: At last! There are finally fan art pictures of Magneto that don't suck! :-) This includes all the fan art that I've found and liked on the web. Some of the pics are also on the Female Centric page.

Scans Gallery: A fellow named W0lvie sent me a huge pile of Magneto scans. I have still as of yet not gotten around to cataloguing and putting up his scans, in part because there are 8 megs of them when they're zipped, and in part because I am working on a dinky little laptop (I love it, it's very cute, I can stick it in my purse, but it is not a power machine) and don't have the memory or processor power for serious graphics manipulation. However, when I finally put up the 8 megs of scans, they will be on this page. :-=)

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