Things That Make Me Go "Eep!"

"He Told Me So" by Stephanie Lawlor is now not even on Sorry, Luna fans. I'll have to search for this puppy.

Dimira Marka's page is theoretically back up, but I can't find it. I got everything off it but "Choices", though.

"Avalon" #1 by Brittany Fredericks is gone. Can't find it.

Is Geocities down in general or has it just blown away its fansites?  I can't find a single Geocities site. Some of them are pretty important-- I salvaged most of Northlight's stuff by referencing her new archive and J. B. McDonald's "Due West Of Nowhere", but neither are working tonight. I hope it's just a geocities downtime thing... Yeah, itself is not responding.  So all the sites are probably still there, either down or not talking to my ISP today.

No point in doing link checks with Geocities down! I'll be back with more eep later.