XXY: Original Characters

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to add original characters to the universe. Some of these are swaps of fanfic characters; some are homages to characters from other universes (or, for that matter, homages to characters from the MU who cannot exist in their current incarnation because of the way things have fallen into place in XXY). Some are completely original.

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NATE WINTERS (CABLE): Not any relation to MU-Nathan Summers, Cable is an early human who was evolved by the Celestials as a watchdog for Ship.

REVEREND GEORGE AMBER - A baptist reverend who owns his life to Namora. He is a civil movement leader in NYC. His main inspiration to keep fighting the mankind prejudice was MLKjr and his speech about his dream. In the future he will help Carolyn at her searching for other mutants. He is married and his grandaugheter is a mutant. (anyone got Synch?) Creator: Raafel Sant'Anna Meyer.

FYONNA MAC KAY - Fyonna is a fashion designer who worked for Janet Van Dyne before she got fame when she used instable molecules to do Namora's new uniform. She plays at both sides of feminism. She use the women as object to earn her money, but she is the first voice when the women rights are under any kind of prejudice. She will try make Namora a kind of super star, later her life will be changed when a villain will kill her nephew and her partner's mom.Her partner at the maison is Kay Cera B). . Creator: Raafel Sant'Anna Meyer.

RHODRI MORRIS (FIGMENT): Original Excalibur character, with agility and light-bending powers.

TARO YASHIDA: the younger brother of Mariko. He has always been involved with the family business, but has never been able to acquire a true taste for it. He presses himself to the limits though, because of his unattainable desire to meet his father's approval, and because of the rivalry between himself and the swapped version of the Silver Samurai which has been fostered, even encouraged, by Shingen since childhood.

Is he a mutant? Sure he is! What are his powers? I'll . . get back to you on that. I want them to be something benign. Whatever they may be, however, the name that he takes will be Keishi, which means "heir". Creator: Alestar.

RAFAEL WILCOX: Techie who designs Danger Room equipment for Carolyn, but sells his services to the highest bidder.

MARDUK: A mage and hero who keeps getting reincarnated. Opponent of Tiamat.

THE ILLUMINATE and ECLIPSE: Two Golden Age heroes. Based on Superman and the Shadow.

MARK and VANCE COSTNER: A pair of private detectives, brothers. Mark used to work for the CIA and Vance was a soldier. Mark is based on Miles Vorkosigan by Lois McMaster Bujold.

REBECCA JANSEN/LIGHTMAN: An immortal scientist obsessed with finding immortality for others, but ethical about it. Was Polaris' mentor in Auschwitz.


LEE DAVIES (JUMPER): A Marauder who can jump bodies with people.

MATT SANTORO (MORPH): A boy whose ability is to alter any organic tissue he touches; Sinister recruits him into the Marauders. Best friends with Mindseye (see below.)

ALANA WADE (MINDSEYE): A clairvoyant, and a genius at chemistry. Best friends with Morph.

JAMARA MADROX (MASS SLAUGHTER): Only difference, Jamara is raised by Sinister and Jamie is not. We never did find out what happen to young Jamie when he split at birth mainline. XXY one of them got put in an orphanage and stayed seperate from prime so long that she became her own person. (I'm thinking the power would work differently in a female.... they'd have the potential to be true indviduals once they reached puberty. Creator: Jesse Willey

(Alara's notes: As Sinister's dibser, I felt that the reason Sinister would "raise" a child is as an experimental subject. Jamie would be ideal because her ability to create dupes allows one to have a control and a subject. This meant that Jamara would have been constantly tortured/forced to re-absorb dupes that had been tortured [thus gaining their memories] and would frequently have suffered through the death of her dupes. As a result, she would be nearly impervious to pain, and not particularly afraid of dying either, sadistic, and terrified of Sinister/desperate to please him. Thus, she makes an excellent Marauder.)

MARGARET TOMBS: An ordinary housewife with a very nasty power.

CORD: A child of Tiamat's, who's managed to kill off most of her bloodline.

ENGRAM: Real Name: None. Powers: A specialized form of telepathy in which he can induce any type of madness he chooses, including amnesia, homicidal tendencies, Suicidal Tendencies, MPD, etc. History: He's so nuts that not even he knows it. Early manifestations of his powers affected him, not others. Creator: Jesse Willey

XORANG'I (THE TIGER): Honorable but ruthless female crime lord in Hong Kong with feral mutation powers.


MICHELLE KIMBERLY PORTER - She is a young journalist for Daily Bugle. She's a kind of person who keep stalking every hero or villain searching for a good story. She have a special attention for the mutant cause because she feels it can be greater in the future and because she keep all records about the mutants and their activities. She have her own theories about them and she thinks if all the mutant action is a kind of conspiracy to take the world or they are aliens. She was the person who told to Jameson Spiderman is a mutant (to steal the Web head's stories from Parker). She uses the future mutant fear to write some sensationalist books about the mutants and other heroes. Creator: Raafel Sant'Anna Meyer.

PRIS WISDOM: A clone of Paula Wisdom, created by Black Air. Creator: Indigo

ANDREW HIMURA: Life sucks when you're a gay, mutant, Asian, investigative reporter whose ability to tell when people are telling the truth prevents you from telling a lie. Andrew is a mutant with the minor ability to tell the truth. He's a reporter, not a superhero, and like most reporter characters can be counted on to annoy the hell out of secretive super-types.

HARRY LELAND: Son of Harriet Leland, Black Bishop of the Hellfire Club Inner Circle, Harry inherits many of his mother's qualities, the most obvious being a variation of her mutant power of controlling objects' masses. Furthermore, he, like his mother, is a lawyer, though obviously of younger and less experienced caliber, just out of law school. Again, like his mother, he is a cautious observer -- however, unlike her, he is not a follower, but a leader. A mastermind. A planner. He only follows others when it suits him, and in those rare occasions has likely already planned how to take over the position of whomever he is following. He is ambitious and resourceful, but not completely ruthless, though he compensates for that 'failing' with a healthy dash of megalomania which keeps nagging at the back of his head, telling him what a lousy job everyone from the bellboy to the president are doing, and how he could do everything better than them. He's charismatic, a people-manipulator, smooth as silk and one of those people who could become a president at 40 without leaving a trail of bodies behind them. Everyone loves him -- except the lawyers who have to go up against this brilliant schemer in the courtroom. Creator: Samy Merchi.

D'MAGOG: A spirit of inspiration and revolution. Counterpart and opponent to D'Spayre.

NILS BORGER (THE GREEN SWEDE): Long-lived hired muscle from the 1930's, currently a member of the Executive Elite.