LEE DAVIES (JUMPER): His parents were drunk and beat him and his older brother all the time, and his older brother beat him up too on a regular basis. Then Lee discovered the power to "jump" people-- he has to touch them, but when he does that, he's in their body and they're in his, but they're incapacitated for hours with crippling illness or unconsciousness (depending on how strongwilled they are.) He took up jumping his brother and beating the crap out of him, until finally his brother got scared and left him alone. Then he did the same to his dad. Then he left his mother naked at a truck stop. By the time he got out of the house to pursue a career as a freelance artist, everyone in his family was glad to see him go.

Lee started with humiliation ploys. When a girl he liked turned him down, he jumped her, got her into bed with three drunk frat boys and then jumped back, leaving her in that situation. When a guy dissed him for being short, Lee tracked him down, jumped him, and then ostentatiously tried to kiss a few guys on the street, then jumped back when they cornered him to beat him up. But gradually, Lee escalated. He took out his resentment of his mother's ineffectualness and women's lack of interest in him by jumping guys, raping women, then jumping back and escaping the rap. As long as he never left his body alone for more than 6 hours or so, he never had trouble.

Eventually he realized he could kill, and he hired out his services as a hit man. Want your target to commit suicide? Call Jumper. His murders were completely untraceable, because he'd jump the target, get his own body to a safe place, kill the target's body, and jump back. It always looked to the world like a suicide.

Lee will probably join the Marauders.

He's a short man, five five or five six, with light brown hair, a little on the greasy side. Pale skin, a little sallow. Unlike the character he's based on (Lisa Davies, the Body Snatcher from my story of the same name), Lee doesn't have any twisted gender issues and feels no real compulsion to steal people's bodies for anything other than momentary convenience. He's totally amoral and will rape, steal and humiliate others terribly for pleasure, but his kills are all for money. Unless you really piss him off.

The way his powers work: unless you're a telepath and you try to read his mind, he has to touch you to jump you. Then you're going to be out of it. Normal people will be unconscious for 6-8 hours; people with incredible wills may recover consciousness in 4, but they'll still be sick as dogs for a while. Lee can jump *back* at any time, though his range is about 50 miles or so. If a telepath tries to read him, he can jump them and then jump back. This incapacitates them (the act of jumping messes up the target even if they are moving back into their own body), and no telepath can defend against it the *first* time he does it to them. (In future times, they may have learned from experience.) he can use anyone's superpowers to the extent with which they can use them without thinking-- if it takes serious concentration or a lot of thought or experience, he can't do it, but if it's something they're highly adept at, he can. He absorbs some amount of physical skill, but no mental knowledge. And when he jumps telepaths they keep their powers; that's why he'd immediately jump back, unless they're also teeks.

Timeline: Lee is available and in his late 20's as of 1983.

Creator: Alara Rogers