RHODRI MORRIS (FIGMENT): Rhodri Morris was born in Wales to a middle class family. From an early age he displayed intelligence and an aptitude for computers and electronics. Other children teased him for being a nerd, as children tend to do. He got even with the worst of them with pranks carefully calculated to embarass but not hurt them, and that could not be pinned on him. In his early teens, he started hacking into systems just to see if he could. He never took or destroyed any data, although he did occasionally plant untraceable humorous messages. When his mutant powers manifested he used them to expand his prank-playing capabilityr. He attended a good college on a scholarship and got a job in London as a computer programmer after graduation. The job got a bit boring after a few years, so he took a second look at his mutant powers and decided to give moonlighting as a super-hero a try. His first investigation lead him to Arcade's Murderworld and a meeting with the rest of Excalibur.

His mutation gives him enhanced agility and lets him create a field around himself that distorts light and sound, making him appear and sound like he's in one place while he's actually in another. He can intensify the field to the point where he's invisible and inaudible. He enjoys being sneaky and deceptive towards criminals and people he finds to be offensive idiots. He is generally honest in his personal relations, though. He enjoys the thrill of taking risks, and if he can help people at the same time so much the better. He has something of a sarcastic sense of humor. He treats women chivalrously in general, although this wouldn't stop him from taking on a female villain. He doesn't think much of Captain Britain, at least at first. Creator: Carolyn Vaughan