NILS BORGER (THE GREEN SWEDE): In the 1930's, Nils Borger, aka the "Green Swede", was muscle for the gangsters. He was good at it-- he wasn't too bright, but he was seven feet tall, unbelievably strong, and could survive a half-dozen .45 slugs to the chest. Got arrested a lot-- aside from being seven feet tall, he also had green hair, which made him real noticeable when he took his hat off-- but it wasn't like the cops really had the manpower to take him in, either. So he was making good money, and at his size, he rarely needed to actually hurt people-- the threat was enough.

Then he went to work for some doctor whose name he still doesn't remember, and lost 20 years of his life.

Since then, Nils has discovered a few things. He's discovered that he doesn't age, for one. He's discovered that he's what they call a "mutant" nowadays, and that there's some weird thing in his blood that's similar to what that guy the Hulk's got, only of course he ain't anywhere near as strong as the Hulk, and he ain't as stupid either. He's discovered that he can't get a tan, can't get blinded by light, and can't get electrocuted. And he's started to remember things he did during those missing 20 years. Awful stuff. Nils never had a problem with putting the screws to some guy who'd cheesed off his boss, but he didn't like hurting women or kids; after he'd accidentally put the girl he loved in the hospital from just a lovetap, he'd sworn he was never gonna hit a woman again, and hurting kids was just low. But he's pretty sure he did that stuff, during that time he can't remember. He remembers beating people senseless. Raping a teenage girl. Maybe more than one. Killing kids. Bad stuff.

These memories have caused Nils to start re-evaluating his life. If he's gonna live forever, and since he isn't aging it sure looks like he might, does he really wanna be muscle for the bad guys for the rest of forever? Maybe he needs to do something to make up for the stuff he can't clearly remember doing. Maybe he needs to try to find some kinda redemption, like they talk about in church. Only, what does he know how to do, but be muscle?

POWERS: Nils is a mutant, but his mutation is similar to some gamma bomb mutates. He's super-strong and has a healing factor, making him near-invulnerable (he's not quite as strong or invulnerable as MU-Rogue is, but close.) He's seven feet tall and has green hair, and he's immune to electricity and electromagnetic radiation such as light, UV, gamma rays, etc. (He can see, he can absorb enough UV to manufacture vitamin D, and obviously the bioelectricity his nervous system runs on works; but overloads beyond what he needs to survive don't affect him, except to make him temporarily stronger.) No ferality, no enhanced senses. The healing factor is why he doesn't age, though.

APPEARANCE: Seven feet tall, very fair-skinned, with green eyes and green hair. He doesn't look like your standard, ape-like thug, but is kind of good-looking in a brutal fashion-- think of a barbarian, only with short hair.

PERSONALITY: Nils is not smart, but he's not retarded either-- he's low average (ie, not "Nils smash!", but "Uh, boss, whattya want us to do now?") He's been hired muscle for a really long time, and doesn't know what else to do with his life. He's also really easy to mind control, and has a 20-year-long gap in his memory, where from what little he can recall, he did things that even a 30's gangster muscleman would find heinous. Creator: Alara Rogers.