ALANA WADE (MINDSEYE): Alana is a prodigy, a genius child-- probably *not* due to mutation, though she's never been sure. She was fascinated by chemicals and poisons. A fragile, beautiful, weak and terribly thin girl with white hair and blue eyes (no, no relation to the Magnus family, just the same coloration), she, too, came from an abusive household, a dead idolized father and a weak-willed mother and a stepfather who sexually abused her until she was 13. When Alana started to be able to see out of the back of her head, and around corners, and in infrared, and generally all kinds of things and places she shouldn't have, she realized she was a mutant, and being a highly intelligent, emotionally damaged and calculating person, she decided she could sell this skill rather than having to sell her body, and she ran away to New York City.

She ended up having to sell her body anyway. Having a clairvoyant lookout was a useful thing to have, but if she could turn tricks on the side, even better. But while she was turning tricks, she'd use her powers to read, or to watch the chemists who made designer drugs at work, and she decided she could do that. She robbed a john or two and bought lab equipment on their credit card, she ran away from her pimp and hid out in a house where she knew the owners were on vacation, and she designed drugs. These were new compounds, and technically legal, never having been brought before the FDA to be declared illegal. She offered the new drugs to a drug lord who promised her protection from her pimp if the stuff sold. it sold, and sold well. The drug lord insisted on sleeping with Alana occasionally himself, but didn't make her turn tricks.

When she saw Matt, she was 18 and he, 14. She saw his powers at work, and saw herself in him, a young mutant abused by the city and by life. She figured that he could protect her, she could offer him the sanctuary he needed, and the two of them could go into business for themselves. They would never be beholden to anyone else, never forced into anyone's bed for business reasons, ever again.

Alana loves Matt a lot, but as a little brother-- nothing sexual there. In fact she has no interest in ever having sex and takes drugs to kill her sexual desire. She also takes drugs which keep her up and manic. She figures she doesn't have a drug problem because she controls the supply, and she thinks she's too smart to overdo it. She cannot stand being seen as a sex object by men, and tends to wear baggy, too-large clothes and lab coats, and has occasionally had Matt seriously hurt guys who after closing a business deal for drugs made a sexual advance on her. Because of the drugs and her self-image problem and her hatred of sex, she is painfully, anorexically thin, but while she's a control freak she's not quite an anorexic. She just hasn't much appetite. She's bitter, and sarcastic, and cruelly witty sometimes, and very, very arrogant to cover up a deep sense that, though she knows she's smart, she thinks she's completely worthless as a person. She's amoral, and figures that if stupid people want to buy her drugs and get hooked, that's their problem. She's enormously intelligent, and cold and calculating, but sometimes ambition interferes with her common sense. She's verbally affectionate with Matt, but she can't stand to be touched. She thinks it's Matt and her against the world, and she'll do anything to protect him. She's not evil, and she has Matt's best interests at heart, and shows enormous patience in teaching him, and she tries to keep him from killing. Roughing people up, humiliating them, maiming them, yeah, but she doesn't like for him to kill. But she trusts no one but Matt, and she's definitely villain material.

Her power consists of a kind of clairvoyance, ranging about 100 miles or so, which can perceive all forms of electromagnetic energy, not just visible light. She can see *by* the energy and she can see it itself. She's a damn good lipreader but she can't "hear" with her powers. She can observe about three different locations at once, and can fine-tune her "sight" to be able to view microscopic things. As a drug designer, she goes by Wade; no one but Matt has permission to call her Alana. Were she to work with the supervillain set, she'd go by the name Mindseye.

If the two of them join the Marauders, Alana will quickly see the destructive effect living with hardened killers will have on Matt's soul, and will plot to get him out of there, but will be scared shitless of Sinister and will be torn between the imperative to save Matt and the imperative to not get them both killed.

Timeline: 4 years older than Matt, so when he's 16, she's 20, and that's the year Kit Pryde's 14.

Creator: Alara Rogers