Darkest Heart: a page of villainy

Welcome, all, to Darkest Heart, a page dedicated to the villains of fiction. On this page you'll find fanfic and links (though no pictures-- this is still part of the Happy Happy Text-Only Site) dealing with the darker characters-- villains who have personalities, villains with dark tormented pasts, and occasionally the just plain evil and villainous.

I am a fan of villains in general-- particularly the tormented kind, but then I like Servalan and the Borg too, so they don't actually have to be tormented, really. :-) The fanfic you will find here is generally from the villains' point of view, or treats them as sympathetic characters. It's also fanfic that I consider to be good-- this isn't an inclusive archive that tries to link every single story about a villain, anywhere on the Net. Submissions are accepted, but I won't necessarily archive them unless I like them. See the bottom of the page for details.

The Fandoms:

Gatchaman: Cross Karakoram: This subpage, hosted and maintained by me and originally created as an independent villains page before I decided to roll it into Darkest Heart, is a fanfic page dedicated to the villains of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, in particular Berg Katse, leader of Galactor in the first Gatchaman series. You'll also find Gel Sadra links, but not much on Egobossler because I don't like him. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is rather a specialty interest of mine, and deserves a bit more explanation than some. It's an animated Japanese superhero show about teenagers in bird suits saving the world from terrorists. It's one of my favorite shows. For more information about Gatchaman, you can check out my Gatchaguru page.

Star Trek: If you've been living in a cave for thirty years, you may not be familiar with this horrendously popular utopian SF program. Because there are literally thousands of Trek fan stories out there, I can afford to be pretty selective on this subpage; only stuff I consider really good will get on here. Because of my background as a major Q fan, there'll be a pretty heavy Q presence on this page, but I'll try to balance it with other villains as well. Updated 8/20/2000!

Comic Books: Primarily this subpage will feature Marvel's X-Men, who have long been a source of consternation for me. No matter how badly the suits screw over my favorite characters, something still draws me back. God only knows why. This page will be the largest and likely most frequently updated of the Darkest Heart subpages, at least for a while. I also plan to feature villains from any other comic books that catch my fancy. . Updated 8/22/2000!

Pokemon: Pokemon? Don't laugh; it may be a light-hearted kids' show, but it's Japanese animation, and pretty much any Japanese animation has something in it that can lend itself to serious fic. The stories I've chosen for this page deal with Pokemon villains or antagonists in a serious way. Since the majority of Pokemon fanfic is written by teenagers, and, well, it shows, I've taken care to select the best stuff... a lot of which is still written by teenagers, but these ones are good writers.

Other Fandoms, Other Villains:

A fandom needs at least five stories to get its own page; when I have stories from fandoms that haven't yet qualified, they go here. Ideally I'd like to collect stories about villains from fandoms I'm not familiar with or that I enjoy but am not "into" (can I have some Darth Vader stories? Please? Or maybe Cancer Man?) . Updated 8/20/2000!

Villainy Tips and Tricks:

So you wanna be a villain? Here's some advice, as well as other useful things.

The Villains' Drinking Game for super-powered villains only, by Diamonde and Dyce. Find out how villainous you really are, and get plastered, too!

The Villains' Warranty Card: Don't forget to fill it out, in case those pesky superheroes break your lovely new Doom Ray.

Advice for Evil Overlords: The original, accept no substitutions. These are the Top 100 things Peter Anspach would do if he was an evil overlord.

General Links Of Villainy:

Here you'll find links to other multi-fandom villainous pages. Single-fandom pages of villainy will go on their own fandom page or in Other Villains; this links section is just for things that are general to villainy or that show multiple fandoms.

EvilNet: A page by Kielle, which indexes other villain pages.

The Villains of Marvel Comics: Just what it sounds like.

Hall of Evil Geniuses: A page honoring the Evil Genius.

About This Page:

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