Darkest Heart: Other Fandoms, Other Villains

Here you'll find stories about villains from other fandoms, where I don't have enough stories to make an individual page for the fandom. I need five stories to make a fandom subpage, so whenever a fandom collects five stories it will fall off this page and onto its own subpage.

Star Wars:

After the release of "The Phantom Menace", I kind of expected to see a glut of Anakin Skywalker stories. Instead everyone seems to be writing about Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. Guess I gotta wait for Episode 2 for the Anakin stuff. :-) However, I will be actively hunting down material about Anakin/Darth and any other Star Wars villain (yes, Maul, Palpatine and Boba Fett all count. So does Jabba the Hutt, though I'm having a hard time imagining a story sympathetic to him.)

A Dark and Angry God Arises by Mercutio.

What if Anakin were not the innocent boy he seemed, but already permanently scarred by darkness? Frank discussion of sexual situations, but no actual sex.


Highlander was a reasonably cool movie, and I've seen a few episodes of the TV show I liked, but it really is not something I'm into. However, this submission by Dannell Lites impressed me considerably. I'll consider making a Highlander subpage if I get enough stories of this quality.

Confession: A Tale of The Kurgan by Dannell Lites.

During movie continuity, but with some characters from TV continuity, Kurgan talks about the old days with an old friend who's given up his violent ways.

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