You Will Submit To Darkest Heart... BWAHAHAHAHA!

Hmm, maybe I got a tad carried away up there... :-) Anyway, to submit a story to Darkest Heart, all you need to do is the following:



Write a fanfic about a villain from any fandom. Original villains will not be accepted unless: the story contains canonical villains as main characters (example: Shadowcat's Pokemon story "The Myamoto Project" is about a new member of Team Rocket, but the established characters Jessie and James are equally important to the story), or is related to another story that establishes the villain (for instance, my story "The Body Snatcher" is about Magneto being kidnapped and tortured by a mutant serial killer; if I later choose to write a TCP story about the Body Snatcher herself and her origin, that would qualify.) Stories from the POV of an original mutant who decides to go attack the X-Men, or stories about the adventures of a new Sith Lord, do not qualify. Also, it should go without saying that I only accept fanfic; if you wrote an original story, using no characters created by anyone else, for gods' sake TRY TO PUBLISH IT PROFESSIONALLY and don't waste your time putting it on the Internet.



Also, in universes where an entire species can be considered antagonists, original characters who are members of an antagonist species could qualify. (Example: Any story about a Cardassian at odds with the Federation in Star Trek, even if the Cardassian is an original character. However, a story about a Cardassian who works for the Federation would not be acceptable; if the character belongs to a villain species, they must also be a villain or have once been a villain to qualify. Ferengi are a villain species but Quark has never been a villain and so Quark stories will not qualify; ditto Garak, though I do love him so. On the other hand Seven of Nine was a villain in two episodes, so she does count.)



Send it to me. If I like it, I will publish it.

That's it! Just keep in mind that your chances are better if you spellcheck your work first, if you send it in HTML or Word or Wordperfect format (not Word 2000 please, I can't read that without using my SO's machine), and, if the fandom is not listed here, check with me to see if I'm familiar with it. If I'm not familiar with it, it would be a good idea to send me some material on who the characters are so that I can understand the story better before reading it. Also, for purposes of this archive only I tend to frown on gratuitous sex; a story in which sex is one element of many is fine, but I would likely only archive a "Plot? What Plot?"-type erotica, or a romance that's heavy on sex and light on character development, if it was very good. This is not a site for happy bunny romance. (I would also tend to frown on Villain Relationshipper stories, such as Rocketshipper Jessie/James romances from Pokemon-- unless the story is very good, I would rather not focus on lighthearted romance when I read about villains.) More serious or darker romance-- ie, stories that explore something more serious than "two people wanna boink" or "two people are in luuuv but can they admit it?", or stories that have a stronger emphasis on hurt/comfort or psychodrama-- will get more consideration.

Please note that I can and will reject stories. I will be honest and tell you why. If you have a problem with why I rejected your story and you can be mature and calm about it, I'll listen to you and we may be able to work something out. If you whine and act like my toddler stepchildren, I will ignore you. Be warned.