Alara's Q Archive

Okay, I lied. I can't come up with a spiffier name. The Q Continuum's been taken by, well, everyone, and Qniverse is the name I've given my mailing list.

As of this writing, Vash's Q site is defunct, and the archive is now frozen as a historical archive. I am not sure there are any other Q fan fiction archives out there. So I decided it was about time I updated this one.

This is not an all-inclusive archive. The stories on here are ones I consider to be reasonably good -- there are uncountable bad Q stories out there on the Internet. I am no perfectionist -- there's stuff on here with what I consider to be large flaws -- but everything on this site is something I considered a sufficiently enjoyable read that it was worth reading even if flawed. 

I also intend to be adding more categorization tools to help people find exactly what they're looking for. Right now, the site is broken out by who else is in the story on a broad level (what iteration of Trek, or is it original characters, other Qs or a crossover?) I plan to eventually have the site searchable by rating, pairing, what characters are in it, author name, or title, as well as the existing category schema.

At the moment I am linking to all the stories, and only archiving (that is, housing on my own site) the ones I have written or which I've requested permission to archive, because there's a difficulty with getting archival permissions when so many people have left the fandom or changed their email address or both since their story was initially archived to Trekiverse. I will only house on my own site stories I either have permission to house, stories whose archives went down and I had to rescue the story off the Internet Wayback Machine, or stories whose authors seem unreachable, and it will take some time to gather the permissions I need. Besides, archiving is hard work. Links are much easier. :-)

On to the stories!

TNG: Q interacts with the cast of TNG. The largest section for obvious reasons, you'll find all the P/Q stories I have in here, as well as any other stories where Q has dealings with the crew of the Enterprise-D or E.

Voyager: Q interacts with the cast of Voyager. The second largest section, also for obvious reasons.

DS9: Q interacts with the cast of Deep Space Nine. Not many of these.

Combined Trek: Multiple Trek series represented in a single story or story arc. (Not all multi-Trek stories are in this category; I've only recently added it, so some stories just appear in multiple indexes.)

Original Characters: Q interacts with mostly original casts. You'll find most of the "Deja Q spinoff" genre here-- "Only Human", "PropinQuity", "The Q Who Fell To Earth"-- as well as some stories featuring Q, or a Q, interacting with all-new ships and crews. I decided in the end to store "Q falls in love with a female member of the Enterprise crew that the author made up" type stories in here too, although most of them also turn up in TNG.

Crossing Over With Q: Q in non-Trek universes.

Other Qs: Stories which feature as main characters other members of the Continuum besides Our Bad Boy Hero. The Q played by John de Lancie may be a major character in these stories too, but there's also a primary role played by a non-JDL-Q. Includes (potentially) Amanda Rogers, Q2 (Corbin Bernson, Deja Q), Q's mate (Suzie Plakson, Q and the Grey), the suicidal Q (Gerritt Graham, Death Wish), Q's son (Keegan de Lancie, Q2), other versions of Q's son, Trelane (William Campbell, Squire of Gothos), and original Q characters. (Trelane's in there because fans, and Peter David, have been speculating for years that Trelane was a Q, so a lot of fanfic exists on the topic.)