Crossing Over, With Q

These stories feature Q, or a Q, interacting with characters outside of the Star Trek universe.

Spectrum: By JJ Arrow. Rating: R. Pairing (if any): Q/f
Elfquest crossover. Q is captured by a race intent on studying him. Graphic scenes of torture.

SmartTrek 2: The Wrath of Q: By Ken Kaufman. Rating: PG or G. Pairing (if any):
A crossover between TNG and Get Smart! Humor.

Il a Chaud au Q: By Predatrix. Rating: R. Pairing (if any): Q/Avon
TNG/Blake's 7, Q/Avon. Dialogue-style story. Q seduces Avon.

Similar Features: By Alara Rogers. Rating: PG or G. Pairing (if any):
Crossover with X-Men movieverse. Charles Xavier rescues a mysterious mutant-- at least he thinks it's a mutant-- who looks like either a ball of energy or a dark-haired man and who thinks Charles' name is Jean-Luc. Incomplete.

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