Stories Featuring Q and the Deep Space Nine cast

These stories feature Q, or a Q, interacting with the cast of Deep Space Nine.

Oh, Captain, My Captain: By Christine Faltz. Rating: NC-17. Pairing (if any): Everyone.
One of the first Treksmut pieces to hit the net. Mostly about Picard and a half-Q female, but pretty much everyone gets laid in this.

Converging Agendas: By Tiggy Malvern. Rating: NC-17. Pairing (if any): Garak/Q
Q has an offer Garak can't refuse. Set in 1st season DS9 during "Emissary" and "A Man Alone".

Good As Gold-Pressed Latinum: By Mercutio. Rating: PG or G. Pairing (if any):
When Bashir does a good deed, he gets rewarded more than he expected. Worf's bad deed earns him his own kind of reward.

InQuisition: By Mercutio. Rating: PG or G. Pairing (if any):
Garak thwarts Bajor, Cardassia, and Q. Humorous.

Judgement Day: By Alara Rogers. Rating: R. Pairing (if any): AmandaR/WesleyC, Q/SuzyQ, J/7
A dark story arc encompassing multiple stories, characters, and the first four Trek series, in which Q's side lost the war in the Continuum. All individual stories are complete but the arc is not.

Beyond Gloomy Chaos: By Laura Taylor. Rating: PG-13. Pairing (if any):
Post DS9's last ep, the Q find themselves facing a dilemma that could result in interplanetary catastrophe. Can Picard, Kira and Data retrieve the mysterious Book of the Resurrection before all hell breaks loose on Cardassia?

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