Q Across Treks

These are stories which involve multiple Trek series, and feature Q, or a Q.

Much A-Q About Nothing: By Ellen Fremedon. Rating: R. Pairing (if any): P/Q, J/7
Q needs advice, 'cause he's smitten with a certain Starfleet captain. He goes off to 'Kathy' (Janeway) and asks for advice on how to woo Picard. Part of the P/Q Fuhq-Fest. Humor.

Decision: By President Luthor. Rating: PG-13. Pairing (if any):
Sequel to 'Pledge'. Voyager's first mission after homecoming brings the crew to the neutral zone. With Starfleet on the brink of mutiny, the last thing they need is Q's meddling.

Judgement Day: By Alara Rogers. Rating: R. Pairing (if any): AmandaR/WesleyC, Q/SuzyQ, J/7
A dark story arc encompassing multiple stories, characters, and the first four Trek series, in which Q's side lost the war in the Continuum. All individual stories are complete but the arc is not.

listen, there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go: By Alara Rogers. Rating: PG or G. Pairing (if any):
Two young people with superpowers meet for the start of a beautiful friendship.

Q Drabbles 1: By Alara Rogers. Rating: PG or G. Pairing (if any):
Two drabbles: "Sons and Mothers", about Q Jr and his mother; "The Djinn and His Master", implied P/Q.

Beyond Gloomy Chaos: By Laura Taylor. Rating: PG-13. Pairing (if any):
Post DS9's last ep, the Q find themselves facing a dilemma that could result in interplanetary catastrophe. Can Picard, Kira and Data retrieve the mysterious Book of the Resurrection before all hell breaks loose on Cardassia?


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