The Gatchaguru's Collection Of Gatchaman Scripts

At last, some scripts are up!

All scripts on this page thus far are created by Alara Rogers and one of several Japanese language partners (aka the Phoenixfire Project, aka Project Aleph). Scripts done by other people exist on my hard drive but I haven't gotten to putting them up yet.

Note that these are not subtitling scripts. They were created for reading enjoyment. The differences between subtitling and reading scripts are as follows:

1. Subtitling scripts contain song lyrics to opening and ending credits.

2. Subtitling scripts contain opening and closing credits.

3. Subtitling scripts contain anti-piracy and "please don't sue me Sandy Frank" disclaimer. They should also be credited to Phoenixfire Project, not Alara Rogers.

4. Reading scripts contain stage directions.

5. Reading scripts contain annotations.

6. Reading scripts contain full individual attributions for each line.

7. In subtitling scripts, Japanese expressions have been fully translated, unless they exist in English. For instance, "ninja" remains "ninja", but "onechan" becomes either sis or the person's name, depending on what sounds most natural in English. In reading scripts, "onechan," "aniki" and "-sama" have not been translated. For the benefit of the reader who does not know Japanese, these terms mean:


"Onechan" (pronounced oh-nay-chan): Big sis, older sister. Both a description (ie, "my older sister") and a term of address, similar to "auntie" or "grandma", used to the older sister.

"Aniki" (pronounced ah-nee-kee): Big brother, used in the same fashion "onechan" is used, but used only by boys. More familiar and impolite than "onechan".

"-Sama" (pronounced sah-mah): "Lord", "Mr", "Great", or a term of address that elevates the person you're speaking to. "Katse-sama" can be translated as "Lord Katse", "Mr. Katse" (very polite Mr.), or "Sir."

"Sosai": The dictionary will tell you this means "Governor" or "President". The dictionary is lying to you. "Sosai", the title

used for the character of X, is better translated as "generalissimo", "fuhrer," or my favorite, "overlord". My preference, however, is to just leave it as Sosai.

If you are a subtitler and all you have are reading scripts, email me. I would rather not see subtitles created with the reading scripts only.


Gatchaman I scripts

All my Gatchaman I scripts, so far, at once: This is a big ol' zip file containing all the Gatchaman I scripts I have so far released. These include:

Gatch I #1 , Gatch I #31, Gatch I #39, Gatch I #40, Gatch I #51, Gatch I #52, Gatch I #53, Gatch I #61, Gatch I #73, Gatch I #88, Gatch I #90, Gatch I #91, Gatch I #92, Gatch I #93, Gatch I #94, Gatch I #99, Gatch I #101, Gatch I #102, Gatch I #103, Gatch I #104, Gatch I #105

You need to be using a form of unzip to read this file (PKUNZIP for DOS or Windows, Winzip for Windows, Stuffit Expander for Mac). If you have difficulty accessing this file at all, tell me. One common problem with this file is that Netcom doesn't always love web browsers; if Netscape or MSIE won't let you in, try using a standalone ftp program to hit, the directory pub/al/aleph/gatchaman, and the file

Note that the file claims that my email address is This is old, old, old. Snail mail sent to the address referenced in there will get to me eventually (it's my parents' place.) But in general don't snail if you can possibly help it.

The Gatchaman I Scripts in HTML: At long last this is done! Not by me-- thank A. Eichholz for the HTML work.

Gatchaman II scripts

Gatchaman II #41: Gatchaman vs. Gel Sadra

Gatchaman II #48: The Greatest Tidal Wave In History

Gatchaman II #50: Mystery! Mystery? Gel Sadra's Mother

Gatchaman II #51: Gel Sadra's Lament

Gatchaman II #52: The Downfall of Overlord X

Gatchaman F scripts

None so far, but watch this space!