Script: Gatchaman II #48

The Greatest Tidal Wave in History

translated by Mari Fujimoto and Alara Rogers

At ISO HQ, Nambu, Pandora and technicians are working in a room.

NARR: Here, at ISO Laboratories, they've developed a special radar for locating the Main Beam Cannon, in order to find Galactor's headquarters. They hope to be able to stop Galactor's Solar Shift Plan this way. On the 31st floor, in the data center, they are working to find all the places on Earth that have been destroyed by the Solar Shift Plan.

TECH 1: A giant typhoon is coming off the Mediterranean area and headed for us!

TECH 2: Dr. Nambu! We've sent a rescue team to a region assaulted by lightning fires--

TECH 3: Dr. Nambu, how long will this situation last?

NAMBU: I'm sorry, but I have no idea. It will continue until Galactor's Solar Shift Plan is defeated. If they attempt two or three more tests of the Solar Shift Plan, the situation will become much worse, all throughout the world. But we will stop Galactor, I assure you. The Gatchaman team will fight them and defeat their plan. All we can do for now is send rescue squads to the affected areas. Now is the time for the world to cooperate on a global scale.

PANDORA: Doctor, we're picking up an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean!

NAMBU: I see. Magnitude 8.7, and it's happening in the shallows.

PANDORA: Then it's only a matter of time before it causes a giant tidal wave! We have to order an emergency evacuation!

NAMBU: Please do that.

PANDORA (into microphone): This is to be an emergency announcement to all ISO. Tell the people to take shelter! All people living in coastal areas, take shelter! All rescue squads, go aid them!

ANNOUNCER (picking up from Pandora.) All right. (voiceover) This is an emergency! All citizens, please take shelter! Rescue squads A through D, go to the rescue now! Helicopter teams A through C, go support them!

The announcer continues, but we can't hear, because Nambu is talking. He stares out the window at the aurora in the sky, lost in thought.

NAMBU: {My God, the Earth is facing the greatest danger it ever has, now... whose side are the gods on?}

Downstairs in the basement.

SOLDIER 1: All clear?

SOLDIER 2: All clear, sir!

At this point, a giant mecha that looks like a mole breaks in from underground.

SOLDIER 1: What's that? What's going on?! (Galactors exit) Fire! Fire!


NAMBU: What's going on? What's happening?

ANNOUNCER This is the main research center. Something's invading from the basement!

PANDORA: What the--?! (time seems to stand still for her, as she senses something) This feeling again-- perhaps-- the invader is--

Downstairs, the Galactors make short work of the soldiers. Gel Sadra steps out, laughing.

GS: So this is the great ISO, hmm? This is pathetic! (laughs) (to men) All right, find where Nambu and the others are! (She is stopped stock still by a mysterious vision. She seems to see Nambu and Pandora.) What-- what am I sensing? This is-- oh!

GALACTOR 1: What's wrong, Gel Sadra-sama?

GS: 31st floor data center!

GAL 1: Huh?

GS: How many times do I have to say it? The 31st floor data center! That's where Nambu and his people are!

GAL 1: Yes, ma'am!

In the data center.

TECH: Dr. Nambu, Galactor's taken over the ISO building. It's only a matter of time before they find us!

NAMBU (to himself) Galactor, why are you trying to destroy the Earth?

Door slams open. Galactors with guns enter, flanking Gel Sadra.

GAL 2: Nobody move! We Galactors are taking over ISO! Hold up your hands and line up along the walls! Make a false move and you're history!

PANDORA: I thought so--!!

NAMBU: Gel Sadra.

GS (stepping down) How pleasant to see you again, Dr. Nambu.

NAMBU (evenly) Gel Sadra, if you're personally invading ISO, Galactor must be more desperate than I thought.

GS: Everything's under control. Our Solar Shift Plan is causing emergencies all over the world. The day when I will be ruler of the world is very near. But first I have to destroy your special radar. So I've decided to come personally.

TECH (on the stairs with a gun) Gel Sadra, prepare to die!

GS: What? (Galactor guns clatter, and he falls.) Hmph. What a stupid man. (turns to Nambu) Well, Dr. Nambu, where have you been building that special radar you've been using to try to find our Main Beam Cannons? Won't you tell me? (he doesn't) Hmm. Okay, I'll have to try a different tactic. Send a special ISO broadcast worldwide!

GAL 3: Yes, ma'am!

GS: I think this will be my objective for today. Whatever will the people of the world think to know that ISO, the symbol of peace, has been taken over by Galactor?

Aboard New God Phoenix.

KEN: Found the Beam Cannon yet, Jun?

JUN: No, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack...

RYU: There's no way we can find it from up here!

PIEMUR: World-wide I-S-O broad-cast in-coming-

KEN: What??

PIEMUR: Screen- change-

Gel Sadra's face fills the viewscreen. Simultaneously this broadcast is going all over the world, appearing in bars, on the racks of TV's in TV stores, etc.

GS: Ladies and gentlemen of the world, how are you doing today? I am the leader of Galactor-- no. Rather, the ruler of the world, Gel Sadra.

KEN: From Gel Sadra?

GS: I have launched this broadcast now to tell you all of the momentous occurrences taking place at ISO. ISO headquarters has just fallen into our hands. Ladies and gentlemen, you know this person, don't you? (Camera pans to show Nambu, Pandora, and techs)

JUN: Dr. Nambu!

GS: This is the world-famous Doctor Nambu. From this day forth, Galactor rules the world. All those who oppose Galactor will all soon die! (laughs, cuts transmission) (1)

JOE: Goddamn her. Ken! They must have taken over ISO to get at the special radar.

KEN: No matter what, we've got to go back to HQ and fight them. Let's go!

Back at ISO.

NAMBU: Gel Sadra, what you're doing is of no use.

GS: What?? What do you mean?

NAMBU: Human minds cannot be changed by force. You can never rule over the human spirit.

GS (laughs) What are you talking about? Nambu, you sound like some naive little child! (2)

NAMBU: Before long, Gel Sadra, your own actions will take Galactor's-- no, rather, your own life.

GS: Eei! Shut up! No matter what you say, the earth will be mine! The human spirit is nothing but a tiny speck of dust!

PANDORA: Right now it seems you've taken over the ISO building and the Earth, but soon a tidal wave will come and destroy this building.

GS: Eei! Don't lie to me!

NAMBU: It's true. It seems you don't understand the fearsome effects of your own Solar Shift Plan.

GS: It's you who doesn't understand!

NAMBU: Really? Your plan will destroy the Earth, and you'll die with it-- (by the end, he is shouting over Gel Sadra's attempt to drown him out)

GS: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Shut Nambu up! (A Galactor strikes him to the floor) Listen. The Solar Shift Plan, in fact, is intended to reconstruct the Earth for Galactor's benefit. Just like your Mantle Project, don't you think?

NAMBU: (from the floor) Who told you that? Overlord X? You've been lied to. Look at our data. If you just look at it, you'll see the truth--

GS: Shut up! (she steps hard on his hand and grinds it into the floor) So, tell me where the special radar is, won't you?

NAMBU (thinks) {The tidal wave will be coming soon. I have to get the people out of this building.} (aloud) Gel Sadra, take me as your hostage. Let the other people out of here. Then I'll tell you where the special radar is.

GS: Aha. So, it seems you've finally decided to talk, Dr. Nambu.

TECH 1: Doctor, please don't! Since the war began, we've been prepared to die!

TECH 2: That's right. We'd rather die by tidal wave than tell Galactor where the radar is!

GS: You'd rather die?

Galactor guns fire. They get their wish. Nambu's face twists with horror and fury.

NAMBU: Gel Sadra, you--

GS: Don't say it-- demon, right? Call me whatever you want. This is how Galactor does things.

Aboard NGP.

JINPEI: Aniki! The tidal wave's coming!

KEN: Piemur, change screen! (on the screen, a tidal wave appears) (horrified) It's a tsunami...

JUN: It's going to strike the ISO!

The ISO building starts shaking back and forth.

GS: Whoa-oh-oh! Why is it shaking like this?

GAL 3: Gel Sadra-sama, there's a tidal wave coming!

GS: Did you say a tidal wave?

Pandora grabs somebody's gun and fires a warning past Gel Sadra's head.

PANDORA: Don't move!

GS: What do you want?

PANDORA: Tell your men to drop their guns! Otherwise I won't miss you next time!

GS: Eei! Drop them! Drop them, I said!

The men do so. Pandora advances.

PANDORA: Now the tables are turned, aren't they, Gel Sadra. (As she stares at Gel Sadra, once again they experience a weird mutual recognition.) {This-- this feeling--}

GS: {Why? Why do I get this feeling when I see this woman?}

PANDORA: {Gel Sadra, who are you?}

Water strikes the city and causes chaos. It sloshes over the Galactor mecha.

GAL 4: Fix our position!

The water breaks in the window and starts pouring into the room. The Galactors escape.

GS: All right, let's go back to Moguratank. (3)

In data center.

TECH: The water is coming in!

NAMBU: Stay calm! We can't leave the building now! Go up ten floors to the mechanical testing chamber-- the water won't get in there!

In Moguratank.

GS: Damn her! If I'd just had a little more time... damn that woman!

GAL 5: Gel Sadra-sama, in a few more minutes the tidal wave will have reached its peak! Shall we go back?

GS: You stupid halfwit! Search for the special radar no matter what! (to herself) Eei, who is that Pandora woman? Ah-- (experiences another clairvoyant flash. Nambu, Pandora and techs are in room with special radar) The special radar!

GAL 5: Gel Sadra-sama, are you all right?

GS: Nambu and his people are still in the building. They're protecting the special radar.

GAL 5: Huh?

GS: I'm not sure what floor it is, but I think it's farther up than the data center. All right! Before the next tidal wave comes, get the special radar! Moguratank, launch!

GAL 5: Yes, ma'am!

Moguratank begins to swim up through the base.

GAL 5: We've reached the data room. The water has reached the 48th floor, and it's getting higher.

GS: There's nobody in the room?

GAL 5: No, ma'am!

Five winged shapes leap down from the New God Phoenix and break open the top of the building.

KEN: All right, use this elevator shaft. Go down to the 31st floor data center!

Aboard Moguratank.

GAL 5: We've passed the 38th floor and going higher! No sign of them!

GS: Damn them!

In the elevator shaft.

KEN: This is the 31st floor. Dr. Nambu and the others were here.

Ryu attempts to open the elevator doors manually.

RYU: No good. It won't open!

JOE: My turn. Leave it to me.

KEN: All right, everyone, get out of the way!

They cling to the elevator cables a short distance above the 31st floor, and Joe fires at the door. Water comes pouring out.

KEN: No good. This floor's completely under water.

JOE: Ken, you sure the Doctor was here?

KEN: Positive.

JOE: I see. Then there's no hope.

JINPEI: Huh? Why not?

JOE: This is the 31st floor. The water's risen 17 floors higher than this. We can all see what's happened to the elevator. So there's no way they could have climbed to the top, to the 130th floor, quickly enough to avoid drowning.

RYU: Maybe they're hiding in a watertight room!

JOE: Can't be-- there aren't any rooms like that!

KEN: Yes, there are! The 41st mechanical testing chamber can shut out water-- and radio as well, so radar won't pick them up! (4) Everyone, put on your oxygen masks! We're going to swim there!

Aboard Moguratank.

GAL 5: We've passed the 40th floor! Going to 41st!

GS: Eei, where the hell are they hiding?

In the testing chamber.

PANDORA: Doctor, the tidal wave might be hitting its peak any minute now. Then the building will fall.

The faint hum in the background stops.

TECH 3: It's stopped!

TECH 4: Yeah, it's stopped!

TECH 5: The air circulation system has stopped!

TECH 6: Then we'll all suffocate to death!

NAMBU: Everyone! Use the air vents and escape!

TECH: But Doctor, what are you going to do with the special radar?

NAMBU: Unfortunately, we have to leave it.

TECH: No! If we do that, then what good is it that the others died!

EVERYONE: That's right!

NAMBU: Life is more important! We can rebuild the special radar, but we can't rebuild a human life! We must survive so we can keep fighting!

At this point, Moguratank breaks in.

TECH: It's Galactor!

GS: Oh, we found them! That's it! That's the special radar that's been threatening us. Pull it in!

The Science Ninja Team also arrive.

KEN: Doctor! (Arms from Moguratank start pulling the special radar in) Shit, damn you, Galactor! (to bracelet) Piemur, bring the New God Phoenix to the 41st floor of the ISO building!

PIEMUR: Ro-ger-

KEN: Ryu, Jinpei! Help these people escape!

BOTH: Roger!

KEN: Jun, Joe, let's go!

BOTH: Roger!

They begin to attack the mecha. Ken's Bird Saucer cuts the circuit to the arms.

KEN: Bird Saucer!

GAL 5: Gel Sadra-sama, they cut the circuit!

GS: Don't worry about it! Men, go out and fight! And get the radar!

Ryu, Jinpei, and the scientists swim to where the NGP is waiting.

PIEMUR: Adjust-ment: en-trance- op-en-

The Science Ninja Team defeat the Galactors, but while they're occupied, the special radar is pulled into Moguratank.

KEN: Damn! The special radar! Jun! Joe! Let's go!

BOTH: Roger!

GAL 5: We've got the radar!

GS: All right, back to base! (Moguratank tears loose and takes off) Today the Earth will be Galactor's!

KEN: Evil will never win, Gel Sadra!

GS: What? Who?

KEN: The white shadow that slips in unseen-- Science Ninja Team Gatchaman!

Gel Sadra attempts to escape him, and nearly runs into Joe.

JOE: Don't move!

GS: Eei! What are you trying to do?

She tries a different door, and Jun is standing there.

JUN: Where did you think you were going?

As she is surrounded, Gel Sadra stands on a different-colored circle on the floor. The Science Ninja Team advance.

KEN: Don't forget-- the Science Ninja Team is always behind you. Today I will take off your mask! (GS laughs) What's so funny?

GS: This mecha is my mecha. I'm prepared for any contingency. (She steps on a button, and a force field surrounds her)

KEN: What?

GS: The destruction of the ISO building is our victory. For now, I'll give up the special radar.

KEN: Gel Sadra!

GS: Farewell! (takes off)

GAL: Gel Sadra-sama!


Aboard NGP.

NAMBU: Good work in bringing the special radar back. Thank you, Gatchaman.

KEN: But Gel Sadra got away again.

PIEMUR: 3 min-utes 50 sec-onds for I-S-O Buil-ding des-truc-tion-


They watch as the water swallows the ISO building.

NARRATOR: The Gatchaman team saved the special radar, but the peace-serving ISO's HQ was destroyed with ease by Galactor. Soon, this beautiful green earth may be destroyed by Overlord X. Gatchaman, now is the time for you to stand and fight!

1. Apparently the idea here is that, if ISO is taken over, the rest of the world may as well surrender, since there'd be no way they could fight back.

2. This is, I think, a case of the pot calling the washing machine a cooking utensil.

3. Moguratank-- "mogura" means "mole".

4. Of course, since one uses sonar under water, a fact that the writers of Gatchaman largely ignore, the fact that it shuts out radio doesn't really mean much.