August 9, 1994

Gatchaman I: The Scripts

Edited and checked by Alara Rogers, translators individually credited.

These are not the subtitling scripts! These are scripts created for the enjoyment of the reader, not the utility of the subtitler. The following differences exist between these scripts and the subtitling scripts:

1. Subtitling scripts contain song lyrics to opening and ending credits.

2. Subtitling scripts contain opening and closing credits.

3. Subtitling scripts contain anti-piracy and "please don't sue me Sandy Frank" disclaimer.

4. Reading scripts contain stage directions.

5. Reading scripts contain annotations.

6. Reading scripts contain full individual credits.

7. In subtitling scripts, Japanese expressions have been fully translated, unless they exist in English. For instance, "ninja" remains "ninja", but "onechan" becomes either sis or the person's name, depending on what sounds most natural in English. In reading scripts, "onechan," "aniki" and "-sama" have not been translated. For the benefit of the reader who does not know Japanese, they mean:

"Onechan" (pronounced oh-nay-chan): Big sis, older sister. Both a description (ie, "my older sister") and a term of address, similar to "auntie" or "grandma", used to the older sister.

"Aniki" (pronounced ah-nee-kee): Big brother, used in the same fashion "onechan" is used, but used only by boys. More familiar and impolite than "onechan".

"-Sama" (pronounced sah-mah): "Lord", "Mr", "Great", or a term of address that elevates the person you're speaking to. "Katse-sama" can be translated as "Lord Katse", "Mr. Katse" (very polite Mr.), or "Sir."

"Sosai": The dictionary will tell you this means "Governor" or "President". The dictionary is lying to you. "Sosai", the title used for the character of X, is better translated as "generalissimo", "fuhrer," or my favorite, "overlord". My preference, however, is to just leave it as Sosai.

If you are a subtitler and you have a reading script, contact Alara Rogers at, or at 8 Rockwell Pl., Beacon, NY 12508, to get the subtitling scripts. However, if you cannot get hold of me and you must use the reading script, at least do this: Change all translator credits to Project Aleph. This is to prevent someone at Sandy Stank or Ted Turner seeing that there are decent subtitled copies of their property, dammit! circulating through fandom and suing the names on the translator credit. DON'T LEAVE OFF THE TRANSLATOR CREDIT! PLEASE! Just change the name to Project Aleph. I have devoted seven years of my life to these scripts; I don't want to see fansubs using my scripts circulating without my pseudonym on them.

DO NOT CHANGE THESE SCRIPTS. These scripts were prepared and edited by native Japanese speakers and a professionally published author who is seriously obsessed with this show. I am not bragging, merely pointing out that chances are your improvements would not be. If you really have some ideas for fixing mistakes and stupidities you see in the script-- and I'd hardly claim there were none; I've checked through them very carefully, but no one's perfect-- please write me and propose your modifications. DON'T arbitrarily make changes. If you can't reach me at my current net address, try the above snail address; if I'm not here, chances are my parents still will be.

Translator priority: The person who did the most work of raw translation is listed first, with the person who checked and edited translation (either Japanese accuracy or English naturalness) listed second.

Script: Gatchaman I #1 Gatchaman Vs. Turtle King

Script: Gatchaman I #31 The Plan to Assassinate Dr. Nambu

Script: Gatchaman I #39 & #40 Jigokiller, the People-Eating Plant

Script: Gatchaman I #51 Cataroller, the Rolling Monster

Script: Gatchaman I #52 Red Impulse's Secret

Script: Gatchaman I #53 Farewell, Red Impulse

Script: Gatchaman I #61 The Ghost of Red Impulse

Script: Gatchaman I #73 Get Katse!

Script: Gatchaman I #88 The Monstermech Snake 828

Script: Gatchaman I #90 Matangar, the Armored Iron Monster

Script: Gatchaman I #91 The Plan to Blow Up the Crescent Base:

Script: Gatchaman I #92 The End of the Crescent Base

Script: Gatchaman I #93 Counterattack! The Underground Torpedo Completed

Script: Gatchaman I #94 Angler, the Electric Monster

Script: Gatchaman I #99 Wounded G-2

Script: Gatchaman I #101 Hebi-Cobra, the Sniper Group

Script: Gatchaman I #102 Checkmate! Reversal X

Script: Gatchaman I #103 G-2 Risks Death

Script: Gatchaman I #104 The Evil Black Hole Operation

Script: Gatchaman I #105 Earth's Destruction 0002