Script: Gatchaman II #41

Gatchaman vs. Gel Sadra

translated by Mari Fujimoto and Alara Rogers

In a Galactor base.

GEL SADRA: Every time we get something finished, Gatchaman interferes with us. But not this time! Soon the most momentous event in the history of the Earth will take place!

GAL 1: Gel Sadra-sama!

GS: Yes?

GAL 1: We've received a call from the Overlord!

GS: Right. I'm on it.

In X's audience chamber.

X: It looks like the Main Beam Cannon will be completed soon, Gel Sadra.

GS: Yes, sir. Everyone's working around the clock.

X: Good. I'll send the central computer brain device from headquarters by underground rocket, so that the ISO and the Science Ninja Team don't learn about it.

GS: I'm very, very grateful. As soon as the central mechanism reaches us, we'll finish the Main Beam Cannon.

NARR: Overlord X has decided to send the central computer mechanism for the Main Beam Cannon by underground rocket from his headquarters to Gel Sadra's secret base. The Main Beam Cannon is a vital part of the Overlord's great project, the Solar Shift Plan. But when X's rocket strikes a layer of rock, it loses control and swerves, going up to the surface and crashlanding.

We see the rocket do just that, in a jungle. Gel Sadra is back in the audience chamber.

GS: My lord Overlord, you called me again? Did I make a mistake again?

X: No, it's not your fault, Gel Sadra. Something unthinkable has occurred. The rocket I sent from headquarters lost control, surfaced, and crashed.

GS: Huh? It surfaced and crashed? You, the great Overlord-- you made a mistake?

X: Sometimes things happen that even I can't take into account!

GS (snidely) You can't blame anyone else this time...

X: Don't put on airs with me. Just go destroy the rocket and get the central mechanism back before Gatchaman notices. If the mechanism falls into Gatchaman's or ISO's hands, my plans will be ruined again.

GS: Oh, never!

X: The underground rocket crashed at X pt 20, F2-20. Go there!

GS: As you command!

At G-Town.

NAMBU: The satellite Lelo 2 has observed a missile crashlanding in the jungle of the African Congo. (1)

KEN: What?

NAMBU: It looks like the rocket's purpose was transport, not destruction.

JUN: So who could have sent it?

NAMBU: We don't know as of yet.

JOE: Hmm. I bet it's Galactor again.

NAMBU: Possibly. I think Galactor tried to transport something secretly through the earth, underground.

RYU: Yeah! And then I guess something must've happened, an' the rocket swerved up to the surface.

KEN: I see. We're to look for it, right?


KEN: Could you specify the place?

PANDORA: This is the data from the ISO.

KEN: Thank you.

NAMBU: Be careful, team. Launch the New God Phoenix!

ALL: Roger!

In the jungle.

GS: All right, get the central computer mechanism away from the rocket!

GALS: Yes, ma'am!

One of them retrieves the device from the rocket and brings it to Gel Sadra.

GAL 2: Gel Sadra-sama, we have the device!

GS: Hmm. Yes, this is it, all right. Good-- now destroy the rocket!

GALS: Yes, ma'am!

GS (sighs): Dear, oh, dear, the Overlord's made us such a lot of work.

The Galactors roll a large bomb out of their transport.

GAL 3: Hurry it up!

GS: Hey, what are you doing? Hurry up! The egg's going to hatch!

GAL 3: Ah-- yes, ma'am! (to companions) Hurry! (they roll it in front of rocket)

GAL 4: Okay, there!

GAL 5: But we haven't put one in front of the rocket yet.

GAL 4: Don't worry about it. This is a very poweful bomb. We won't need to use two.

In helicopter, Gel Sadra is preparing to leave.

GS: Well, I leave it to you.

GAL 6: With pleasure.

The helicopter is taking off. Nearby.

GAL 7: Captain, something's wrong! The firing mechanism's been jammed on!

GAL 4: What?! We haven't gotten out of the way yet! Turn it off! Turn it off!

GAL 8: Run!

There is an explosion. It kills all the Galactors, strikes Gel Sadra's helicopter and destroys it, while Gel Sadra herself falls out, screaming, and hits the ground mostly undamaged.

GS: What the-- what the hell happened?

Aboard the NGP.

JUN: Ken, we're picking up a shockwave from the right. It's from an explosion!

KEN: What? What exploded?

JUN: I can't tell yet.

KEN: Scale?

JUN: Well, from the data I have, it was really, really big.

KEN: All right, let's go check it out.

In the jungle.

GS: (looking around at dead bodies) Hmm... what a stupid thing to happen. (yells) Hey! Is anybody out there? (fiddles with a transmitter) The transmitter's broken. This is not my day. (she kicks the transmitter) Well, I'm alone. And I have to walk the whole way, alone, to our third base. The things I have to do, the things I have to do...

The Science Ninja Team.

JINPEI: Wow! What a big hole!

RYU: Is this where the missile came out?

JOE: No. Look, you can see something blew up underground.

JUN: Ah! Ken, look!

KEN: Yeah. Something big went skidding along the ground here.

JOE: Damn Galactor. They did something stupid again.

KEN: All right, let's split up and find something. Meet at point A3 in 20 minutes. I'll follow this track-- maybe I'll learn something.

JUN: All right, I'll take the left.

RYU: I'll go right.

JOE: Okay, I'm going that way. (pointing finger)

RYU: Jinpei, which way're you going?

JINPEI: Ah-- well-- maybe that-- uh--

RYU: Jeez! If you're afraid, just say so!

JINPEI: Huh! I've just coincidentally decided to go the same way you happen to be going!

Ken, by himself, finds footprints.

KEN: What is this trail, anyway? Ah-- that's a human footprint. What's it doing there? That burnt thing we saw must have been a human body. Joe! This is Gatchaman! Come in! (static) Jun! Jinpei! Ryu! Come in! (more static) Huh. The radio's jammed. I wonder why. Maybe there's some strong radiation screwing it up. Well. Maybe if I walk a short distance, I'll be able to use it again.

A scream from a swamp. Someone is being menaced by a giant snake.

GS: Aaiii! Save me! Help me, please!

Ken throws the bird saucer and kills the snake. The erstwhile victim staggers to shore, and stares up at him in shock.

GS: Oh-- Gatchaman! Why would you save me?

KEN: I didn't realize it was you, Gel Sadra, or I wouldn't have.

GS: Well, what a coincidence! For two enemies to just run into each other, like this? Small world, huh? I really do have to thank you, Gatchaman. This is a token of my gratitude. Take this!

She fires her laser. He flings the saucer, knocking the laser from her hand, but it still strikes his helmet and knocks him to the ground. She runs.

KEN: Stop!

GS: Petty little mind. I'm not one to be caught by you, Gatchaman!

She sets up an ambush for him. He pelts into the clearing.

GS: Yo, Gatchaman! I'm over here!

She throws a grenade. He dodges, and she runs again.

KEN: Science Ninja Team, respond! Come in! (nothing) All right, I'll catch Gel Sadra by myself!


JOE: Shit, we're not getting any signal! (2)

JUN: This is G-3. Gatchaman, come in! Come in! Joe, the radio's jammed. Ken might be in trouble.

Gel Sadra in the jungle.

GS: This is such a scary place.... Aiiie! (she is attacked by a bird, and shrieks, throwing herself to the ground. She gets up, trembling.) But then, it's just as bad for Gatchaman. I can use this terrifying jungle to my advantage. That's it. That's it! All right, Gatchaman. What shall I do you with? (searches with binoculars, and observes a leopard) Yes, him!

Ken comes into the area she's in. She is in the tree near the leopard.

GS: I'm over here, Gatchaman!

KEN: Wait! (He runs over, and the leopard attacks him)

GS (laughing) Looks like I win, Gatchaman! He's going to crush every bone in your body to bits, and then you'll die!

KEN: Damn-- you, Gel-- Sadra!

GS: I'll just stand back and enjoy myself, watching you die slowly! (Ken kills the creature) Jeez, what luck you have!

KEN: Wait, Gel Sadra!

Ken comes into a deserted village.

KEN: What's this?

Inside one of the buildings, Gel Sadra unzips her boot, revealing a knife. As Ken walks through the village, Gel Sadra leaps onto him from a rooftop.

GS: Take this!

There is a fight. Gel Sadra is physically stronger than Ken, but doesn't know how to use her strength right, with the result that Ken throws her off him and points the laser at her head.

GS: Ah-- oh, no...

KEN: Sorry to inform you, Gel Sadra, but the tables are turned.

GS: What are you going to do to me?

KEN (holding the central mechanism) I want you to tell me what this is.

GS: Dammit! When did you get that?

KEN: I took it when we were fighting.

GS: That was a dirty trick, Gatchaman! How about a fair fight this time? (Ken just grins. Gel Sadra drops her knife and adopts a pleading tone) Okay, I've surrendered. Please give that back?

KEN: You want this really badly, don't you, Gel Sadra. I bet it's jamming the radio. What are you doing in the jungle all by yourself, Gel Sadra? And what's this got to do with it?

GS: Oh-- well-- (kicks Ken. Gas from her knife spurts out in Ken's face, and she scoops up the device) I've got no reason to tell you!

KEN: Damn it!

GS: You've gone soft, Gatchaman! I'm a step or two ahead of you! Die here, paralyzed by gas! (laughing) Farewell! (3)

Ken wakes up, and follows Gel Sadra's footsteps to a waterfall.

KEN: She must be hiding in here.

He walks all the way through, into a cave on the other side, and out into the light. He is surprised at what he sees.

KEN: What the hell-- There's a Galactor base here!

GS: Don't get upset, Gatchaman. You must understand, now that I've reached my base, our little game is over. And now you're trapped like a rat. I enjoyed playing tag with you, turkey. So I let you see my marvelous base. And now I'll send you to Heaven.

KEN: Are you done talking, Gel Sadra? The Science Ninja Team will never die so long as your evil ambition remains.

GS: You're a sore loser. The game's over. Finish him!

Various weaponry stops that idea.

JUN: Ken!

JINPEI: We found this G-medal you dropped, so we followed you.

JOE: Hey, don't let them off so easy.

RYU: Got it!

There is a fight.

JUN: Aurora Ribbon!

GS: Fire, fire!

JOE: Ken! Don't bite off more than you can chew. Leave it to us!

KEN: I can't! We've got to destroy this base!

JUN: Ken!

They are cornered by a lot of Galactors.

GS: You're trapped here, turkeys. Welcome-- you're all going to Hell together! Send them to hell!

KEN: All right, we're using the Whirlwind Fighter!

RYU: Hey, long time no see!

KEN: Science Ninja Whirlwind Fighter!

The Galactors are blown away, and the Beam Cannon is wrecked. The control device goes flying out of Gel Sadra's shirt. (4)

GS: Wait! Stop!

Gel Sadra gets away. Afterward.

JOE: Maybe we couldn't destroy their plans, but we sure as hell can set them back.

JINPEI: Nyaa nyaa, Gel Sadra!

KEN: But we weren't able to capture Gel Sadra.

JINPEI (finds mechanism) Hey, what's this? What's this weird device?

KEN: That might be something really valuable to bring back. Gel Sadra considered it more important than anything.

RYU: This is a gift to us from Gel Sadra.

General notes: I've translated this episode very colloquially, and not entirely seriously. While Gel Sadra is portrayed as competent here, her dialogue was obviously written by somebody who had her true age in mind.

1. This was originally Agrican. I have not decided whether to translate Agurika as Agrica or Africa, but for now I'm leaving it Africa.

2. Didn't the rest of the team split up and go in separate directions? How come they're all together all of a sudden?

3. Since he didn't die, either Gel Sadra was just blathering, or she screwed up.

4. This is the tackiest excuse for a plot device I've seen. When people put things in their shirts, strong winds don't blow them out! Maybe, due to the new way they do the Whirlwind Fighter, it's due to magnetism...