Magneto Fan Art

All of these pictures are reproduced with permission! Don't take them yourself unless you have permission too.

Art by Bliss:

bliss_magb&w.jpg Magneto goes bathing in a pool: Painted, rather more realistic than typical comic book art. Not a nude, but you don't want to open it where your co-workers can see, anyway. :-)

bliss_joseph.jpg Portrait of Joseph: And a very adorable one it is, too.

Art by GLAMbeau (write care of me):

glam_altarpiece.jpg Altarpiece: Rogue, Remy, Joseph and Bobby Drake posed together, nude but with artful drapings covering the naughty bits.

Art by Detlef Henke: (write care of Tilman Stieve):

MagRog-e.jpg "And he wanted to be hard as steel, and soooo magnetic!": A silly cartoon inspired by Tilman Stieve's "Tales of the Twilight Menshevik" series. Archived by Luba Kmetyk at Speculum Mundi.

Art by Indigo:

fouram01.jpg Kitty and Magneto, from my story 4 AM: Magneto is sleeping, but Kitty is haunted and awake. This is the inked version. An expanded, but not inked, version can be found here.

Art by Miranda:

Sunsetshot.jpg Rogue and Magneto together: An image from Tilman Stieve's "Late Summer Interlude", of Rogue and Magneto lying together in bed, sleeping. Archived by Luba Kmetyk at Speculum Mundi.

Art by Chris Pangle:

chrisp_mag&x.jpgMagneto and Xavier: Black and white, very moody.

Art by Laura Pierson:

laura_youngmagnus.gif Young Magnus: A good anime-style picture of a de-aged, X-Men version of Magneto (but with memories, etc.) from one of Laura's MUXes.

Art by Adam Walters:

adamwalters-kitty-magneto.jpgKitty Pryde in Magneto's costume: There's a story in here somewhere! From Luba Kmetyk's "bootleg" archive; if you have the artist's email address, please let her know! Archived by Luba Kmetyk at Speculum Mundi.

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