The Gatchaman songs here require a little bit of explanation, since they don't come with written music or anything :-). There are some fairly crappy wavs, zipped and absolutely freaking huge, accessible for some of the songs. These are recordings of me singing the things, stitched together by Lori McDonald because I have only the el primitivo Sound Recorder applet. Thanks, Lori! In future I hope to have Real Audio or MP3 versions up; hopefully these would be smaller than the WAVs.

Ken's Song: White-Winged Angel (text) can be set during any of the series, but I envisioned it as taking place toward the end of the first series.

White-Winged Angel: WAV format (zipped, 1,722,505 bytes)

Joe's Song: No Control takes place at the end of 1st series.

No Control: WAV format (zipped, 1,356,222 bytes)

Jun's Song: Playing With Death takes place during any of them.

Playing With Death: WAV format (zipped, 2,482,271 bytes)

Katse's Song: Child of Yin And Yang, for fairly obvious reasons, must take place during the first series.

Child of Yin and Yang: WAV format (zipped, 1,398,947 bytes)

Gel Sadra's Song: The Journey takes place at the end of the second series.

Child of Yin and Yang: WAV format (zipped, 2,380,137 bytes)

Pandora's Song: Golden-Haired Demon takes place in the middle of the second series.

Nambu's Song: The Last Words takes place at the end of the third series (Gatchaman Fighter.)

Nightmare of Millions: The speaker is Andre Sordonne, to Berg Katse. Andre is an original character of mine who's a musician, among other things.

Aftermath: Another Andre song. This is a companion piece to my story Unpublished Writings of Andre Sordonne, available from the main fanfic page.

To The Warchild, From Hell: This is Berg Katse to his daughter Alatan. A companion to my story Maze Games 2, available from the main fanfic page.

The Words Unspoken: My character Mari Washio (an alternate universe female version of Ken, who appears in Target: Gatchaman, available from the main fanfic page) speaks to Joe. You can also interpret the speaker to be Ken if you're so inclined.

Stranger in Your Eyes (Kyla and Jay's Duet): Based on my story Aite, available from the main fanfic page. But if you haven't read it yet, don't assume this song gives away the ending.

Let's Put On Our Shakespearean Hats: From my BOTP universe. Jason's rock star girlfriend has some pointed comments to make about their relationship.

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