Alara's Works For Adults

All stories in this section are rated R or NC-17. R means "there is enough sex or violence that some people might be uncomfortable having children read it." NC-17 means "there is enough sex or violence that some adults would be uncomfortable reading it themselves, and most would rather their children didn't." If you're a kid, legally I'm supposed to tell you to check with your parents before you can read any of this. Like I can enforce that. Yeah, right.

Star Trek:

"The Night They Drove The Borg Down:" This is an Only Human Tree spinoff. Rated NC-17. Contains consensual homosexual activity. I consider this story erotica of the plot-what-plot variety (that is, it is almost entirely about a sexual encounter and the emotional repercussions thereof). Beginning with the part where Harry kisses Q, the events of this story did not take place in "Only Human" or in "PropinQuity", but they did take place in "InseQurity."

"InseQurity:" Written with Mercutio. This spinoff takes place in the same "universe" as "The Night They Drove The Borg..." Rated R. The fact that Q is beaten and left for dead occurs in all universes, but only in this one did Naomi save him. This story contains consensual heterosexual activity and a great deal of emotional torture, but I consider it to be a character-driven story which contains one small sex scene that is necessary to the plot, not erotica.

Familiar Strangers: Picard is forced into unwanted intimacy with a female political dissident on the planet Metraxia, who is not what she seems... Rated NC-17. Contains consensual heterosexual activity, and off-screen implications of rape and torture. Incomplete. I consider this story to be primarily erotica with a strong event-driven plot (that is, while there's a lot of gratuitous sex, the excuses I use to cause the sex to happen are actually a credible Trek plot.)

Jane of Shadows' Works

Probably all the stories in this section are R or NC-17, with an occasional PG or PG-13 foray into stories with sexual themes but no actual sex. Jane of Shadows is primarily an erotica writer for anime and comic book fandoms but occasionally writes stories about the aftermath of sex rather than the sex itself.


Still Waters Run Deep: A rather silly story. Berg Katse attempts to interrogate Jun, but the interrogation drug... doesn't work as planned. Katse/Jun, Jun/Ken. Bondage, semi-consensual. Rated NC-17.


Mutants R Us: Written with Mercutio. Rated NC-17 for consensual m/m slash. Magneto comes to Xavier for help and gets more than he bargained for.

Making Sense Of It: Rated PG-13 for discussion of sex but no actual sex. Magneto/Xavier, but the main character is Scott Summers, who walks in on his teacher and his enemy having sex and tries to figure out what the hell is going on. Character study, really.

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