The Familiar Strangers Page

Familiar Strangers was my first foray into Trek erotica. It's not done yet (this will be a familiar litany to those of you who have visited the Only Human page already :-)), and what is done, so far, is mostly about sex.

I've finally completed Book I of Familiar Strangers, after working on it since 1995 or so.  It's honestly not my favorite of my stories, since I think its premise doesn't quite play fair with readers.  But I've done a lot of work to try to turn it from a somewhat dishonest work of erotica to a work with more dimension in the political and psychological directions than it had originally, which ought to help me in my quest to finish the damn thing. :-)

In 1998, I acquired two co-authors -- Julia Houston and Mercutio -- who did pieces of this story and helped me revise it.  However, since I resumed work on it in 2001, neither expressed an interest in continuing the project, which is fine with me-- it must be very frustrating to work with a co-author who takes three years to get around to being interested in working. :-)  The final product is my responsibility, though I must give them credit for contributing scenes and plot ideas.

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