The XXY Graphics Gallery

With absolutely no attempt to make thumbnails or edit the pics, I've just put up a page to allow us to see any pictures that anyone has drawn for XXY characters.

Not everyone is done so far; these are only the pictures of characters that our artists felt like drawing yet. :-)


FOCUS (Stephanie Summers) by Jeffrey Harlan.

DYNAMO (John Grey, Jr.) by Jeffrey Harlan.

SNOWFLAKE (Bobbi Drake) by Jeffrey Harlan.

Another SNOWFLAKE by Allen Rowe (hyperlink leads to Allen's page of all XXY characters at once, and notes)

ANGEL (Wendy Worthington) by Jeffrey Harlan.

AMAZON (Henrietta McCoy) by Allen Rowe.

MAGNETO (Lorne Dane) by Jeffrey Harlan.

TITANIA (Pavla Rasputina) by Carolyn Vaughan (hyperlink goes to Carolyn's fan-art page.)

The Mutant Menace:

POLARIS (Erika Magnus): Not in color. By Jeffrey Harlan.

Another POLARIS by Allen Rowe.

Yet another POLARIS by Karolina K. Phillips.

DREAMWEAVER, QUICKSILVER and WIZARD (Jasmine Wyngarde, Wanda Magnus and Pietro Magnus) by Allen Rowe.

RENÉ ADLER (DESTINY) and another RENÉ by Karolina K. Phillips.

ROGUE, age 10 or so, by Allen Rowe.

Another young ROGUE by Karolina K. Phillips.

MAGNETO (Lorne Dane): Was with the Menace for maybe one or two missions before bailing and joining X-Factor instead, due to believing Polaris was his mother. As kind of a joke/homage thing, Jeffrey made his costume look like the Marvel Universe Magneto. Not in color yet.


MICROMAX (Susan Wright): Drawn by her dibser, Carolyn Vaughan.

KAYLYN (Caitlin McKay): Another of Carolyn Vaughan's pieces.


MARVEL GIRL (Vanessa Astrovik): by Carolyn Vaughan. I'm not 100% sure what team Carolyn will be putting Vanessa on yet, as I don't know if the New Warriors exist in XXY.


The XXY Logo


The Mutant Menace

The Hellions


Silliness from Marvel itself:

Brucha Meyers contributed this, a scanned image of an Art Adams panel from UXM Annual #12. Mojo, in his quest for the next big success after the death of the real X-Men in Dallas, was trying variations on the X-Men before hitting on the X-Babies, and this was one of the variations he looked at-- female versions of the MU characters Longshot, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, Magneto and Havok (from left to right.) While most of the characters in this variation look like the male versions with breasts tacked on, XXY has no Longshot (since he's not a mutant he wouldn't swap), and there ain't no way XXY Havok is ever going to wear that awful costume (bad enough MU Havok had to!), I personally am rather fond of the female versions of Nightcrawler and Magneto (who should be taller than the female version of Nightcrawler, but oh well) and am mentally picturing Nocturne and the de-aged Polaris as looking like these two.

Mojo has the same idea the XXY project creators are having, but his isn't quite as good as ours