Allen Rowe's XXY pics

These XXY pictures were drawn by Allen Rowe and scanned by Alara Rogers. I've included Allen's comments on the pics by each one.

POLARIS: (XXY version of Magneto) "I was looking at a recent illo by Alan Davis, of Maggie in street clothes, so I adapted it. His version is the Adams version of UXM #63. I lengthened the hair, pulled it back, and gave her severe features. No makeup, and an expression inclined to scowl. Her costume is the same, except no helmet, in favor of a Storm-like tiara, framing the face. The helmet can be worn. Her build is like a typical supervillainess."

(Alara sez: Erika's going to get whacked over the head often enough that I betcha she's likin' that helmet. However, alternate versions of character costumes are fine by me; after all, in the MU people change their costumes often.)









ROGUE: (Name not different in XXY) "A little boy, a hungry little boy, with Rogue's original costume, in this case, a baggy green jumpsuit. He also has Rogue's peculiar hair, as an outward sign of mutation. Also, so we can identify him."

(Alara sez: In "At Home With The Mutant Menace I went with the notion that the stripe was not natural to Rogue's head; but given how often MU-Rogue is portrayed with it in situations where she really can't dye it, I may change it back. Maybe the incidents of Rogue having two stripes were when one was bleached and the other was natural.)













LEAPER: (XXY version of the Toad) "Based on the original, but with a female's proportions. Frog-like features, a dumpy body, with big heavy legs and bosom. The face is a female version. Goggling eyes, a cackling grin, a wide mouth. This version I've done is more evil looking, but really -- the Toad is a bad character, willing to do Magneto's most evil command. Think of this creature like the sadistic laboratory assistants in the mad scientist movies... pathetic, but mean, cruel. Lusts after beautiful men..."

(Alara sez: Yeah, that's pretty much my take on it.)








DREAMWEAVER: (XXY version of Mastermind) "Like the original. Even though she can look like Pam Anderson, this is her true face, weathered and grinning, capable of great evil. Also lusting for handsome rich men. The original Mastermind was hot for the Scarlet Witch... meaning he just wanted her to be his sex slave. Come to think of it, he did take advantage of Jean Grey, too!"

(Alara sez: My writeup has Dreamweaver being overweight in her natural state, not gaunt. However, it's possible she's undergone a crash diet. :-))

QUICKSILVER: (Name not different in XXY) "I concentrated on her head, as I think her costume would be the same, with a female runner's body. White hair, those weird tufts, and arched eyebrows."

WIZARD: (XXY version of the Scarlet Witch) "This outfit would be a tight red jumpsuit and cloak, not so girly-looking. The headdress was optional... The effect is like having this spectacular-looking guy hanging around. He'd have no trouble finding a date, were he not so shy, and nervous..."

(Alara sez: These two are fine with me.)

AMAZON: (XXY version of the Beast) "You're lucky, I was going to do a nude of her! Changed my mind. Big, heavy muscles, an ape's rolling gait, and a stooped posture. Facially, I based it on Hank McCoy, so we have face with character, and attractive enough... although she's very self-conscious, and hesitant, and slightly bitter. She doesn't trust easily. She's immensely strong and agile as a monkey, though you wouldn't know it to look at her... outsized hands and feet, and an ape's posture. She won awards in every sport, and A's in every subject, but people make fun of her, and are even a little afraid... The nude version is very hairy, and lumpy. She's a freak. Buys lots of Nair, and bikini waxes, and wears wet suits to the beach. In total contrast to Bobbi Drake, below."

(Alara sez: Yeah, this is my take on it, too.)





SNOWFLAKE: (XXY version of Iceman) "Incidentally, this is more like the Neal Adams version... and no, she's not topless! She's got a sport bra on... She's flighty, goofy and a bit of an airhead. Mediocre grades, and very trendy. Makes friends easily, and became Amazon's best friend..."

(Alara sez: Well, hopefully Alestar will have comments for me to slug in here, but none of this contradicts my vision of the character, certainly. Though I expect that usually she ices up her head, too.)





Allen Rowe is a freelance artist who does commissions. If you're interested in having him do pics for you, write him at:

Allen Rowe
226 Plaza Trail
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

How to Request Art

Write Allen and specify what you want, how you want it (marker, color pencil, watercolor, etc.) and who you want drawn. Art size is usually 9" x 12", single subjects preferred. If your subject is obscure, you might want to send some photocopies of the subject as reference. Prices vary according to subject and media used, and Allen will quote a price. Postage usually runs $1 -$2.50 for First Class mail. Please specify a deadline.

Restrictions: Suggestive art is OK, but no graphic sex, rape or torture scenes. No scenes degrading women or exploiting children.

More of Allen's art can be seen on-line at Wendy Dinsmore's Gatchaman Art Gallery in the Allen Rowe section.