Stories Featuring Magneto That Aren't On The Web

These stories can only be purchased in fanzines. Where I have web or email addresses for the zine editors, I will give those in addition to the snail addresses.

All the stories I have ever found about X-Men in zines have been in multimedia zines. No, that doesn't mean they're on CD-ROM; it means they have multiple fandoms. So in general you'll pay between $12 and $20 for a zine that contains only one or two X-Men stories. For that reason, I list what other fandoms are covered by that zine, and how many pages of the zine are dedicated to the stories I'm talking about.

You should also know that "slash fic" is a term meaning stories where two characters have a homosexual relationship. The characters do not need to be gay in canon for people to write slash about them. In fact, usually they're not. I list slash stories as well as gen (non-erotic) and het (heterosexual erotica; so far I haven't found any Magneto het in zines) on this page; if you're a mature person, you'll know whether you would enjoy such a story or not, and you won't go to all the work to order the zine if I tell you it's slash and you don't like slash.

The Celestial Toybox Magneto Series:

These stories all take place in the same "universe", written by the same two authors. They are all available in issues of The Celestial Toybox anthology multi-media zine. Ordering info about Celestial Toybox is below.

"Father Figure": Alice Aldridge. 9 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.

Shortly after Magneto joins the X-Men, a dying Charles Xavier asks him to help Rogue deal with Carol Danvers.

"Regret": Alice Aldridge. 7 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.

During the Mutant Massacre, Magneto and Moira McTaggert, both exhausted by their efforts to save the Morlocks' lives, share a moment of hope.

"Child's Play": Alice Aldridge. 16 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.

After the deaths of Doug Ramsey and the X-Men, the New Mutants are taking their pain out on Magneto and he's taking his out on them. It all comes to a head when a supposed "training" session goes seriously wrong and nearly kills Magneto-- and Moira thinks it was a suicide attempt.

"Grapevine": Sue Collins. 10 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.

Magneto and the Punisher team up.

"A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows": Alice Aldridge. 27 pages. Celestial Toybox 9.

Magneto is summoned away from his battle with the Avengers to attend the birth of his twins by Lee Forrester, and to protect them from the cruel designs of the Shadow King.

"Cannonball Express: Excess Baggage": Alice Aldridge and Sue Collins. 22 pages. Celestial Toybox 9.

Shortly after Sam has pledged service to Dr. Doom (in Cannonball Express: Point of Departure, in this zine), he marries Lila Cheney. Magneto, Doom, Cable and others are invited to the wedding.

"Cannonball Express: Dangerous Crossing": Alice Aldridge. 22 pages. Celestial Toybox 10.

Magneto has taken control of Genosha. Fearing for his sanity, Lee hides her children and flees. Misunderstandings leave the two of them vulnerable to the machinations of D'Spayre... A review of this story is on this site.

"Cannonball Express: Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow": Sue Collins. 17 pages. Celestial Toybox 10.

When Sam is captured by the Avengers on a mission for Doom rescuing mutants, Magneto and Doom team up to save him.

"Cannonball Express: Cross-Ties": Alice Aldridge and Sue Collins. 33 pages. Celestial Toybox 11.

Magneto is coronated as king of Genosha. Assorted characters from the Marvel Universe have mixed reactions to this.

"Cannonball Express: Collision Course": Alice Aldridge and Sue Collins. 31 pages. Celestial Toybox 12.

When the Kree attack Genosha because of the protection Magneto has offered to a Skrull and her child, Magneto must leave to deal with the threat-- leaving Lee, Chief Magistrate Anderson, and a very reluctant Wanda to deal with the demagogue Fabian Cortez stirring up trouble at home.

The Celestial Toybox zines are available from:
Julie Fitch
1501 Genesee Rd.
South Euclid, OH 44121

Sadly, Celestial Toybox 8 is out of print, but maybe if enough people write Julie, she'll reprint it. The zines contain a mix of X-Files, Star Trek (all versions), Blake's 7, Doctor Who, and many other fandoms. There are also several stories which feature Dr. Doom and/or Cannonball, not listed here. Write Julie for a catalog.

Slash Zines:

"The Hellfire Club": Elizabeth Holden. Adult, m/m. Magneto/Cannonball. (Note that Cannonball is explicitly stated to be over 18.) 15 pg (of 80-pg zine.)

The rest of the New Mutants have gone out, but Sam remained behind to finish homework, and was therefore invited by Magneto to attend a Hellfire Club function with him to better understand their "allies". Despite what sounds like an exploitative setup, I found this story fairly well-done and tasteful if you're a fan of slash fic.

Available in: The Summer I Turned Frisky: a multimedia slash zine, pub. 1997.
Editor: Ann Teitelbaum and Darlene Fisher
Almost Foolproof Press
PO Box 2455
Danville, CA 94526-7455
A small, cheap zine. Also contains Private Eye, Rawhide, Seaquest, Zorro.

"Personal Magnetism" and "Magnetic Personality": Elizabeth Holden. Adult, m/m. Magneto/Gambit. (The two stories depict the same encounter from each character's POV.) 17 pages total.

Sometime after the fall of Avalon, Gambit hunts down Magneto to talk to him. The conversation gets rather more interesting than either expected... Again, most slash fans should enjoy this story, but I would not recommend to people who aren't into slash.

Available in: Cohorts 3: multimedia slash zine, pub. 1997
Editor: Bernice Russell
PO Box N213
Grosvenor Place, NSW 1220
Also contains: Babylon 5, Due South (lots and lots of it), Professionals, Due South, Rawhide, Man From Uncle, Gargoyles, Sherlock Holmes, UFO, others.

You can also order this zine from Agent With Style. Click on "Multi-Media."

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