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Hello, and welcome to Mirror Dark/Mirror Light, a fanfic page for the Pokemon characters Mew and Mewtwo.

I had very little interest in Pokemon when I went to see the Pokemon movie with my stepkids. That changed rather rapidly. I quickly became obsessed with Mew and Mewtwo. I have a thing for tragic, misguided villains, and mysterious trickster-like beings who combine childlike innocence with wisdom and power, and clones, and cats. How could I not love these two?

This is by no means a complete fanfic archive, nor does it even try to be the most thorough Mew & Mewtwo site on the Net. I'm not really interested in the Pokemon game, in rumors about Mew and Mewtwo, or anything of that sort-- what I enjoy is fanfic, and what you'll find here is fanfic. I am collecting stories that feature Mew characters, Mewtwo characters, or other similar clones (for instance, Mewthree stories also qualify). Since a lot of Pokemon fanfics... well, to put it frankly, suck... I am only archiving or linking to stories I think are entertaining, enjoyable, and at least bothered to run through a spellchecker and put in paragraph breaks.

It's simple to submit a story: any good story with a major role for Mew or Mewtwo. Mewtwo can be a villain (hell, Mew can be a villain), as long as he's in character and well-drawn, but I also like stories in which Mews or Mewtwos are protagonists or allies of the protagonists (no whitewashes, though... Mewtwo is not going to meekly become someone's trained Pokemon!) You can send stories to

Fanfic Links

Stories by Kielle:

Cat's Cradle: Archived by Alara Rogers.

So what does the rarest and most powerful of all Pokemon do for fun? Humor.

Stories by KoffingMeowthGrowlithe:

Mew Joins Team Rocket: Archived by Alara Rogers.

A rebellious young Mew leaves her family and joins Jessie and James'  team. Humor.

Stories by Rachel:

The Pokemorphs: Archived by the Pokemon Factory. Series. Unfinished.

Team Rocket has genetically engineered "Weederpies" to take over and control three Pokemon species-- including Mewtwo, who is now the host for the leader of the Weederpies, Parasector One. A Mew scientist creates a device to give his sons the power to fight Parasector One, but he's killed in battle. Now four young humans-- Rachel, Boris, Lisa and Michael-- and two young Mews have been granted the ability to morph into any Pokemon they touch. Will it be enough to stop the Weederpies? (An adaptation of the concepts in Animorphs to the Pokemon universe.)

Stories by Alara Rogers:

Mew's Dreams: Archived by Alara Rogers.

Mew makes psychic contact with Mewtwo in its dreams.

Stories by Shadow:

The Agency series: Archived by Shadow. Series. Unfinished.

Starts with a tale of a non-canonical origin for Mew and Mewtwo in which Mewtwo is Mew's son, and involves plot twist after plot twist as Mewtwo is swept up into a battle between opposing factions from outside this universe, joins an interdimensional secret agency, and faces confusion and betrayal while finding friendship.

Stories by Catalina Storm:

Next Generation: Prophecy: Archived by Alara Rogers. Unfinished.

"When one who has the heart of a Pokemon - but is not Pokemon-born - shall rain fire down upon us, a great darkness shall embrace the land..."

Stories by Tiffany:

Mewtwo, Escaped: Archived by Alara Rogers. Unfinished.

A second Mewtwo clone, this one female, makes a desperate bid for freedom from Team Rocket by hiding with a young trainer who is terrified of her.

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