Mew meets Team Rocket!!!!!!!!!

Intro. Mew's life has always been pretty boring, up until now... The same old thing every day. When Mew grew up, she left her family to do things her OWN way. She was pretty cool for a Pokemon who was usually shy. She had haunting dreams of a super Pokemon named "Mewtwo." But she was sure it was only a legend. Anyway, Mew knew about this place called Team Rocket for a long time. "Maybe I can creep them out," she thought. Oh well. She would meet up with Team Rocket... But which members?!?!?! HINT: They appear more frequently then all the rest on the show "Pokemon." Now her journey begins!!!

NARRATOR: It has been a pretty normal day for the treacherous Team Rocket.

JAMES: Oooh! Pretty big words there!

:::::Jessie hits James on the head with a frying pan:::::

NARRATOR: Ok! I can tell when I'm not wanted! Goodbye!

MEOWTH: Good!!

JESSIE: Will you two stop day-dreaming? We just have to capture that Pikachu!!!

JAMES: Let's go!

MEOWTH: Come on, you's guys!

JESSIE: Who are you calling a "guy?"

MEOWTH: Arrrrrghhh!!!!

:::::Ash and co. walk in:::::

ASH: Misty! You got us lost again!

MEW: Hey! I can talk! Woo hoo!!! Thank you dear leader of tacos!!!!!! Well, right now, I'm up in a tree, watching Team Rocket. This is all in MY point of view. GOT IT?!?!? MY point of view! I'm watching all of this happen from up in a tree! Know it! Visualize it! Oh well...

JAMES: Victreebell! Go!

VICTREEBELL: Ooooh! I get to eat somebody's head! JAMES'S head! yahoo! All aboard the gravy train! Woo hoo!

JAMES: Don't attack ME!! Attack THEM!!!

JESSIE: James!!! Send Weezing!

JAMES: ::with a muffled voice:: Weezing! Sludge attack! NOW!

WEEZING: Oh great. Here we go again.

JAMES: Weezing! Do what I tell you!

::::Weezing tries to get Pikachu, but Pikachu's too fast::::

WEEZING: Don't you do it... Don't you do it...

PIKACHU: Oh yes I will!

MEW: I'm pretty sure they were talking about a thundershock.

PIKACHU: Piiiiiii Kaaaa CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JESSIE: @&*%#*&%!&^(@^$(*#^(*^%(#*&*#&%(*^@(@&(^(%&)($#&#(&%(#*&%(#&9*&%)(#&*%&)(#&%)&#%&#&%#)%&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASH: Whoa! Some pretty strong words there! Come on, you guys. Let's get out of here. I have to beat the rest of the Orange Island gym leaders!

MEW: Hey! Team Rocket! Up here!!!

JESSIE: Who said that?!?

MEW: Up here!

Just as Jessie looks at me, I make myself invisible so I can follow them back to their hideout.

JESSIE: Hmm. It must have been the wind.

I saw that Weezing wasn't in the Pokeball.

MEW: Hey Weezing!

WEEZING: Who, me?

MEW: Yeah! You! Do you see me? Take a good look behind you!

Weezing looked behind him.

WEEZING: I don't see anything!

MEW: Look harder!

Sure enough, after Weezing looks hard enough, he can see me. I make myself visible.

MEW: Do you see me NOW? (Note that I'm talking very low.)

WEEZING: Yeah, why?

MEW: No reason.

James notices that Weezing is talking to me.

JAMES: Weezing, what are you babbling about? Weezing, return!

They soon got home.

MEW: Hey! I'm outside! Darn it!

JAMES: Look! Look over by the window! It's.... a Mew!

He whispered to Jessie about something, but heck, I dunno what they're talkin' about!

JESSIE: Come on in, little Mew!

MEW: Little! I'm anything BUT little! My feet are bigger than chainsaws!

JESSIE: It... It can talk!

MEW: Um... uh... I... uh...

MEOWTH: I dink' it should be a Team Rocket memba!'

MEW: Oooh boy...

JESSIE ::whispering to Meowth:: I thought we were going to capture it! Of course, the other Pokemon aren't going to know about it though.

MEOWTH: Afta' it gets accuanted and trusts us, we'll nab it!

JAMES: Sounds like the perfect plan!

MEOWTH: Ya' mean the purrrrrrrrfect plan!

JESSIE: Be quiet!

JAMES: Um... uh... Mew! Would you like to... uh... travel around with us?

It seemed pretty cool...

MEW: Ok, I guess.

JESSIE: Come on in! Uh... Welcome to Team Rocket! Sort of.

Well, I guess I'm a Team Rocket member now. Sort of.

MEW: Um... What am I supposed to... uh... do??!!!??

JAMES: Meet our Pokemon! Weezing, Victreebell... GO!!!!!!!

JESSIE: Arbok, Lickitung... GO!

JAMES: We'll be right back!

Well, I was all alone with these Pokemon. Should I have given up my freedom to live here? Maybe I'll stay, maybe I'll go... I don't know yet.

ARBOK: Hey! Who's the runt?

MEW: I'm no runt! Just look at how big my feet are! For your information, I could be the next bigfoot!

Arbok found out I was joking and rolled around on the floor laughing.

LICKITUNG: Don't listen to Arbok. He likes to joke around. Let me introduce you to some of these guys. I was the only girl Pokemon here until you came along. That's Victreebell, who's obsessed wit h eating other people's heads, and there's Arbok, whom you already know... And that's Weezing, everybody's favorite gas-bag.

I didn't like the way she talked about Weezing. I just... didn't. He always looks so sad.

WEEZING: I... I remember you! You're that invisible Pokemon girl Pokemon or whatever!!!!!!!!!!

MEW: Excuse me?!!??

Apparently, I think he was 1,000,000,000,000,000% confused.


MEW: You'd better quit it before you go in your pants, Arbok. You're hysterical.

MEW: Hey, can I talk to Weezing alone for a minute?

ARBOK: She just joined Team Rocket, and she already has a boyfriend?!?!?!? Ha ha!!!

LICKITUNG: Give her a break, Mr. Snakey-pants. She's new.

They all walked out except for Weezing.

MEW: Now, what's wrong?

WEEZING: Nothing's wrong. I'm fine, REALLY!!!!!!!!!

MEW: No, you're NOT fine.

WEEZING: I really am fine. Just do me a favor, ok?

MEW: Yeah?

WEEZING: Tell Arbok to keep his big, open mouth shut!

MEW: Hee hee! You got it!

That was probably one of the few times Weezing ever felt really good about something. Because he looked happy.

MEW: Hey you guys! You can come back in now! And Arbok... Weezing says to keep your big mouth shut!

LICKITUNG: Yeah! You tell im,' Weezing!

ARBOK: I'll teach that little runt a lesson!

Ooh, this was gonna be EASY. I used Psycic powers and blocked all of Arbok's attacks.

ARBOK: Hey, you're pretty good!

MEW: Thanks!

VICTREEBELL: Maybe I should eat MEW'S head!!! Just kidding. Hee Hee!

Weezing seemed a WHOLE lot happier with me around. I think I'll stay a Team Rocket member.


When it was near night-time, I went up to a cloud to watch the sunset. I go there every time, and when the most beautiful part of the sunset would come, I'd start crying because nobody was there to watch it with me. Little did I know was that somebody was going to watch it with me.

MEW: Here comes... the... sunset.....

I started crying... Then I heard a voice behind me.

WEEZING: Don't cry.

I was so relieved that someone was here and I hugged him.

MEW: I'm glad you're here.

We stayed up there until we had to go back in. Weezing went back inside his Pokeball. I wonder what it's like to be inside one of those things.

THE NEXT DAY............................................................

JESSIE: Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up. Get up. Listen up. And the rest of the day was looking up.

JAMES: We just have to nab that Pikachu!

Unfortunately, Ash and his pals were at another island. We had to follow him in a magikarp boat. I would have suggested that I could use my psycic powers to make us fly, but Jessie was in one of her moods. Meanwhile, I waited in the trunk with all the other Pokemon.

LICKITUNG: How'd you sleep last night?

MEW: I slept pretty good... except I had dreams about my feet!!! They're bigger than tennis rackets!

LICKITUNG: Weezing's been a lot happier since YOU came along.

MEW: And so am I....

LICKITUNG: What did you say? I didn't hear you.

MEW: Um... nothing.

ARBOK: Are you gonna have another private conversation with Weezing? Ha ha!

MEW: Your mouth's bigger than a basketball. Just lay off, ok?

ARBOK: oOOOooOoOooo!!!! She's defending him!


VICTREEBELL: Whoa! Mew! Where'd you learn those swear words?!?!? Youch!

MEW: Oh, I picked them up from around here.

Luckily, Jessie and James let the Pokemon stay out of their Pokeballs for the whole day. But the next day was gonna be fun!!! It was Team Rocket's weekend off, and we were going to the BEACH!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!

MEW: Hey Weezing! I got a volleyball! There's a free net over there!!

WEEZING: I don't know how to play.

MEW: It's easy. Just hit the ball over the net.

WEEZING: That's it?

MEW: Yeah, that's all. We should get some more players. For MY team, um... I guess Lickitung could be on my team... and Arbok and Victreebell could be on yours... But I'd need to find a new player.

WEEZING: Maybe we should just play individually since the others are busy.

MEW: You got a point. Bounce the ball over to me, and then I'll bounce it to you. The idea is to keep the ball from bouncing on the floor. ok?

WEEZING: I guess the rules aren't THAT complicated...

MEW: Ok!! Here we go!!

I hit the ball. I thought that Weezing wouldn't know what to do, but it turned out that he was pretty good at bouncing the ball back... Well, most of the time, anyway.

MEW: Ya call that a hit?!? It didn't even go over the net!

WEEZING: Well, maybe if you'd throw the ball a little harder it'd bounce more!!

MEW: Yeah, sure. It's YOUR turn to throw the ball.

Weezing bounced the ball, and it went pretty high.

MEW: Ahh!!! Runaway ball!! Runaway ball!!!!

I went after it, but ended up running into a tree! SPLAT!!! It was Weezing's point. He was winning!!

WEEZING: Ha! Beat that!!

LICKITUNG: Hey, can I play too?


VICTREEBELL: I'll be on Weezing's team.

ARBOK: And I'M the referee!!! And remember the most important point of the game... NO HITTING THE REFEREE!!! Plaaaaaayyy... Baaaaalllll!!!!

LICKITUNG: Here we go!!!

Lickitung hit the ball, and Weezing went after it. He bounced it over the net. Lucky shot.

MEW: Hey! It's comin' to me! It's comin' to me! It's com...


MEW: Ugh... I feel dizzy. Youch... I think that ball hit me on the head! Nooowwww I'mmmm aaaaaa zoooombiee!!!!!!!

I walked around like a sleepwalker with a moronic expression on my face. They all laughed at me... acually, they laughed WITH me.

ARBOK: Hey, where's Meowth?

MEW: He looks like he's hittin' it off with the girls. Hee hee!!!

MEOWTH: So, you gals live around here, eh?

Hee hee!!!

Oh well... The days off came and passed. It was night-time again, and I was up on that same cloud, and Weezing followed me again. I don't know why... Maybe he figures I'm lonely. I used my psycic powers so all of Team Rocket's Pokemon could come up to this cloud. It's when I like to wonder about a lot of things.

MEW: I wonder... Why were people and Pokemon put on this earth?

MEOWTH: Because we were born?

MEW: No... I meant, what's our purpose.

LICKITUNG: To live in a civilized world, I'll bet...

ARBOK: Or to beat each other's butts off in a Pokemon battle.

WEEZING: You're weird.

MEW: Well, I guess that's a mystery nobody knows the answer to.

VICTREEBELL: Look! The sun's almost down. We'd better go back.

MEW: Aww! Wait! This is the best part!

Too late. They left...

MEW: Weezing, how come you're still here? Don't you want to go back with the others?

He didn't answer... he didn't hear me. I bet he was looking at the sky too.

THE NEXT DAY....................................

JESSIE: Look! The twerps!

JAMES: How about if Mew battles?

JESSIE: Yeah!!!

But it turned out that those guys weren't the twerps after all. They were three kids, each with a Rattatta, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Personally, I think Squirtle's name should have been "Squirtsle..." Naaa.


Weezing wanted me to show him a few pointers for battle, and I was more than happy to show him.

MEW: Listen, Weezing. If you want to dodge that Pikachu's attacks, you'll have to try to catch me!!


MEW: Go after me and try to get me!!!

I started flying at top speed. It turned out that Weezing was acually pretty fast... but not fast enough!!!

MEW: Aw, comn,' you can go faster than THAT!!!

WEEZING: (Pant! Pant!) No, I can't!!!

MEW: Move it, SLOWPOKE!!!

THAT made him move faster!!!


MEW: No, youre...

Before I could say anything else, Weezing bumped into me... and dodged me right into a tree!!! (In case you're wondering, I don't enjoy being plunged into trees.)

MEW: Um...that's...really...good!!

WEEZING: It's time to go.

We went in Team Rocket's balloon this time. I wouldn't go into a Pokeball, so I stayed with Jessie, James, and Meowth. They whispered to each other again so I couldn't hear them.

JESSIE: I think Mew trusts us.

JAMES: Me too! Let's nab it!

MEOWTH: But...

JESSIE: No buts!!! We had a deal, remember?

MEOWTH: Well... Yeah...

JAMES: Never mind.... I'LL take Mew when she's asleep and we'll give it to the boss.

Meowth looked kinda sad about something, but I don't know what.


That night, all the Pokemon got to sleep outside of their Pokeballs. I don't know why. When I fell asleep, I dreamed about Team Rocket's Pokemon and I with total freedom... But that's the way it started out. Then I saw this big statue of Jessie and James. Then they fell apart and almost fell on top of me. Right when it was about to happen, I awoken and saw James. He looked eager to do something, and also uneager to do the same thing... Sort of guilty, yet ancious. He walked away. What the heck was THAT all about??!?!?!!!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

THE NEXT DAY............

Well, we STILL couldn't find the brats... er, I mean kids... and I bet it's because they're probably on the other side of the earth! I know it's not my fault... I'm not bad luck... I acually bring some GOOD luck, now that you think of it! But is it good luck for US or is it good luck for the BRATS? er.... KIDS?


ARBOK: Hey, where's the bathroom?

MEW: I TOLD you he'd go in his pants sooner or later...

ARBOK: No, just tell me where it is.

MEW: Go straight, and then take a left.

Arbok left. ::hee hee!!!::

LICKITUNG: Go straight... Take a left... Hey! That's the way to the dumpster!

MEW: ...Yeah... I know.


VICTREEBELL: I just HAVE to eat someone's head!!!!!

MEW: It's a real habit, eh?

VICTREEBELL: You know me...

MEW: Well... um... no, acually I don't...

MEOWTH: Yeah, whatever.

WEEZING: I'm bored. When's Arbok gonna get back?!?

MEW: ...Probably when he thought up some pretty good swear words for me...

LICKITUNG: Maybe he got lost. We'd better look for him.

MEW: Aww! Do we hafta?


MEW: Darn.

We all went to the dumpster, and just like I predicted, Arbok used a LOT of bad swear words on me like @(*$@(^ and *#)%&#)&%, but he called me a runt most of the time.

MEW: Each time you want to call me a runt, look at my feet first!

ARBOK: Yeah. I'll remember that, bigfoot. At least you're FEET aren't runts.

MEW: OoOooOooOoo. Good comeback, Snakey-pants.

ARBOK: Uh huh. You got THAT one from Lickitung.

LICKITUNG: Thank you! Thank you! I'll sign autographs later, dude...

ALL OF US: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

MEW: You're weird... and I thought it was impossible that someone would acually be weirder than me...

ARBOK: Hey! Where IS the bathroom?!?!??!?!!!???!!??!!?!?!?!?

MEW: Hmm... Ok, I won't joke with you this time... Go straight up and into the right.

As usual, Arbok was tricked! Hee hee hee hee!!!

LICKITUNG: OooooOOoo!! Even WORSE directions!!! YOU directed him to a fancy hotel?!?!?

MEW: Yep. He's dog chow.

We heard a voice in the distance.

ARBOK: Ahhhhhh!!!! I am gonna KILL that Bigfoot!!!

As you all know, he was referring to me.....................


I usually go up to that same cloud around 7:00 every night to look at the sunset, but this time I went up at night. There was a meteor shower tonight, so they all went up with me. Even Jessie and James.

LICKITUNG: You know, I heard about this movie called "The Lion King," and these two weirdos were looking at the stars.

MEW: Yeah? So?

LICKITUNG: One of them thought they were fireflies stuck in a big bluish-black thing. And the other one thought they were balls of burning gas millions of miles away.

WEEZING: I think the other guy was right.

LICKITUNG: Yeah, the other guy WAS right.

MEW: Really? I never saw that movie.

JESSIE: I wish I knew what they were talking about. Don't you, James?

James had a concentrated look on his face, and he seemed to be looking at a void sky. The meteors hadn't come out yet... until I saw the first one.

MEW: Oh... my... god!!! LOOK at that thing! It's YELLOW!!! Look, you can see the acual meteor, and its tail!


WEEZING: Hey! There's one...

ARBOK: No!!! Look over THERE! THAT way!!!!

LICKITUNG: You're BOTH wrong! It's over THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

VICTREEBELL: Hey! THAT one looks like someone's HEAD!!!!!!

I guess I was too tired to see the whole thing. I fell asleep on top of the cloud, but Weezing woke me up after he realized I was asleep. After the meteor shower, I brought everyone down. That was one of the best nights I ever had, since I used to watch them all by myself. My life has really changed.

THE NEXT DAY...................................

JESSIE: Hey!!! The brats are just outside our door! WAKE UP, YOU LAZY #@*&$#(*&$(*&%)*$#&%)(#*#)(%*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAMES: Gee whiz!

MEOWTH: Please don't mention that...

JESSIE: Hey brats!

ASH: Oh no!!! It's Team Rocket! Go, Pikachu!

PIKACHU: Piiiiii!!!!!!!

MEOWTH: I SAID don't mention that!!!!!

MISTY: hee hee!!!

JESSIE: Go, Mew!!!

MEW: Here I go!!!

I had my mind on something, so I accidently teleported them.

MEW: Oops!!! Stupid Psycic-i-ness!!! Sorry, but I hardly ever have Pokemon battles, and I need to get more focused...

JESSIE: That's ok. There'll be plenty more battles. Besides, it's our day off.

MEW: Again?!?!?!?

JESSIE: The week sure passed quickly, huh?

MEW: Um... it did!!!

JESSIE AND JAMES: Come out, everybody!

WEEZING: Phew! It was cramped in there...

ARBOK: ::yawn:: I was just asleep!

LICKITUNG: Our day off? Already?

VICTREEBELL: If we flip a coin, can I pick "heads?"

WEEZING: ha ha!!

JAMES: You know, Weezing usually doesn't look like that. He looks...

JESSIE: Happy?

James paused for a minute, listening to us talking, (not knowing what we were saying, except for Meowth and me, of course,) and wondering. What the heck were we talking about? About Jessie and James? About the beach? Will they ever know? I guess it'll always be a human mystery.

JESSIE: Here, I'll turn on the TV.

NEWS REPORTER: The fight between Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee coninues... ::yawn:: Well, nothin' else to say, so I guess the news is gonna be over very soon... dum dee dum dee dum... Only 25 more minutes to go...

It turned out that Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee were fighting in a tournament... For a very long time. I don't give a darn whether they fight, or even have tea.


We went to the beach again and did the same thing again... Play volleyball. It was a lot of fun, but Weezing didn't want to play... he was just floating in the water.

MEW: Hey, what's wrong?

WEEZING: Huh?Oh, nothing...

MEW: Yes... you are...

WEEZING: Ha! YOU must thing YOU'RE a detective!!

MEW: Well, I wouldn't exactly consider myself as one...

WEEZING: It's time to go. Come on.

I had this GREAT idea when we got back to the house. ^_^


WEEZING: You're sure about this?

I thought that I should go into an empty bowl and put it on the mixer. When It got turned on, it would be better than any old Carnival ride!!!

MEW: Sure!! Just push the button.

Weezing pushed the button and it started to go round... UNTIL IT WENT A ZILLION MILES AN HOUR!!!


WEEZING: I'm trying to find the "OFF" switch, but you're going too fast!!

MEW: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty soon, the bowl threw me up to the wall. Splat! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate crashing into walls?

MEW: OooOoOoOOoooOOoOoo............. That was...... that was... Hey, that was FUN!!! YOU should try it!!

WEEZING: Hey, I'm not THAT dense...

MEW: Aww!!!


I was up by the sunset again. Weezing was there too. I'm also a lot happier since I joined with Team Rocket.

WEEZING: Why did you go up here every day all alone before?

MEW: Gee, I dunno. I guess I just wanted something to cry about...

WEEZING: Ok, NOW I'm officially confused................

MEW: I dunno... It's just really lonely up here... At least it was.

We didn't talk anymore, so we just went back down. The next day was our second day off for the week.

THE NEXT DAY.............................

LICKITUNG: Hey Mew! Weezing! Come over here! There's something wrong with Arbok! He's just... standing there!!!

I bet he's gonna try to pouce on me. Dumb snake.

ARBOK: Here he comes... YAHH!!!!

MEW: ::in a sarcastic voice:: Oh my! I found a dime!

I bent over, and Mr. Snakey-pants didn't get me!!

MEW: Nice try!!

ARBOK: Phooey!!!!!

LICKITUNG: Hey!!! Look on the TV, you guys! It's showing a picture of a Pikachu that surfs!

MEW: Big deal I can surf!

VICTREEBELL: Really?!? Can you show us how?

MEW: It's easy. Just paddle the board up and stand up. The waves do the rest.

We went to the beach, and all the othe Pokemon watched me "curlin' the shoot," how Surfers say it, I guess.

LICKITUNG: Whoa, you're good.

I taught them how to surf, except Meowth, who already knew how.

At night, I watched the sunset again. As usual, Weezing was there too. Team Rocket had given me a family. I was really happy. But I had to tell SOMEONE how I felt about you-know-who. But not now.

THE NEXT DAY OFF....................

It was a very hot day... Everybody got sick from food poisoning from a resturaunt... Some day off. Every minute, someone was barfing. Blah!! But It only lasted for one day though. THAT was good.

MEW: Hey, where's the bathroom?

ARBOK: I thought YOU were the master at finding that out.

MEW: TELL ME... or you'll regret it. Trust me.

ARBOK: Gee! It's right over there!

MEW: Uh huh. Arbok, that's the garbage chute.

ARBOK: Oh... ooops... hehe!!

MEW: You're weird. Hey, I found the bathroom! See ya in a minute, you guys.

LICKITUNG: I'm goin' too, Mew!


WEEZING: Waaait!!!

MEOWTH: Meowth too!

ARBOK: Well, I'll follow around for the heck of it.


MEOWTH: Mew, the sun's setting.

I couldn't watch the sunset. Not tonight. Weezing and I were watching TV, and it turned out that a very sick Rattata just died in a Pokemon center.

NURSE JOY: We did all we could, but it was too late.

RATTATA'S TRAINER: ::crying:: He wouldn't have died if I brought him in sooner! WAHHHHH!!!!!

MEW: That's really sad.


LICKITUNG: ...But don't YOU guys go anywhere.

ALL OF US: Don't worry.

THE NEXT DAY.......................................

It was very hot. We managed to find the twerps, but they ran away and hid at top speed because Ash didn't want to lose his Pikachu, and it was almost impossible to beat me. He apparentley found a very good hiding place, and we couldn't find him. After about 5 hours of searching, we headed back. While Jessie and James were sleeping, the other Pokemon and I were very, very bored.

MEW: I think I'm gonna make pizza.

WEEZING: YOU don't know how to cook!

MEW: Says you. I'm gonna make the dough and sauce.

WEEZING: I'll help.


I'm glad they wanted to help me, since I didn't know the first thing about cooking.

MEW: Hey! I did it! I made the dough!

ARBOK: Let's all give the astrobat a round of applause... Just kidding.

I'm glad Arbok was getting a little nicer.

MEW: Now we just flip it in the air and...

I flipped it in the air. It stuck to the ceiling!

LICKITUNG: Eww!! There goes the pizza.

Uh-oh. SPLAT! It landed on my head!!!

MEW: Um... a little help here?

WEEZING: I'll help you.

He got the dough off my head. Phew!!!

MEW: Hey Weezing, I'll shred the cheese and you can make the sauce, ok? Meowth, can you cut the toppings?

MEOWTH: We don't carry knives. It would get us kicked off the show.

MEW: Then use the car-keys!

MEOWTH: Here... let me try this...

Meowth cut them up pretty good with the car-keys. Lickitung, Arbok, and Victreebell rolled out the dough and we each put the toppings on top.

MEOWTH: Oh no. I just forgot. Our oven don't work!!!

MEW: Aww!!!

MEOWTH: But we DO have a microwave, though...

MEW: Let's use it! Oof! This pizza is heavy. Can someone open the microwave door?

LICKITUNG: Here. I'll open it.

MEW: Ooomph!! Arrgh!! Here we go... Put it on ultra-high!

The pizza started to get BIG....

MEW: Weezing, it said to put two tsp. in it! How much did you think 2 tsp. stood for??

WEEZING: Uh... Ten Square Pounds?

MEW: Uh-oh.

BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PIZZA EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEOWTH: Ugh! What a mess!

MEW: Acually, it tasted pretty good to me...

ARBOK: Don't just stand there! We gotta get this mess cleaned up! Jessie and James are gonna KILL us!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEEZING: Ooh, I don't think I could live with that...

MEW: No sweat, guys.

I used my psycic powers and stuff to move everything back to its place, and to clean up the mess.

MEOWTH: Cool! It's all cleaned up!

MEW: That's easy. I just teleported the messy pizza somewhere else.

MEOWTH: Where?

:::::::::At a different place where Mew is not there:::::::::::

ASH: What a wonderful da... EWW!!! How did this disgusting pizza land on my head?!?!?!?!??!?

PIKACHU: I dunno, it tastes pretty good to me...

ASH: @$#^$&^#$@#$%^&*#$%^^%$^%&%$$$&*^(&#^(&(*&(*%&)$#&%)($&*%)(*$)(&%*)&$*)(*#(%)*&#)(%)(&*#^ &Q^@$*&%&*$#!#$%^&*()^$%^!!!!!

PIKACHU: You're goin' up the river, Ash.

::::::::::::::::Back to Mew's POV:::::::::::::::::::

It was night-time.

JESSIE: We have to give Mew to the boss sooner or later! It's just the thing he wants!

JAMES: I... I can't.

JESSIE: Well... uh... oh!! Me either! We shouldn't have gotten to be such good friends with Mew... Oh well... I guess we'll have to keep it a secret from the boss.

They confessed to me about their plan to capture me. Their Pokemon except Meowth didn't know about it, so I didn't feel any differently toward them... but they tried their best to explain. I know what it feels like to try to explain stuff like that, so I forgave them. Now we really were a team.

THAT NIGHT.....................................

After it was about midnight, I knew I had to tell someone about how I felt about you-know-who. HINT: He's the one that ALWAYS watches the sunset with me.

MEW: Psst! Hey Lickitung! Come on out!

LICKITUNG: ::yawn:: Huh? What?

MEW: I have to talk to you about something.

LICKITUNG: Yeah? What?

MEW: Well... It's about Weezing...

LICKITUNG: Yeah, we all had an idea that you fell "hopelessly in love" with him...

MEW: I'm serious!!!

LICKITUNG: That's what I thought. That's how he feels about you too...

MEW: Really? How do you know?

LICKITUNG: He was afraid to tell you so he told me. I'm one of the more mature Pokemon around here.

MEW: I'm really glad.

LICKITUNG: Well, you should tell him!!!

MEW: What?!? Right NOW?!?!?!?!?!?

LICKITUNG: Of course!!! Don't worry, I won't bother you. See ya!

So we finally told each other how we felt about each other... No, we're not gonna get married or anything like that. We just like-love each other, you know, kinda like best friends who like each other and it's only sort of romace. But I think it can get a lot more than this. No, not right now... But in the years to come, I think we can learn a lot from each other.

The end... For now.