Raison d'etre Notes 2:

For those of you who know something about Gatchaman, or would like to, I should note a few things about Katse and about my view of Galactor. In the show "Gatchaman", we are never told Galactor's motivations, aside from "they want power." To me this makes no sense. Flunkies don't join an organization that requires them to sign up their entire family and throw away their personal feelings if it has no ideology at all. My notions of what Galactor's, and Katse's, ideology might in fact be were inspired by the work of Calezane and Ennien Ashbrook. (Thanks guys!) I did work it out for myself, but they got me thinking on the track I eventually took.

It is not my intent to whitewash Katse; however, the idea that Galactor has no ideology at all makes no sense to me. Also, Magneto has no way of checking on Katse's story, and will filter her biased view of her own activities through his own personal biases. It's entirely possible that if he had access to objective facts about what she's been doing for the past four years, he'd chuck her out the airlock, but he doesn't and he ain't gonna get it. At the same time, Katse isn't lying; she simply is not a reliable narrator, and will talk about her past in the light of her personal biases.

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