Alara's Generic Adult Disclaimer Page

I personally find the concept of an "adult disclaimer" offensive to teenagers. By law, in the United States, in most states you are allowed to have sex before age 18, yet you're not supposed to read about sex? Movies can be made depicting "teenage life" which are touted by the adult community as hyperrealistic (such as the movie Kids) that get NC-17 ratings, so teenagers aren't allowed to see them? The whole concept that teens need to be protected from sex in fiction, or violence in fiction, is utter bullshit.

I do believe that young children should not be exposed to such materials. My site isn't intended for young children anyway, though, so any kid that's gotten this far is probably bright and sophisticated enough to handle adult material.

Therefore consider this disclaimer a warning to kids, teens and adults. The stories listed in the links below may contain sex or violence, or possibly both. I will clearly state which. Some are erotica, and exist solely to evoke sexual arousal; some are serious works which require sex to advance the plot; some are serious works which require violence to advance the plot. This disclaimer page exists to warn all interested parties that these stories may contain material which offends them, and I will tell you exactly what exists so you may be properly warned.


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