The XXY Timeline

Here's the timeline, which exists to coordinate the storylines across the universe as a whole. Note to readers: this timeline contains plot spoilers!


John Grey comes to Xavier School, formerly girls' school, now co-ed

X-Factor fight their first battle against Polaris at Cape Citadel

The Mutant Menace fight their first battle against X-Factor in San Marco

Cain Marko finishes digging his way out of the cave in Korea and comes gunning for his stepsister

Stephanie recovers lost memories, finds Sandy, her sister

Lorne Dane joins Mutant Menace



Lorne quits Mutant Menace, joins X-Factor

?Wendy quits X-Factor (and, pending Indigo's decision, either comes back or founds her own team)

(Indigo? Is this when you'd planned this to happen?)

Polaris, Wanda and Bertha get kidnapped by Stranger

Sandy (now calling herself Alex) gets pregnant, miscarries

Pietro quits, joins X-Factor

Wanda, upon returning to Earth and finding her brother gone, quits Mutant Menace

Alex and Lorne quit X-Factor and go on road trip

Masha Rasputina defects to US

Mutant Menace kick Polaris out and flee



John Grey develops telepathy

Carolyn and Minda leave team to fight Z'noxx; Stephanie is officially declared team leader; ?Danielle is shipped off to Muir Island, haaaaates it there (she is 10)
(Rivka? Does she meet Terry there, or is he there yet? What about Ray?)
(Jesse? Is Jamie there yet?)
(Rivka? Would Malcolm put up with babysitting Carolyn's daughter?)

?Polaris sells out Namora; the Fantastic Four kick her butt

Polaris creates the Savage Land Mutates, gets her butt kicked by X-Factor but takes Lorelei with her

?Mystique goes to Europe to rescue Heike
(Andrew Wheeler's "Europa", pending where he wants it in the timeline)

Carolyn and Minda come home, Danielle comes home; studies resume, Alex and Lorne rejoin school but are considered reserve members; they apply to assorted colleges

Sisterhood of Evil Mutants is founded

Mutant Menace moves to Mississippi as Raven Darkholme has been promoted to be in charge of a military project there (happens after Europa)



Mary Richards is born

Ettie McCoy gets her first doctorate, leaves to work for Brand Corporation, turns furry

Sisterhood of Evil Mutants falls apart, though Lorelei stays with Polaris; Pillar may join Mutant Menace instead, eventually

John and Steph become item

Pietro and Dr. Strange end up working together; Pietro becomes Strange's apprentice

Rogue manifests his powers; he is 15

Polaris rescues Judith



All former and current members of X-Factor (and Minda!) join together to deal with Krakoa, and get captured; Carolyn recruits a new team, who consist of:
Omari Munroe: Storm
Loren: Wolverine
Paula Rasputin (anglicized form of Pavla Rasputina): Titania
Hiroko Yashida: Sunfire
Heike Wagner: Nocturne
Shauna Cassidy: Banshee
Wanda Magnus: Quicksilver (yes, she's still their enemy, but her brother was one of the kidnapees)
and, uh, we could seriously use another guy. Does anyone have a man we can put in? He doesn't have to stick around...

After everyone is rescued:
Sunfire quits, her duties at home
Wizard (Pietro Magnus) goes reserve, wants to pursue his magical studies
Quicksilver quits, only wanted to rescue her brother
Havok and Magneto go reserve, going to college in Arizona
Ice quits, going to college too (planning on majoring in partying :-))
?Angel hates Wolverine, quits
(Indigo? Does this fit your plans?)
Amazon (Ettie McCoy) probably quits... Maybe joins Avengers? Maybe she already did? Not sure
Any guy we stuck in to make Carolyn look less monomaniacal in her recruitment habits, either quits or dies in place of Thunderbird

Judith becomes Polaris's newest protege

Dynamo (John Grey) becomes Phoenix

Emmett Frost (WHITE QUEEN), Sibyl Shaw (BLACK QUEEN), Thomas, Donald Pierce (WHITE BISHOP), Harriet Leland (BLACK BISHOP) and Emmanuel Da Costa (WHITE ROOK) estabilish the All-New, All-Different Hellfire Club Inner Circle. One of their first actions is to get a bug in X-Factor's computer system. This is accomplished by Emmett ambushing Titania while she's out on a walk, and planting a posthypnotic suggestion in her mind that will compel Pavla to plant a bug in X-Factor's computers, and then forget everything about the whole encounter. This would be roughly at the time of X-MEN (vol.1.) #110, where WARHAWK bugs the X-Men's computers for the Hellfire Club.

?Shauna strains her voice saving Japan

(Rivka, is this in your plans?)

Carolyn meets Lilandra, they become soul sisters

?Stephanie meets Corsair

(Kielle? Does this fit your plans? And does Christine tell her who she is? It would be awfully useful if Corsair did reveal her identity to Stephanie at this point, because later in the plot I'd like to have Stephanie go live with her grandparents while she's pregnant)

Phoenix saves the universe

?The Caitlin Kinross story?


Mary Richards manifests her powers, ages herself to adulthood




Battle with Polaris; Loren guts her and John drops a building on her head; all evidence indicates Polaris is dead, but there's no body, and you know the rules...

?Loren is crippled; Polaris messed with the adamantium in her spine so she can't bend her spine anymore; plot trick is invoked to keep Phoenix from fixing this

Dreamweaver quits Mutant Menace, goes for Hellfire Club, plots to corrupt John
he becomes Dark Phoenix but does *not* eat an inhabited world; however, he does kill 223 Shi'ar manning an astronomical observation station. Lil tries to kill him, Carolyn calls challenge, John commits suicide
Steph discovers she's pregnant, quits X-Factor; Omari becomes team leader

Emmett Frost, who has studied the records on X-Factor, finds out that Pavla Rasputin has a younger brother. Resultantly, Frost visits the Ust-Ordynski Collective at Lake Baikal, Russia, and procures a 7-year-old Ilya Rasputin, taking Ilya to the United States and the Massachusetts Academy with him. Pavla Rasputin soon afterwards hears from her parents that her little brother is now also in the United States. However, unfortunately, the address Frost gave the Rasputins is quite fabricated, and Pavla finds out that there are no leads as to Ilya's current whereabouts. Neither Carolyn nor Minda are able to find him either.

Nina Da Costa departs on an expedition to discover the fabled Madeira.

Daniel Brightstar has his first manifestations.

Bobbi Da Costa is betrothed to marry Jose-Maria Cortez two years from now, in December 1983. She is 13 now.



Bobbi Da Costa manifests, and is sent by her father to the Massachusetts Academy. She is 14.

Nina Da Costa discovers Nova Roma. Agents of Emmanuel Da Costa attempt to kill her, and she is presumed dead. The Hellfire Club now has free reign of Nova Roma. Thanatos decides to go meet this 'Hellfire Club', and brings Julius Aquilla along, as an 'offering'.

The five founding Hellions are gathered. Ilya Rasputin gains seven years and becomes a demon sorceror overnight. Bobbi Da Costa is sent over from Rio De Janeiro. Julius Aquilla is sent over from Nova Roma. Daniel Brightstar is recruited from Colorado. Maria de la Rocha is recruited from Spain.

Thanatos also comes to the modern world from Nova Roma, and grabs the seat of the Black King of the Inner Circle, and starts throwing his weight around the Club.

If it hasn't already been resolved, Loren's back gets fixed

Stephanie gives birth to John Calvin Summers-Grey (hereafter called "Johnny")

The Mutant Menace attempt to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly; since if they do so it would be bad, and since Destiny's involvement means non-time travelers can't stop this, this would be a good time for Deus Ex Mary Richards, Murmur :-)

Carolyn investigates weird dreams about Erika, runs afoul of "Papa" who kidnaps her and fakes her death; a plot trick is used to keep Minda from finding out it isn't true

Rogue attacks Carol Danvers, on the strength of Destiny's visions that she will destroy him, and absorbs her
But there is no Carolyn Xavier to help Danvers, so Danvers remains in a coma

?Ray Sinclair manifests his powers and maims Reverend Craig; Malcolm Kinross takes him in
(Rivka and Jesse, you sign off on this?)

CHILDREN OF THE ATOM (name of story arc may be changed): Meanwhile, Carolyn, Erika, and assorted other female mutants who I haven't decided on are the de-aged, amnesiac captives of "Papa", a mad scientist with very weak mutant powers and an unhealthy interest in the innocence of pre-pubescent girls. Carolyn decides this is a really bad situation and talks Erika into escaping with her. The two girls come to the attention of Sinister, who has minions go after them; Carolyn escapes and calls the mansion, thinking she'll reach her father. Meanwhile, Johnny gets kidnapped by Sinister too.
X-Factor shows up; in the resulting melee:

Johnny gets force-grown, rapidly

Erika gets force-grown while trying to rescue Johnny; ends up 25, but she still has amnesia

Carolyn tries to rescue them both and ends up about 16

The cries of his newly manifested son attract the attention of the spirit of John Grey, which has been hanging around on the astral plane-- you can't kill a telepath by violence, they end up on the Astral Plane instead. John tries to stabilize his son, but he can't manifest much of any useful power and little Johnny's mind shreds under the stress of his sudden manifestation. The child dies.

Erika and Carolyn combine minds and powers and kick Sinister's ass-- the two of them, combined, equal one reality warper. Unfortunately they also have a tendency to go megalomanic when they link in this mode (think of Onslaught).

John uses the energies his son threw off while dying and the energy his teacher and his enemy are wielding now, with Carolyn and Stephanie as anchors for his mind, to resurrect his son's body. But there's no one home. The body is vacant, the mind and soul of the child it belonged to gone forever, and John can't call them back. He can, however, take possession of the body himself, and he does, as soon as he realizes he cannot save his son. Then he breaks the link between Carolyn and Erika before they manage to tip over the edge into BEHOLD MY MIGHTY HAND-itude, but unfortunately this allows Sinister to teleport away.

John restores Carolyn's memories.

Carolyn comes home! Big old mutant party.

Carolyn restores Erika's memories. Erika decides to turn herself over to the World Court to be tried, and has X-Factor be the ones to bring her in, so they get the good publicity

Erika contacts Judith before surrendering herself, and persuades her to come to Xavier's to complete her training. She and Danielle have an ambiguous status-- too young to be X-Factor members (yes, Charles Xavier put Kitty Pryde in the team at 13, and these two are 15, but Carolyn of course thinks of her own daughter as too young to be risking her life), but fully manifested mutants who've trained their powers for some time.

John is no longer Phoenix. He burned out the new body's upper power levels in the effort of coming back to life. Now he's at high Dynamo levels, not Phoenix god levels. His relationship with Stephanie is at a dead halt. Her son is dead, her lover is alive *because* her son is dead, her lover is in her son's body, and she can't handle it.

The Hellions will have their first mission as they accompany Frost on a trip to Genosha. After all, where did the HFC get their mutant-inhibiting shackles in 616 in the Dark Phoenix Saga? Hm? A little trip to Genosha will be Frost's way of seeing which of the Hellions have got 'the stuff' and can stomach dealing with a country that enslaves mutants. It turns out that Andrew Jones (Firebolt) hasn't got the stuff; he tries to rescue some mutates and gets captured. Frost leaves him there to become a mutate.



The second wave of Hellions -- Keith Pryde, Donna Ramsey and Tad Smith-- are recruited. Possible addition(s) to the second wave are being considered, most significantly Mateo Callasantos, FERAL/FURY/FANG, Janos Stavros, FORTUNE (heh -- 'Wheels of Fortune') and Monet St Croix, EMPLATE.

The bug planted by Titania three years ago in the X-Factor computers has stopped functioning. The Hellions are sent out to attack Xavier's School, most of their force serving in distracting detail fighting X-Factor while Keith Pryde and Donna Ramsey infiltrate the school and hack into the computers in order to estabilish a back door in the systems that the Hellfire Club can use. Keith Pryde and Donna Ramsey start seriously considering defection.

In the wake of the Hellions' attack, Carolyn Xavier is pushed to start gathering young mutants again herself, and she re-opens Xavier's School for new people, recruiting the New Mutants. Since she now looks 16, image inducers are her friend. She creates a false identity as her own oldest daughter, Michele, and uses said cover identity to talk to mutant kids, talking them into the school. She taps Stephanie (who now has a degree in education) to assist with the school (because the recent traumatic events-- the death of her son and resurrection of her lover-- have left Stephanie in serious need of some work to obsess on, but it had better not be work where if she gets distracted everyone gets killed.

The New Mutants are founded. Danielle and Judith finally get some classmates. Other NM may include Catsclaw, Sally Guthrie, and maybe Ray Sinclair now that he's been with Malcolm Kinross a few years. Other characters are also likely to join. (Tran Coy Manh? Jason Scott Lee?)

Carolyn starts treating Carol Danvers. Danvers can be restored from her coma, but has probably permanently lost most of her memories, as well as the emotional resonances of them.

The Trial Of Polaris: she's sentenced to life imprisonment in the Vault. Mystique, Destiny and Quicksilver try to break her out on the strength of one of Destiny's visions, where her capture might very well mean the destruction of the planet, but they don't have time to tell her so and she won't go.

Polaris is supposedly killed trying to escape. Her body was vaporized, so sorry. Hmm...
Wanda isn't buying it. She takes it into her head that the government killed her mother, and she wants revenge.

Carolyn isn't buying it either, but she thinks Erika's alive. Only, even Cerebro can't find her.

Rogue comes to Carolyn for help with his little insanity problem. If the whole Brood thing has happened and Carol has become Binary, she kicks his ass. Otherwise she doesn't. Carolyn attempts to remove the memories from Rogue's head and put them back in Carol's, but at best all she can manage is a handful of them; the process just is not going to work. Rogue needs extensive therapy and Carol's as good as she's going to get, so when Carolyn decides that Rogue can stay and get the therapy he needs if he will join X-Factor, and basically ramrods the decision down X-Factor's collective throats, Carol Danvers says bye-bye and leaves.

Carolyn is attacked, brutally beaten and raped by people who are not fond of her message of tolerance. The police find her, not the Morlocks. Stephanie is called in to identify her, and Omari calls in the Morlock Healer to save her. There is public outrage, because Carolyn looks like a teenage girl. Carolyn promptly capitalizes on her own injury, persuading Stephanie to impersonate Carolyn Xavier (with image inducers all things are possible) and making grief-stricken public statements while Carolyn herself plays the role of her imaginary daughter Michele, because that allows her to be openly mutant without blowing the "human" status of the Carolyn identity. Pro-mutant sentiment is high in the wake of the attack. Carolyn's pushing herself way too hard and in denial about the psychological effects. The attackers themselves... probably met Loren in a dark alley.

Stephanie takes over as headmistress of the school.

THE MUTANT MASSACRE: The Morlocks living in the sewers underneath Manhattan get slaughtered by Mr Sinister's Marauders. In trying to stop this, members of X-Factor get injured, including Titania. Ilya hears about his older sister's injuries and his already weak sanity starts slowly crumbling.

Plague gets rescued from the Massacre by Tiamat, and turned into Pestilence some time next year.

Leech gets rescued and joins the New Mutants, despite being much younger than any of them. Skids maybe, too.

BLACK WEDDING: At Emmanuel Da Costa's order, the Hellions assassinate Hernan Cortez and frame it to look like an accident. The holdings of the Cortez family are inherited in full by Jose-Maria Cortez.

Soon thereafter, Bobbi Da Costa gets married off to Jose-Maria Cortez in December 1983, at the age of 15. She will subsequently take a leave of absence from the Hellions.




NORTH STAR RISING: 8 months ago, a black ops organization in the US military kidnapped Polaris out of the Vault and made her the heart of a satellite-borne superweapon. Much cheaper than Star Wars; this was during the Reagan years and a superweapon that the Russians *couldn't* duplicate seemed like a great idea. But it's less of a great idea when Candra Cortez and her flunkies (among which are her brother Jose-Maria, his wife Bobbi, and the stupid but very decorative and powerful Simon Blaze) take over the satellite. And boy oh boy, it's even less of a great idea when Blaze's stupidity lets Polaris get loose right about the time Cortez needed her to stop the global thermonuclear war that Cortez's own demands had triggered... Woops.

X-Factor arrives to stop the Cortezes, and receive unexpected 'help' when Bobbi sabotages the satellite, priming it to blow up, and escapes herself. Simon Blaze is killed, Jose-Maria Cortez is missing, presumed dead, and Candra Cortez survives, starting to plot vengeance against the traitorous witch.

Polaris and a dying Carolyn end up joining their forces for what they believe will be a final time to end Earth's nuclear capabilities, taking *all* the nukes with them into deep space, where they plan to blow themselves up. (Carolyn's dying, and Polaris is blind and has been tortured for eight months. They're not thinking straight.) They get rescued by Dynamo and others, and brought to Muir Island, where Dynamo boosts Carolyn such that Lilandra can pick her up. Lil takes Carolyn into space to heal her, but can't return her anytime soon. Polaris remains behind at Muir Island, under Dr. Kinross's care, and now powerless as well as blind.

Keith Pryde and Donna Ramsey defect from the Hellions to the New Mutants when they hear about Bobbi Da Costa's cold-hearted attempt to flat out kill X-Factor, her husband, and her sister-in-law, among others.

INFERNO: Without the pacifying effect of Keith Pryde around, Ilya Rasputin goes insane and unleashes Inferno on Manhattan in order for his demons to track down and kill the Marauders who hurt his sister. Unfortunately, he doesn't care one whit how much death and destruction he causes as a side product, and that's not very beneficial for the Hellfire Club, so the Hellions are ordered to terminate Ilya, with extreme prejudice.

But will they?

In the end, Ilya is cleaved in two with the Soulsword, separating the Darkchild from Ilya Rasputin. The Darkchild is forced thru a portal back to Limbo, and Ilya seals the portal behind Darkchild, vowing never to use his powers again in fear of letting something horrible out of Limbo.

Ilya leaves the Hellions since he's vowed off using his powers, so he's of little use to the team. He goes back home to Russia and spends time with his parents.

Dr Augustina Hopper aka Locust gets broken out of jail by Tiamat, who boosts her powers and makes her into Famine.



DAY OF TIAMAT: In the wake of NORTH STAR RISING and INFERNO -- two events put to action by mutants that almost ended up destroying the world -- and with no Carolyn Xavier to serve as a spokesperson, anti-mutant sentiment is reaching new heights. Never before in the history of mankind have mutants had it *this* bad. So Tiamat decides that *now* is the time to make it *even worse*. Now is the time to give the

final push and ignite the human/mutant war -- thru which only the strong will survive.

In order to do this, she kidnaps the injured Polaris from Muir Isle, fixes her, and brainwashes her into being War. She also has Pestilence, and Famine -- and her Death will be Threnody. She unleashes her Horsemen (two of whom are actually Horsewomen, but oh well) on New York, declaring that the war has begun and it is time for all mutants to rise against humans and annihilate them.

As Tiamat finally makes her public debut, Cable doesn't miss this. He heads to New York, to stop her and take back Ship.

Polaris breaks free of Tiamat's control and, in order to prevent being controlled again, rips out the techno-organic tech that had given her back her sight and her control of her powers. She is rescued by X-Factor and returned to Muir Island.

While various heroes battle the Horsemen in New York, the Inner Circle instead takes the Hellions, and arranges for a parley with Tiamat which takes place on Ship. However, the parley is interrupted when Cable breaks into Ship, defeats the Storm Riders and goes for Tiamat. The Hellfire Club decides to sit the battle out -- after all, the victor will be exhausted, and easy prey.

Cable defeats Tiamat, and then, in turn, is killed by the Hellions. Tiamat is severely wounded, and must flee the scene, but orders Ship to self-destruct before teleporting off. The Hellfire Club and Hellions flee Ship which, instead of blowing up, flies off. Ship leaves New York, Tiamat is somewhere licking her wounds, the Horsemen

have been defeated by the various heroes of New York. The Day of Tiamat is over.


THE SHADOW QUEEN SAGA: Needs a real name, and will consist of a number of set pieces involving, separately, members of X-Factor, everyone on Muir Island, Pietro Magnus, Carolyn Xavier, Lorne Dane, and probably others, in a storyline that builds over some time and is finally resolved in 1986. Polaris will get her powers and sight back through her own skills, now that her experiences with Tiamat have shown her what direction to go, and she and Malcolm Kinross will fall in love.

The Savage Land storyline takes place as one of the set pieces in the Shadow Queen saga. Rogue is divided into himself and Carol by a plot trick and Polaris kills the Carol entity. Then Rogue assists Polaris, along with Nick Fury and Ka-Zar in dealing with Zal, mad priest of the Savage Land, would-be world conqueror, and... Polaris' son? What is the connection between Lorne Dane, Zal, Polaris, and Mr. Sinister?

X-Factor should be involved in arcs of their own during this time period. What are they doing about the really, really awful state of anti-mutant sentiment that currently exists in the wake of North Star Rising, Inferno and Day of Tiamat?


WORD OF GOD: Thanatos gets the Hellions involved in his scheme to blackmail Olympus-- if he is not let back as a god of Olympus, he will destroy Nova Roma, and with it, the greatest contingent of Olympus-worshippers left in the world. Of course, this does not sit too well with Julius, but what can he do? Can he betray his team to save his family? *Is* his team his family? And does the rest of the team sympathize with Julius' plight? Watch the Hellions face off against Hercules, Minerva, Hephaestus, AND MORE! Tonight on CBS!


STAR WARS: A Hellions arc that runs over 1985-1986. Xavier comes home at the end of it, just in time to get caught up in the Shadow Queen saga.

Shaw Industries is churning out Sentinels like mad, and the Hellions take a little tour of the Shaw R&D plant where lies a robot that doesn't exactly seem to be a Sentinel -- it has been appropriated by Shaw Industries and is currently being studied at their R&D facility. However, when the Hellions come into close proximity with the thing, it proves to be not inert at all, as its program activates.

It is a Kree Sentry, designation 459, posted to watch over the development of the Kree-created offshoot of humanity called the Inhumans. Now coming into contact with Homo superior, it mistakes them for Inhumans that have somehow evolved further. It captures the Hellions, and heads to where it believes the nearest Kree base is -- in the Blue Area of the Moon.

However, the Kree abandoned the Blue Area a long time ago, and now the Inhumans live there. The Sentry, confused, sends out a signal thru space to the Kree, requesting for further orders. Unfortunately, before it can receive a response, the Hellions break free from confinement within the Sentry robot's body, destroying it.

Now on the Blue Area, they come into contact with the Inhumans, and are welcomed by them and treated as honored guests. However, they repay that with treachery, as they ally themselves with Maximus the Mad, to take down the Royal Family led by Black Bolt, and position Maximus -- who, in return, agrees to be favorable to the Hellfire Club-- on the throne.

The Hellions also notice that Ship is at the Blue Area, but they don't have time to investigate.

However, the Hellions don't get to rejoice their triumph for long, before the Kree, who discovered their Sentry had been destroyed, arrive. Led by agent Davan Shakari, they capture the Hellions, and bring them to the Kree throneworld Kree-Lar to stand trial for this affront.




STAR WARS (cont'd)


The Hellions are tried and found guilty by the Kree, and sold as slaves. They are purchased by an entity known as Spyder, who sees especially Maria as a valuable commodity -- potentially even more valuable than Spyder's favorite pet, Gosamyr. They also meet the interstellar teleporter Cheney, who is another slave of Spyder's.

Now that Spyder has the Hellions, he dispatches them to capture the band of rebels known as the Starjammers, knowing that he can make a good profit out of selling the Starjammers to Shi'ar justice. The Hellions battle and capture the Starjammers, including Carolyn Xavier.

During the Hellions' slavery, Maria notices how Gosamyr playing with Dan affects Bobbi's emotions, and to piss Bobbi off, she decides to seduce Dan. Dan and Maria sleep together, and -- tsk tsk, she gets pregnant. However, what she doesn't know is just *what* she gets pregnant *with*...

The Hellions, however, do not intend to stay slaves, and they conspire up a plot to free themselves, which succeeds. Spyder is vanquished, and the Hellions, Gosamyr and Cheney rejoice. Cheney owes the Hellions his freedom, and agrees to teleport them home to Earth.

Before Cheney teleports the Hellions to Earth, though, they broker a deal. They show Carolyn Xavier how bad anti-mutant sentiment has gotten on Earth during her absence, and she decides she must return. However, it isn't that easy. The Hellions tell her that they can let her come back to Earth with them -- but in return, she will owe the Hellions a favor. Cheney then returns the Hellions and Xavier to Earth.

Maria starts manifesting odd powers over her pregnancy that seem to be completely unrelated to her empathic powers.

Sharon Shaw joins the team.

Carolyn Xavier makes contact with her team. The Shadow Queen saga ends.

Polaris plans to return to an active role protecting mutantkind, builds a space station called Aurora, and goes there, leaving Malcolm Kinross with a note saying she cannot bear to make him choose between his lover and his species, so she has made the choice for him. He gets rather annoyed with this and recruits Lorne to take him into space to chew Erika out.

Malcolm, Lorne, Havok, Rogue and some others probably end up on Polaris's space station, while she decides which side of the line between pro-active superheroine and mutant terrorist to come down on...

CHILD OF EVIL: When Maria finally gives birth, it becomes clear. The Adversary has attempted to come out thru the Lonestars before, but Dan defeated it then, before he joined the Hellions. Now, the Adversary is coming

back, not via Dan's *parents*, but her *child*. The Adversary is freed by the birth, and sunders dimensional barriers between Earth and Limbo, freeing the Darkchild.

The Hellions have their final confrontation with Darkchild, and Ilya merges with Darkchild. He goes insane with having to live in his worst nightmare once more, and is placed in a padded cell at the Academy while Frost attempts to treat his insanity.



Fed-X begins.

Candra finally gets her vengeance here and takes the Hellfire Club and the Hellions *completely* *APART* with the help of the traitorous Donald Pierce. She kills Friedrich Von Roehm, Harriet Leland and lots of rookie Hellion students. A few core members (tentative roster might include, but is not limited to Bobbi, Daniel, Julius, Ilya and Maria) escape with their lives and decide to stay together as hunted outlaws when Candra manipulates the law's full force to hunt them.




HELLFIRE WAR: The Hellions and the decimated remnants of the Inner Circle team up to take the Hellfire Club back from Candra. Introducing Harry Leland, son of the deceased Harriet Leland. The Hellions don't go back to being just catspaws of the Hellfire Club, though, but go to business on their own.

The Hellions cash in the favor with Xavier, telling her to fix Ilya's insanity. Carolyn cures Ilya, and the Hellions then teleport to the Blue Area -- and go after Ship. They kick Tiamat's ass, and plain and simple, *take* Ship to be their new headquarters.