XXY: Tales Of Another World

Here they are! The officially "published" stories of the XXY Universe, an alternate version of the Marvel Universe where all the mutants were born the opposite sexes from the mainstream MU. Dates by the stories indicate the "year" in the XXY Timeline that the story takes place.

First Genesis (1976): The first "official" tale of the XXY Universe. John Grey comes to Doctor Carolyn Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and joins X-Factor, just in time for the team to fight Polaris, Mistress of Magnetism. By Alara Rogers.

At Home With The Mutant Menace (1976): As seen through the eyes of young (10-year-old) Rogue, we see a day in the life of the Mutant Menace, after Polaris' first battle with X-Factor but before the Menace themselves came up against X-Factor. The lineup of the Menace at this time includes Polaris, Mystique, Destiny, Jasmine Wyngarde (Dreamweaver), Wanda Magnus (Quicksilver), Pietro Magnus (Wizard), and Bertha Toynbee (Leaper), with Rogue, a child who hasn't gotten his powers yet, as a civilian attached to the team. Mostly kind of humorous. By Alara Rogers.

Bittersweet (1967): In the days of their friendship in Israel, Carolyn Xavier and Erika Lehnsherr take their relationship in a different direction. Contains explicit f/f sex. By Alara Rogers.

(Yes, other people are writing stories. Or so they say, anyway... :-))