by Chris J. Delaney

Here is the current version of the master list of Acolytes. It isn't completely updated for the events of the Magneto LS, mostly because the art is so confusing it's difficult to figure out who is there and who isn't.


Magneto (Erik Magnus Lehnsherr)- Magnetic field manipulator, limited telepath. He is the leader of the Acolytes. An older mutant returned to youth via the actions of Alpha, the Ultimate mutant he is the overlord of the Acolytes and an old friend of Charles Xavier. A survivor of Auschwitz, he fears a resurgence of ethnic hatred aimed at mutants and guards against it. He was mind-wiped by Xavier but rescued from the fall of Avalon by Colossus. He is currently suffering some form of partial amnesia and calls himself "Joseph"-- a name given to him by a South American Nun. While there are indications that his original personality is still buried within his psyche, he currently has no memories of his past. He has been manipulated by the X-men (especially Rogue) into being very reluctant to use his powers. Was once considered to be one of the most interesting and complex villians in the X-universe.

Major Harry Delgado- Size increase linked with Strength (capable of squishing Rogue). A SHIELD agent captured by Magneto he later became an Acolyte. His reasons for switching sides are unknown. Turned to metal and presumed dead.

Chrome- transfrom people to metal and back again, flight. A skinny man with white streaked black hair. He was on of Cortez's followers in the search for Magneto. A fearless fighter, he apparantly gave his life to save Magneto (however, since we have never seen this episode it has not been confirmed one way of the other). Turned to metal and presumed dead.

Nance (nickname?) - used a gun when fighting the X-men. No evidence of her power. Presumably Major Delgado's copilot (third captured SHIELD agent "Deke" was executed by Magneto) as everybody else was accounted for. No reason for loyalty switch (don't know if she was plant or made to switch sides). Turned to metal and presumed dead

Anne-Marie (Cortez ?). A quiet women who was seen embracing Magneto a couple of times but never participated in any missions. Possibly recovering from being shot in the back by a SHIELD agent. No sign of any powers; although she tried to use them against Deke and seemed to think they would prevent him from harming the acolytes by rendering him unable to act in some manner (and seemed to be activated by pointing hand). Possibilities for this power abound as being anything from paralysis to telepathic control to disintegration. Turned to metal and presumed dead.


Exodus (Paris Bennet)- What doesn't he have? Flight, teleportation, energy blasts, energy manipulation ala Magneto, psionic energy leeching, telepathy. He was seen at peak levels as being able to destroy the entire island of Genosha. A terribly old mutant he fought the Black Knight during the crusades. He was Magneto's herald and then his replacement. Tried hard but wasn't really suited for leadership (having neither the temperment or mental stability; he worshiped Magneto's mindless body for example). Injured by Holocaust in the Fall of Avalon, he returned to his brith-grave. He tried to drain Nate Grey but was dropped into a crevice and had it slammed shut on him. There was some evidence he was a follower of Apocalypse from way back (which seems to contradict AoA). Appeared to have been killed by Nate Grey, but returned to lead a third generation of Acolytes in a quest to raise another Avalon. He was prevented from doing this by Joseph and waits to see if the real Magneto will return.


Fabian Cortez- He manipulates other mutant's powers, often enhancing them. He used this to nearly kill Bishop and to do grevious harm to Magneto. Beaten up by the rest of the second generation Acolytes when it was learned that he had tried to kill Magneto (and got his own sister in the process?). Until this point he was the leader of the Second Generation (replaced by Magneto and then Exodus). A memeber of the Upstarts he betrayed and nearly murdered Magneto. Presumed dead at the hands of Exodus, he has recently turned up to "advise" Joseph -- a process that is certaint not to be to Magneto's benefit.

Neophyte- Transforms into energy and phases. He learned Fabian had killed Magneto and assisted the X-men in fighting him. Branded a traitor he was captured by Exodus and placed on trial. Colossus managed to get his sentence mitagated to exile. Final fate unknown but apparantly was seen in Avengers hanging around Wundagore mountian pining for Magneto.

Colossus (Peter Rasputin)- Transforms to organic steel. A Russian farmer turned superhero, he was once the armored backbone of the X-men. After his parents were murdered, the X-men turned against him in a fit of bad writing and his sister died of Legacy (I still hate you, Lobdell) he joined the Acolytes. He disabled the security of Avalon to enable Xavier to mind-wipe Magneto but remained to care for the shattered shell of the man. He surivived the fall of Avalon and beat Pete Wisdom nearly to death over Kitty. Currently a de facto member of Excalibur and has recently refused to rejoin the Acolytes.


Amelia Voght- Transforms people into mist which she can teleport. Her natural form is that of mist. Old lover of Charles Xavier, she left him when he formed the X-men and bears a grudge against him for his trying to telpathically coerce her to stay. Whereabouts after the fall of Avalon are unknown but she refused to stay with Charles. Was recently seen observing Magneto and as a captive of Exodus. Unknown whereabouts at the end of the Magneto LS.

Carmella Unuscione- psionic exoskeleton. One of the most interesting of the acolytes she is the daughter of Unus the Untouchable. She is an anti-human bigot with a real vicious streak. One of the more competent Acolytes, she rescued Cyclops from Avalon. She was last seen trying to convince Colossus to rejoin the new Acolytes.

Frenzy (Joanna)- Super stong and Tough. Once a memeber of one of Apocalypse's groups of mutants (the Alliance of Evil) she became a follower of Magneto after its dissolution. Survived the fall of Avalon. Has recently joined with a group of Acolytes in South America.

Javitz- Big and Strong. A one eyed mutent he was a member of Cortez's elite guard (along with Katu and Seneka). He was "absorbed" by Holocaust during the fall of Avalon and is presumed dead.

Katu- conduit for interatmospheric anomalies (channels atmospheric energy). He had his arms torn off by Omega Red because he was interfering with Satellite activities. A reasonably decent fellow in the end, he died preventing Omega Red from killing a lot of people (after a plot by the Acolytes to use his spoors to block space travel backfired). Appeared to be in the process of becoming a friend of Cable.

Kleinstock (last name of triplets; Eric (dead), Sven and Harlan)- 3 siblings (one dead) merge into one, enhanced strength, generic energy blasts. A boring group of three brothers. One was killed by Tom Corsi when the Acolytes tried to retrieve a child with mutant abilites. The other two surivived the fall of Avalon. They have not been seen since, but may be presumed to be with one of the two factions of Acolytes.

Mellencamp- ugly beastie with claws, fangs and mottled green skin. Was once thrown half-way across France and lived. Resents being so utterly ugly. Was killed in one of the more absurd scenes involving an Acolyte by Madrox the Multiple Man when the Acolytes were battling X-factor.

Milan- Electropathy; some sort of telepathic ability with machines. He seems to be able to get interesting reading with meachines (which he plugs into his visor) and to pull people's memories out and disply then on screens. An under-rated fellow. Holocaust finished him off during the fall of Avalon (first to be killed).

Scanner- given 2 powers; sometimes she seems to be a telepath (Lobdell) or else she transforms into energy (Nicieza). Both have supporting evidence from other authors. A seemingly young and naive girl she seems to defer to people she finds authoritative. Survived the fall of Avalon and seemed to be bonding with Scott. Has been seen with the South American Acolytes. Has shown some signs of considering leaving the Acolytes to join with Colossus in Excalibur.

Rusty Collins- projects flame out to twenty feet. A kid who was rescued by X-factor after burning a woman when he was in the navy, he is on the run from the US government. Was brainwashed by Stryfe and healed by Magneto. Weak allegiance was being tested by Exodus acting really nutso but was killed by Holocaust before he could do anything about it.

Senyaka- energy whip, drains life forces to ressurect/heal himself. Another member of Cortez's elite guard, he was pulped by Magneto in retatilation for his killing Sharon Friedlander (in one of the more difficult to understand scenes in modern comics). He came back to life by sucking the life out of some poor SHIELD types and tried to kill Lee Forester because she meant something to Magneto. Killed (?) by Cable.

Skids- super powerful force field generation. A morlock who fell for Rusty Collins, she joined Magneto after he freed both of them from MLF control. She began to doubt Exodus as he became progressively more insane. Escaped from Avalon with Jean Grey-Summers. Was doing fine but we have not seen her since.

Spoor (Amos)- Emits pheromones to influence behavior. Allowed himself to be captured by X-factor. He is a suicidal type who wants to die. Currently being held at Muir Island where he is manipulating the heck out of Rory Campbell (and managed to get Campbell to screw up and lose a leg as well). Faces life in prison or death if he is ever ruled sane enough to stand trial.


These were X-men controlled by a process invented by Moira McTaggart that switched sides for about an issue. They were Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Psylocke, Rogue and Wolverine. Honourary acolytes, I doubt they would appreciate being called such.

Shadowcat- pretended to join the Acolytes to lure Colossus into a trap.


Very little is known about the individual members of the most recent gneration of Acolytes. They are divided into two factions; one based in South America and one based in the Artic (followers of Exodus). The surviving Second Generation Acolytes seem to have avoided the inevitable consequences of surrendering to the authorities in some undisclosed manner.

Feel free to comment and/or point out inaccuracies. Special thanks to Rebecca Teed for comments (especially sorting out the identities of the female acolytes in the original group).