The Civil War

This page includes stories that take place during or around the Q Civil War.

Amanda Goes To War: Written for SNW VII, but it didn't make it in. Amanda Rogers and the start of the war in the Continuum.

The Night The Day The War Began: Q & Amanda Rogers pairing. He wants her strength, her ability to face killing their own kind without falling apart. She wants not to be a virgin with her own kind if she dies.

could turn and walk away or i could fire the gun: Q has a conversation with an enemy Q he's just shot.

I Want For A Child: On a mission to rescue Amanda which ends up going the other way, Q has the most unbelievably brilliant idea ever. Well, at least he thinks so.

War Stories: The premise of this is kind of crack, but I am taking it more or less seriously. When Janeway turns Q down, Q goes to Picard and takes female form to get Picard to be the father of her child.

"Judgement Day"

I had been doing a lot of mental work with "The Q and the Grey" and the war.  The thing that keeps hitting me, every time I think about it, is that if they'd just had the brains to split that out into two episodes, a goofy episode about Q hitting on Janeway and a serious and dark episode about war in the Continuum, it could have been so good... but what they actually did do was more or less completely schizophrenic. It didn't really succeed at being either funny (oh, immortal people are getting shot and killed, and suns are blowing up! hahahaha, stop, you're killin' me!) or profound.

While any number of war stories are sooner or later going to come out of this dark obsession with rewriting "The Q and the Grey" so it fails to suck, this particular arc is coming out... darker than most. For one thing, Q's dead in most of the stories in it.  For another, I have royally screwed with every human and every part human and every sentient construct of humans in the plot. This is an AU where Q's side of the war... lost.

Covers TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY. Maybe ENT will have a character or two if I can figure out why they'd be alive.