Pictures and Sounds from Deja Q:


I have a DVD-ROM and a player with capture frame feature. I am scary.

Naked Q
Having To Bathe?
That Klingon Goat!
Sleepy Q
I've been in this dungeon of yours...
A most terrifying experience of my own
The life was oozing out of me!
How do you stand it?
I need guidance.
What other dangers await me?
I have the knowledge, locked up in this puny brain.
You cannot afford not to take advantage of that.
You only dislike me. Others truly despise me.
It's the ghastly truth, Mr. Data.
Well, that's a dumb thing to want.
The truth is, humans suck.
You shouldn't envy them.
I feel nothing at all.
This is incredible.
I think I just hurt my back.
What's the right thing to say? Ow?
Change the gravitational constant of the universe!
Q, Geordi is saying you are an idiot.
Dr. Crusher's bedside manner.
My stomach. It's making noises.
Maybe you're hungry, dumbass.
Decisions, decisions.
I'm in a terrible mood, so I'm having 10 chocolate sundaes.
Oh, shit.
I hear they drummed you out of the Continuum.
You don't intimidate me. Except you do.
One of the boys with an IQ of 2005. And an even bigger talent for hyperbole.
Poke him with a fork, does he not bleed?
This is a dangerous creature!
From now on I'll do missionary work, ok?
Get used to what?
I lost my appetite.
Q collapses.
Help me! Somebody help me!
How the mighty have fallen.
Yeah, well, about the Calamarain...
I hope Riker didn't really mean that!
You're very smart, Jean-Luc.
Compassion is a genetic weakness of your race.
I think you'll protect me, even though I'm an asshole.
I'm not good in groups. It's difficult to work in groups when you're omnipotent.
Ah, I see.
Smacked down by the Data-ster!
Oh, could I be any more bored?

There's about 40 more of these I have to give silly descriptive names to and upload.


"Red alert..."

"My superiors have decided to punish me!""Punish us as well, it would seem."

"Because in all the universe, you're the closest thing I have to a friend, Jean-Luc." Picard was obviously too polite to say it, but you could *see* him thinking, "Boy, then you're *really* hosed." :-)

And Troi, compassionate, caring counselor, says, "I am sensing an emotional presence, captain. Normally I'd describe it as being terrified." Tell me, counselor, do you always expose terrified people to humiliation like this when you don't like them? :-)

"What do you want, Q?" "Your compassion." The air is thick with sympathy...

"I have no powers! Q the ordinary!" "Q the liar, Q the misanthrope!" "Q the miserable, Q the desperate."

"What must I do to convince you people?" "Die." "Oh, very good, Worf. Eat any good books lately?" You know, people have rated that as a "good quote", but personally I think it was a really lame comeback, and Worf had the far better zinger.