Hi! This is the fourth chapter. It took me so long to write- well, because it was kind of boring. I'm going to come right out and warn you that this is just a filler chapter that bridges various gaps and illustrates certain themes that will be used later on. -For instance, the scene where Mewtwo is interpreting for Growlithe shows what kind of relationship the characters have with their Pokemon, establishes better her role as an 'in-between,' and shows how the two groups came to not fear each other *quite* so much.

By the way, in case you haven't figured, the Meowth in this story *isn't* Team Rocket's Meowth. -In fact it's a girl kitten that doesn't even talk.

Well, part five will be *much* more interesting and well-written. In fact, I already have most of it typed out. ...Anyway, go ahead and read this; you *have* to in order for the rest of it to make sense. (Bwahaha)

Mewtwo, Escaped

Part Four

By Tiffany

Yes, the super-Pokemon would stay, but much time would pass before she would feel welcome. At night, trees would rustle and scratch against the fiberglass siding of that hokey motorhome. The coffeepot timer would tick away eerily and shadows fell over everything that was already new and strange. Often Mewtwo would minimize and fall asleep in some dark corner that somehow felt safer- but then one of the humans would move suddenly in dreaming and she knew there was no where she could go.

**What do *I* have to be afraid of? I am the great Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon in the world! Why should I fear humans?!** This was what her predecessor had convinced himself, but she knew there were limits.

**...Why? -Because I am one and they are many...they lurk just outside, waiting to consign me again to those horrible machines. I cannot stay awake forever, but if I sleep, then I must let my guard down. And here I am, not ten feet from humans! -What stops them from changing their mind? -From turning me in, just as I begin to trust them?** She shivered, but could not come to a conclusion about any of it.

Mewtwo had spent her whole life under the control of humans, and though they all cringed a little, she did not fully realize that they could be afraid of her, too. -But of course, they were. Not one of them slept that first night, and many nights following were plagued with nightmares.

**She says she won't kill us, but how far can you trust a Mewtwo? What if she waits until our guard is down and 'takes revenge'...?!** The humans collectively shivered; neither party realized how vulnerable the other was.

Days were unendingly awkward, and news reports persisted; constant fuel for the flame of misunderstanding. The ironic thing was, if it weren't for these warnings, nerves would have been soothed much sooner. Eventually, though, with a profound lack of death and destruction offer up for ratings, interest waned. Likewise, so did the humans' fear for their lives. ...Oh, but she never forgot the price on her head.

Perhaps this frigid gap was bridged one afternoon not by Brian and his peers or by Mewtwo herself, but by one of their Pokemon. After all, she was a gray, -truly neither but an ambassador for both.

"Growlithe, growl, growl." (Hello, I need you to help me.) Mewtwo understood this, but was surprised that Brian's battler had sought her out, after she had defeated him so easily in battle. -And in the midst of the heavy fog of mortal fear that had been hovering in the atmosphere. She jumped a little, startled.


"Grr...growlithe, growl...?" (Hmm...don't you know Pokemon talk...?) She nodded.

"Yes, I am a Pokemon, too... sort of." She wasn't sure to what extent she wanted to assert this. It was not that she was ashamed to be a Pokemon...she was just never quite sure.

"...Grrowlithe, growlithe, grrrr, growlithe, growl!" (...But you can talk human talk, so you can translate for me!) She sighed. Somehow it was all getting too complicated. -But something in his 'voice' indicated an olive branch of sorts, so with much time in their company ahead, she *had* to accept.

"...Fine, what do you want me to say?" Growlithe, who had been so pleased with himself for having thought of it, was suddenly red with embarrassment. He sat back on his haunches, wondering how to proceed, now that he had the opportunity to be heard. So much goes unsaid between humans and Pokemon because of the communication gap. -So much festers inside a battler that one would not know how to begin.

"Umm, well...I've gotten my master this far just as I am, but I'm afraid he won't think that is enough with such hard battles ahead." He meant *her,* or at least her kind. They both knew this; and he tried not to make eye contact, just then. This was all in Growlithe language, of course. He continued;

"You see, I can evolve into an Arcanine, if he decides to use a fire stone on me! ...Arcanines are more powerful than Growlithes! What should I do? I don't want to evolve, but I can't stop him; he's my master! ...Can you imagine what it would be like to have a human mess with your DNA or whatever-the-heck-happens?!"

"Puh. I most certainty can. I was *born* with 'messed-with DNA!' " The puppy studied the strange figure before him carefully and feared the future even more.

"Ha, ha, doggie, I'm sure glad I only evolve with levels! My Annie would *never* make me fight enough for that! She even says she is going to find a second Pokemon so I won't have to get hurt at all! I *know* her, but you haven't been with that boy long. Who knows- he could find one *tomorrow*- or the next day." Purred Meowth, from the girl's lap. Only vaguely aware of this conversation, she reached down and lazily rubbed the Pokemon's charm. The kitten was right.

"Do you think he would do that to me?! ...What if my *personality* changes, too?! Ask him! -Please ask him if he's going to use a stupid fire stone!"

Truthfully, she wished he had just left her out of the matter. Relations were not her strong point and besides, as resident 'monster', she was in no position to pose the boy such a serious question. ...But Growlithe's canine eyes were worried and she could almost identify with his problem.

Hesitantly, she addressed the human who had already begun to wonder over this 'one-sided' conversation. **How can she understand all that gibberish and still speak in English?! Mewtwos are so very...strange.** It was the uncertainty that bred fear more than anything, and with a species as new as her own, there was *abundant* uncertainty. -Mewtwo never truly knew what to expect of herself, either.

"Your Growlithe wishes me to ask you....ask you if you are going to force him to evolve with a fire stone." Brian blinked and saw his loyal battler with new eyes.

"A fire stone...I never thought of that. I guess I *could*...that would sure help solve a lot of problems, wouldn't it!" Growlithe sweatdropped, realizing that he had just put the idea into his master's head and sealed his own fate. He dropped down into the aisle and made true his name- growling ferociously in protest.

"He says he doesn't *want* to evolve and you shouldn't be able to make him! I tend to agree; we have our own free wills, you do realize."

The human froze with fear and bewilderment. Somehow he was in trouble, but for what he didn't know. He hadn't even brought the subject up, and yet both sets of eyes burned with injustice. **It's not me at all,** Brian deduced. ** it's those Team Rocket scientists!** In a sense, he was right.

"Well...then...buddy...you don't have to evolve, I guess...ok...?" A huge weight had been lifted from Growlithe's furry shoulders. He nodded resolutely at this small triumph and proceeded to lick his master's face.

Mewtwo scoffed at this undignified display. They were both stupid creatures; the human for ever considering the idea and the Pokemon for forgiving him so quickly. However, something in the corner of her violet eyes told otherwise. Through the motorhome windows, road passed hypnotically by; little white lines never to be seen again.

The awkward gray would continue to act as interpreter between the RV's inhabitants- and eventually it would not seem like such an imposition -And neither would she.

With a flourish like that of a magician completing a magic trick, Crow shut off the motorhome's great rumbling engine. Immediately, a hush draped over its interior like the musty blankets used by night. Through its clumsy knit shone random voices in the distance and sights far from the endless ribbon of road.

"End O' the line, me hardies! File out; we gotta get a space!" Brian stretched out the tense grip of a day's miles conquered and spilled into the evening air. It was not necessarily because of his brother-in-law's request that he did so; being only two years younger, it seemed silly to accept orders from either of the couple. After nearly a year on the road, much was chalked up to custom- and a nightly sojourn to one of the random KOA giftshops had become one of their favorites.

Mewtwo had escaped into his pocket again, which drew a few sideways glances, but none of them dared question this, audibly. She did as she pleased and it seemed she liked to observe such things -even things so mundane. To one who was born in a lab, the outside world seemed like another planet; or perhaps it was she that was the alien. There was so much reality that the Team Rocket scientists had failed to 'tell' her of; the smell of pine needles as the breeze blew through them, the feel of gravel beneath your paws, the taste of hot dogs cooked over a campfire. That famous first Mewtwo would have thought her a fool for enjoying such 'human' vices.

All at once the front office was overcome by teenagers, for everything in youth seems to come 'all at once.' The middle-aged owner remembered this with a bit of bitter nostalgia and tried to appear annoyed, as so many adults had in *his* time. Crow mustered up a meager amount of maturity and approached him, for he had drawn the shortest straw, so to speak. -Crystal, Brian and Anne retained the right to amble carelessly among post- cards and camping supplies.

"Yo, 'ma man," He addressed, drumming his fingers nervously on the office desk before him, "any room in da' inn?" The campground owner chuckled spitefully, a gesture that ate away like acid at Crow's front of self- confidence.

"...For *you*?! Go tell your daddy to come in here and do his *own* bidding, son." Mewtwo shook her head at this brief dialog, wondering how their colloquial English could be so different from the language she was born to. -But they seemed to understand it fully; Crow clenched his fists angrily, as if preparing to do battle with all a world ripe with age discrimination.

"Woah, wait a second, that's *our* Swiftwind out there! You deal with us or we're down at the next KOA down the road! ...I have a driver's license, isn't that enough?!" Truthfully, there was never a threat of them being denied a space; the owner had dealt with similar cases many times. This, however, they had no way of knowing, which is how so many of the world's misunderstandings arise. The old man gave up on the joke and began taking down the required information.

Pokeballs and various potions were stacked along the wall, which Brian took note of. If he was to be a trainer, or even better, a Pokemon Master, such things had to interest him. Anne, on the other hand, could never be as serious at something so 'brutal', so it was only the washing machine that caught her interest. This would seem superficial, except that being a runaway, clean laundry was at a premium.

"Crystal," she began idly, " When I get together some money, can we go 'clothes shopping'?" Money, yes that was the problem. One must battle for their livelihood; a fact of life that was foreign to Pokemon, themselves. "By the way, is there anywhere around her where I can find some really *strong* Pokemon?"

"Anne has a *Meowth!*" Brian offered up as explanation, chuckling. Kittens, after all, make for horrible fighters. Surprisingly, the owner knew this and secretly took note of the four spheres that lined the boys' belt.

**Pokemon Trainers...it figures. They're always in search of more power, always drifting from place to place. Gypsies, all of them!** This truth, too, he knew well.

"Hey, why don't you just use Mewtwo?! Mewtwo's pretty *&%$#* powerful, ain't she?" This was not the speaker's brightest moment, for it tempted both Brian and his secret passenger's wrath. ** *No one* else must know, or else I stand a higher risk of getting caught!** In the very least, she refused to take a Meowth's place in a battle for spending money.

"*Mewtwo?!* You kids didn't run across that escaped Mewtwo, did you?!" They thought fast.

"Did we, ummm...nooo... ...You say there's a Mewtwo on the loose somewhere?! We had no idea." **Idiots!** The super-Pokemon sighed to herself.

"Yeah, man. If we *did* see that Mewtwo we sure as heck would have turned it in to Team Rocket for the five million Pokebuck reward!" Crow mumbled to his brother in - law, still bitter over the promise of riches lost. Normally money meant little to the teen, but such a huge amount of it was hard to pass up. The old man was a little suspicious, **-But after all, why in the heck would the most powerful Pokemon in the world go with *these* clowns?!** He shook his head.

"Well, then y'all just be careful. It's dangerous around here. We're too close to Viridian City; that's were it happened you know. -Been driving down my business, but I don't suppose it matters *were* you go; with a Pokemon like that, it could just as likely be in Pewter as in...Hong Kong, or somethin'!" He chuckled weakly to himself, then realized the severity of what he was saying and decided to close the deal while he still could.

"Anyways, how many kids is staying in your RV, tonight? -Just you four?"

"Yep...me and my bride here and Anne and my brothero-in-law, Brian." Some little fact within that statement struck a cord in the owner, though no one seemed to notice, at first. While they were distracted between themselves with idle conversation, he began rummaging under his counter for some near- forgotten flier. -Then at once, the office fell silent and Mewtwo could hear the boy's heart leaping in his chest. **The disadvantage of hiding in someone's jacket pocket is that you cannot always *see* what is going on!**

In his hand he held four 'missing person' posters, with each of their names and faces printed on the front. He knew he had them cornered, and so did they. Nervously, the runaways eyed the door, feeling perhaps as Mewtwo had. Brian wasn't exaggerating when he said they all had rewards out for them, she realized that now.

**-But what would *humans* need to escape from?!**

**...Much.** They remembered, **Hell comes in many forms.** The old man shook his head, seeming as if he enjoyed ever inch of their plight.

"Relax," He assured them. "I ain't gonna turn you in. You see all those people out there? ...I'd say three- fourths of them are trainers that ran away from...wherever. If I turned them all in, I wouldn't have any business!"

He paused as if lost in the pages of his mind's photo album. So sweet and distant was the past that all its institutions seemed sugarcoated. "It's like the circus, you know. I was a Pokemon trainer, too... 'The General' over there was my starter, even!" In the corner a Charmeleon lay asleep, but they cared not of the journeys and victories that haunted his dreams. After all, Brian and his peers were young; *now* was all that mattered. The middle aged owner realized this bitterly, too, and quickly continued.

" Hmph... anyways, there is a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning and a PT Tourney tomorrow afternoon at the main ramada."

The Mewtwo, who for so long had considered herself 'super-intelligent,' was lost in a maze of unfamiliar words and concepts. Her predecessor had stuck around only long enough to see the cold, formal tint of Team Rocket. Unbeknownst to him, there was much in humanity that a Pokemon could find... oddly fascinating, if nothing else.

For this chapter, I drew a lot on my own experiences on the road. My grandparents had a Swiftwind motor home, and I remember well the haunting noises it makes at night and the ambiance of a KOA giftshop. LOL.

-By the way, I sort of made up the 'PT Tourney' concept; I can do that, I take poetic license. It's kind of like an unofficial cross between the anime Pokemon League and a Pokemon 'free-for-all.' I'll explain it more in the next chapter...oh, and throw in a little bit more plot, too. (Will Mewtwo find her escaped 'brother'? Will she free her other 'brothers'? Etc., etc.. "These questions addressed in part five of Mewtwo, Escaped!"

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